A Day of Battle

As told by John Barros:

Today was a battle. We had plenty of people but the folks here were very hard. The theme seemed to be “have your alternative lifestyle friend give you a ride” day. There were four different instances of this today. I can’t figure it out really.

We had two turnaways but the rest of the day was just wicked. I wish I had videoed a guy that came today. He was about 400 pounds and stood at the door hollering at the moon. Don’t even want to remember this day really.

There was a highlight though. Another worker came out and stood on the porch during the preaching. I told her she needed to quit like the others have and she said she would. Please pray for her.

Beth brought her Mother down here to serve. That was wonderful. We also had Karen, Matt, Yolie, Pastor Dan, and Chuck and Mary spread out throughout the day.

There was a lady that brought her daughter to kill her granddaughter. She fought with me all day saying she was a Christian. Leaving late this afternoon she came out with a look like a deer in the headlights. She looked at me trembling and said “God bless you, Sir.” I couldn’t believe the look of sadness and conviction. Please pray for her and her daughter.

Death Day

As told by John Barros:

Well it seemed to be “Bring Your Sibling to Death” day. I can never understand how people do this. They actually come and think they can bring their kids in while killing their other baby.

Donna, Karen, Heather, and Yolie served here today.

Sarah Kwok from St. Andrews spoke to a Chinese lady here on the phone trying to bring truth to her but ran inside because she already has three kids.

FAMILY guy from yesterday was back again. He would literally run away from me. He parked close out front to listen to the preaching with his two year old while his lady was inside. He became convicted and ended up coming over to talk. It was fruitless.

There was one turn away. A Range Rover pulled in and they fought for about 40 minutes. Then they tore out of here.

There was a guy that came with LORDS on his rear window. I’ve been looking online. It looks like he may belong to LORD’S GYM. It’s run by a church out here. If any of you go to this church or gym, could you let me know?

Yolie came down today with the most amazing Cuban food she had made. It was unbelievable. Heather and I loved this.

The Dramatic Work of the Lord

As told by John Barros:

“The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the speech of the upright rescues them.” -Proverbs 12:6

Boy were there some wicked words down here today. It just seemed like everyone had lost their minds. First thing this morning there were two guys that wanted to “take me out.” The Lord shut their plans down though rather quickly and they never bothered anyone the rest of the day. Then people began coming in. There was a special kind of sick here today.
A guy pulled up in his car wanting to show us his baby in the back seat. His wife was back there as well. He was wearing a hat that said “FAMILY” on it. Said he was a Christian. After having Karen and Heather love all over them they pulled down to drive out. Then to the horror of Karen and Heather his wife got out of the car on the other side and went in to kill their baby. I’m not going to go into the conversations but these people were so wicked. He still said he was a “Christian.”

This kind of thing makes it hard to recover. It takes the wind right out of your lungs.

We were joined a little later by a special lady. Ruth is a member of St. Andrews but travels so much. She used to be down here with me a lot when she could. She does so much Kingdom work that most will never know of. She doesn’t like attention. She has blessed me more than she will ever know.

There was a Precious Save here today. Two ladies from a different social scene than I am used to came very angry and filled with hate. They had things that were not very nice to say. They were in and out through the preaching and after. They were increasingly agitated and then the Amazing happened.

The Lord turned their hearts. She chose life. I don’t know how to explain these two. They looked like military people. I could easily see them in a combat position in war. After they chose life though they wanted to speak. They pulled up to Karen and were so kind. She actually asked for a referral to an Adoption Center because she wants the baby but doesn’t know if she can raise her baby.

God did such a dramatic work. Please pray she continues on this road all the way to Jesus.

Had an update from a worker today about the guy that didn’t want his ladies “bastard” baby. If you missed it, read yesterday’s post.

Well, when the guy’s truck broke down she went inside to go ahead and have the abortion. The worker told me that they had never seen anything like what happened next. He had been screaming and cursing all day saying “This bastard is not leaving here alive.”

Then when she went in the back to have the abortion, he ran inside screaming for her to come out. Saying please don’t kill your baby. We can do this. I was a mess. You would have to have been here for this whole day to get this. Even the workers couldn’t believe it. It was a beautiful thing to be able to share with them about how God works.

Speaking of workers, I found out the whole truth as to why their EPOC mill is closed. I told you that some of the workers had quit. Some from EPOC had come over here and prayed and talked. Then there was the Thanksgiving lunch with them.

Well, a whole abortion clinic’s worth of workers has quit now. Praise God. They are getting the help they need now and there is a clinic closed for a month. They are hiring now but they made a mistake of sending prospective employees here. Let’s just say it’s been an educational experience for them. Please pray they don’t get enough folks to fill these slots. Pray for all you see on here.

