This Should Be Interesting

As told by John Barros:

Well this should be very interesting. OWC began their counseling and 24-hour wait period with the abortionist Randall Whitney today. Only two came; they were “counseled”, heard the preaching and had one-on-one conversations. Please pray the Lord applies His word to their hearts and they don’t return.

I was suprised to have my friend Chris Raymond and a new friend from New Jersey, Bob Pawson. They stopped by to help before heading off to the NEA Convention to demonstrate.


As told by John Barros:

Today was tough. I was Honored to serve with Shannon MacLean and Tracey Sarnicki but nobody chose life.

There was one amazing highlight, though. Tiffany brought her precious baby Serenity down to say hello. Serenity was born at 24 weeks and spent her first four months in the hospital. She is six months old now and doing fine. Tiffany is such a wonderful mother. This baby is so special.


It’s so insane to watch women marching in the parking lot every week to deliver precious little babies into a toilet that are as old as Serenity was when she was born, and to hear Randall Whitney say these are not babies yet. I truly have no idea how these people can do what they do. I am so thankful for Tiffany bringing Serenity to be a flesh and blood reminder of those we stand for.

Awesome God

As told by John Barros:

What an awesome God we serve. He always has so much more going on than we can possibly imagine. To watch Him work down here daily is to watch such beauty. The enemy can and does try to rise up with darkness, but all it does is show Jesus so much.brighter.

Today the folks lined up waiting for the doors to open. Bill and I called to them, letting them know the help there is and warning them of what they were about to do. I began to ask them if they had seen the news about Planned Parenthood and the selling of baby parts. One guy yelled out “Yeah, we did. I am a cannibal and this is our soup line.” Well as you can imagine the laughing and mocking began.

The Lord began to go to work immediately. I had to preach early because Dr. Whitney had spent the night with the late-term ladies inside and he would go to work soon. The Lord used the preached word so powerfully. They had to call the counselor in to try to comfort those inside. One guy came out and was running all over the place, hyperventilating. Another guy was wandering around out back moving his arms around, mumbling “This is not right.” He kept going in trying to get his lady out. I can’t begin to tell you how this day went. Bill and I were just standing back watching.

One young couple kept coming in and out. After the preaching they came out again. Benji told me that whenever scripture was preached he felt like he was being gut punched. I told him that wasn’t me; God was speaking to him.

As all this was going on my dear friend Fredo Perez arrived. Fredo comes weekly, asking ladies to give their babies to him and his wonderful wife Carolina. God moved on this couple and they chose life. Then they told Fredo they would possibly give their baby to him. We had a beautiful time of prayer with many tears of thanksgiving. I have never seen this happen before.

A little while later Mykayla came out. She was so angry when she arrived that we were there. She came pulling up in her car with a huge smile. She said “Thank you,” and I asked if we could pray for her. She said, “Please do! I changed my mind and am keeping my babies.” I said “What?!” She said “Yes, I am having twins.” By then Chris Raymond had arrived and we just had a wonderful time of prayer with her.

Two other ladies left as well. One left who Bill was sharing the gospel with, and one left who got dropped off during the preaching and didn’t last ten minutes inside.

(I’m sorry for rambling but there was so much going on today.) I am so blown away by God and the beauty He weaves. The fact that He would bring a couple from Miami here and have Fredo show up at just the right time. Benji was so thankful that he invited us down to Miami to go out to eat. Amazing. Please pray for all those who left here today.

Great Darkness, Greater Light

As told by John Barros:

It’s always dark and light down here. Today there was great darkness and greater light.
Something happens when the depravity of man joins together with the forces of darkness. People say and do things I don’t believe they would say or do anywhere else.

As the people lined up this morning to go in I asked if they had seen the news with the video of the lady from Planned Parenthood speaking about selling babies’ organs. They just laughed and mocked me and Bill, making jokes about their own children being taken apart. All this while late term moms are marching around out back in labor getting their knees up and bending over doing pelvic thrusts trying to hurry the delivery of their babies into a toilet. I have always wondered what Stephen King would think if he came down here on a Thursday. I don’t believe he has ever dreamed of horror like this. Thankfully though, we had one couple choose life and one turn-away.