God Turns Three Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today was so insane. The weather is warming up so people are coming out to talk but you almost wish they wouldn’t because of what they say.

So Thankful to serve with Yolie, Heather, and Marcia. They were troopers and the place was packed. It was supposed to be scheduled for 1:00 but the people began arriving at 10:00.

It would be impossible to tell everything but the Lord turned the hearts of three ladies. One came with her husband at 10:00 but Yolie and Heather were able to speak at length to her. They sat out back and then pulled out, thanked the girls, and left.

A mother and daughter came from Canada. They both looked like they could be models but they were very hard and angry. Half way through the preaching they came out as soon as the daughter looked at me I almost lost it. It had to be one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. So many thank you’s and a hug. Mom was even smiling and waving when they drove out.

Then there was a very ugly one that God intervened in. A guy brought his girlfriend here. He was vile and she was angry. He kept screaming that this “bastard” is not going to live. She was pregnant by some other guy and he wasn’t going to raise this kid. He was mocking us and cursing like his tongue was on fire from Hell. After the preaching she began to change. They went out back and world war three began. He was screaming at her that her baby was a “Bastard Child.” She stood up to him and this went on and on and on. God even broke his truck down during all this and it wouldn’t start. He just got angrier. He kept coming up yelling that this “bastard” isn’t going to live. She still remained strong. He stormed out of this place after he got his truck started. She got inside and he burned rubber all the way up the side from the back into the street and then down the street.

Please Pray for all those that chose life today.

Stay Vigilant

As told by John Barros:

Not very many people here today but we were pretty darn busy. Honored to serve with Stephen, Karen, and Yolie. We also had Chris and Brenda join us from New Hampshire.

We had a couple of turnaways and a couple of wonderful things happen. A young Haitian lady showed up with her family. They came looking for help at OWC. They thought this place would help them. Karen sent them over to First Life and she is getting all the help she could ever need. Please pray for her. She is 28 weeks pregnant.

There was another young lady by the name of Natalie. Karen went through the Gospel with her and she also went to First Life so Karen could work with her since she works there.

There weren’t many here today. January’s get slow down here. A week or so ago Kerry told me he was shutting down the EPOC mill. Well, it is closed so they are doing abortions here on Tuesdays now. We have an awesome crew ready to meet them.

Kerry used to tell me he was going to open a women’s spa at EPOC. He wanted to have a place where women could get a massage, facials, hair, and his medical marijuana. Maybe that’s what they are doing over there. Who knows.

Continue to pray that his efforts to open an abortion mill in Kissimmee would fall apart.
These folks are like chameleons they are always changing. We must stay vigilant.

The Ones Satan has Blinded

As told by John Barros:

The clothing people wear to abortion clinics is so strange. So many come here claiming to be Satanists.

People with all the Satan stuff. They think we will fear but they are the ones he has blinded.

The cold has continued down here. Again, God blessed by bringing faithful servants to serve. Elizabeth came back from Ohio. Matt, Pastor Dan, Beth, Yolie, and Chuck and Mary all came throughout the day.
The folks were colder than the weather but there was one young couple that left. When she arrived she was angry and beating the steering wheel with her hands. During the preaching they came running out got in the car and left. Please pray she doesn’t return.

There were several ladies that kept coming out. The guys would keep pressuring them and they would come back in tears. We offered them everything but they wouldn’t leave their loser guys.

Waging Battle in the Cold

As told by John Barros:

Third time trying to post this. Today was brutal. So cold down here. So thankful for those that came to serve. Pastor David, Karen, Heather, Samuel. It was Samuel’s birthday today and he wanted to spend it here today. Don, Bobby, Robert, and Rebecca braved this mess. We also had a special lady come. Karen Weber the lady that started Choices 34 years ago out of her kitchen came to serve. What a trooper! She was calling out to folks and became soaked. She went home to change clothes and came back. She is a dear lady. We can learn so much from those that have gone before us.

There was an interesting battle here today. A guy brought a lady down and told us he was a Christian and his Dad was a Pastor. He was promptly challenged about his view of himself. Don spoke with him at length as well as others. He fell under conviction and kept talking. Eventually he got his Pastor on the phone and was walking back and forth in front of this dump on the phone with him,

His Pastor told him to have us look at Hosea 4:6. We couldn’t believe it because it just condemned his parishioner not us. Don asked to talk to the Pastor and he agreed to. He felt it was ok to bring someone here but didn’t necessarily agree with abortion. It was crazy. The man’s name was Don as well. He continued to be under conviction and we were able to pray for God to grant him repentance and draw him to Himself. Please pray for Don.

There was another blessing today. A man that listens to me on the radio show brought me a Dunkin Donuts coffee large cream only. Boy was that welcomed. He blessed and encouraged us and went on his way.

Please pray for Don, Bobby, and Robert. They are leaving tomorrow to Jamaica for a month of ministry.

A Cold Day at EPOC

As told by John Barros:

Sure was a different day down here. Don and Bobby flew in from up North and have brought a whole bunch of nasty cold weather with them.

They go to Jamaica every year to evangelize and come a couple of days early to minister with me. Well Orlando Women’s Center wasn’t doing abortions today so we ran over to EPOC.

We were there all day with folks that were colder than the weather today. Nobody chose life but it was great to see Michele and Amber for a little bit.

And then there is Pat. Pat is an elderly lady that comes down here everyday. She was happy us guys were here and was pretty cold so she said since we were here she was going to go home early. I didn’t think anything of it but right after she left a couple pulled in with a brand new baby. They were beyond excited to show her the baby and thank her for being here and being the tool God would use to save their family.

I could not believe she had just left. They will be coming back but hopefully Amber or Michele can get Pat the pictures.

Kerry pulled in today and said “John, we are sending them all to your house this month.” He said that the EPOC Clinic will be closed all month. They will only open there on Tuesdays and will be at OWC the rest of the time.

Also, was blessed to have Jean Marie Fambrough drive by. She noticed us out on the sidewalk while driving by and stopped to encourage us. This precious young lady is on her way to China to work with special needs children. She would appreciate your prayers as well.

Blindness of Abortion

As told by John Barros:

Today was one that frankly I do not understand. The kinds of things that happen here you wouldn’t even find in horror movies.

So thankful to serve with Donna and Pastor H.P. McCracken. There were ten that came today and one that started her abortion yesterday. While I was preaching, a couple parked across the street and started to come over. They stopped though and listened to most of the sermon. Donna said they just kept looking and listening and got back in the car and left.

There was one other young lady that kept walking back and forth on the sidewalk listening. She made a break to the door. I asked if she was going inside and offered to help. She had tears in her eyes but left within ten minutes. She wouldn’t stop to talk. Don’t know what is going on in these folks lives but pray they keep their babies.

There was a precious young lady that kept coming out to talk. She didn’t want to do it but the guy she was with said he would kick her out if she kept the baby. We told her about the help that is there and to trust God and he would not let her go. She couldn’t find the faith though and when she left she was a mess.

The Stericycle guy has become a lot bolder. He used to hide his truck around the corner and walk down for the dead babies. Today he pulled right up front. I think he was trying to make some kind of statement because I have been getting the other doctors on the street to drop them because they insist on being part of the baby murder industry.

There was another thing that is so very troubling to me. A young lady that was here for her labor and delivery abortion was back today after having a shot to stop her baby’s heart. Had the laminera placed in her cervix and given drugs to put her into labor.

She kept coming in and out to the car yesterday and today. She was wandering around out back stumbling and throwing up everywhere.

The crazy thing is her driver was here for two straight days sitting out back all day. I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t go in the back door with her driver like everyone else does. Then I saw it. She was coming out to feed her baby that was in the car. They won’t let babies in the building.

I still cannot believe what I saw. She kissed her baby when she went in this morning and kept going out to feed her and stuff. I just really can’t believe the blindness that is involved in this.

The driver who I think was a relative was yelling at her to hurry up. She was tired of waiting. The way the young lady was stumbling around I finally yelled for one of the workers to help her. Abortion is so disgusting. I wish the folks that were hollering at me from the street today about “rights” would have stopped and looked out back. On second thought they probably would have cheered her on…

Continue to Pray

As told by John Barros:

Pretty busy down here today. We had three turnaways. Two of them looked strong but we can’t say they are choosing life. Had one couple come with the local “Christian” radio station Z88.3 bumper sticker on their car. It was amazing to see three ladies leave here today during, and one after the preaching but the two ladies that were so adamantly saying they were “Christians” hung on and left their babies here in the freezer.

So thankful to have Pastor David join Karen and I. Please continue to pray for his granddaughter Miela. She was born at 28 weeks with her intestines outside of her body. She is hanging in there but was going through another surgery today.

Yesterday I made a mistake. I saw the picture posted here come across my newsfeed. I commented underneath it that 99.9% of abortions wouldn’t happen. Then I figured out rather quickly that it was actually a link to a site where there were a lot of people that are pro abortion. Then I remembered rather quickly why I don’t go on those sites.

I was able to speak on there and some were hateful but for the first time on Facebook I was able to see a few begin changing their minds. One actually went back and hit the like button on my first comment. It was pretty cool but I will be checking a little closer what I comment on from now on..😎 And I won’t wander back into those swamps.