In the middle of all this darkness the Lord works. As I was preaching I noticed someone coming down the sidewalk toward me. I turned to look and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Lord brought the man who first brought me here all those years ago. When we first came to Florida, Jim Fitzgerald was our first pastor. He brought me down here one early Saturday morning and my life has never been the same. It was so awesome to serve with him here again. He is such a dear brother. I hope you can all meet him someday.


The Lord is always full of blessings and surprises, especially in the darkness. I also received a message from Antonio, the young man with Mykalla from yesterday. He called to say thanks. Thank you all for praying that the Lord would affirm their decision. They live in Pensacola but Antonio wanted to make sure I would still take them to pizza. :) I told him yesterday that if they chose life and went to the crisis pregnancy center I would take them to pizza. I can’t wait until he comes back down.

I don’t deserve this. Thank you for your prayers. They are vital.

Discount Abortions

As told by John Barros:

Today was very busy in so many ways. The discount abortions remain in effect so the parking lot was packed and the street was slammed as well. The Lord turned four ladies away. Two were turn-aways and two chose life.

Antonio and Makayla had driven all the way down from Pensacola. It was a battle all day with these two coming out several times, but ultimately they came out saying “Thank you” over and over. They left for a long drive home with smiles and a blessing bag. Angelique also left and we were able to have a time of prayer. Please pray for these folks that the Lord would affirm them.

I got to speak to 14 pastors and staff from many churches in the area that came to the building across the street that Choices is raising funds for. It really went well, with some coming down to help us in the afternoon. One pastor upon seeing what was going on here said, “How were we blinded and let this go so far?” It was pretty awesome.


Pastor BJ Milgate was an assistant pastor at my old church. He is now the senior pastor in Lake Nona. It was wonderful having him come down. Pastor Dan also came down and helped out in an awful situation. A mother had been trying to talk her out of there all day. She wouldn’t listen so she sat in her car out front. When I walked by one time she asked me to come over. She had been sitting in her car making baby bracelets. She wanted me to have them to give to anyone that might choose life. It was so sad. Pastor Dan met with her and counseled and prayed with her. I don’t think any pastor is ever the same who comes here.


Thank you all for praying. It truly makes a difference. I am so in debt to Samantha Shaffer, Bonnie Franke, Philip Kinkopf, and Lacey for working so hard down here today. There is also prayer needed for something that could go really good for someone down here. I cannot go into it now, but those of you who have been praying heat it up!

You Never Know

As told by John Barros:

You just never know what a day will bring. Today the place was packed with fourteen workers and the abortionist Randall Whitney. Jesse Atkinson, Abigail Hulsey and I couldn’t believe it. We thought the place was going to be slammed with clients but it wasn’t. There were seven who came and three turned away in the morning.


It turns out it was Randall’s birthday today. They had a party for him. It was sad really, thinking he has lived another year killing babies. One of the ladies who runs things around there came out and told me my daughter is very “spunky” and “When she gets pregnant again she will be calling me.” I told her that would never happen. She said, “I have to give her credit, she is tough but she will be calling me.”

I really have no idea where some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths comes from. (Well, maybe I do.)

The afternoon was filled with birth control and checkups. It is so hard to see girls come back for checkups. They are so miserable. I am so thankful for Chris Raymond coming down in the afternoon. He is always a blessing.

Truly Insane

As told by John Barros:

Thank you all for praying today. It was truly insane. I haven’t seen it this busy in years. More than thirty babies died here today.

Beth Goble came in the morning when all these people were pouring in. Believe it or not, the girl who has come here three times on her bicycle returned. Beth spoke to her. It turns out she was back to see if any pieces were left inside. She is a Jehovahs Witness who is dating a guy from Church in the Son.. Beth told her they need to quit having sex outside of marriage. The girl said she didn’t think that would work.


Many were like ravenous wolves but the Lord always protects. Andrea, Edwin, and the folks from OHOP came down to pray in the afternoon. I don’t know if I have ever been so happy to see folks in my life. As they prayed I preached for the second time. I could literally feel strength coming back. They finished and came over to pray with me before leaving. As they began a lovely lady named Julianne cane out with tears streaming down her cheeks. I went over to talk to her and she had in fact chosen life. Her baby is twelve weeks. I asked her if we all could pray for her. She really wanted that, and boy did she get prayed for! She went on to tell us she is from Oviedo so she will be going to see Andrea’s team at the Oviedo Pregnancy Center the beginning of the week.


The Lord pulled three others out of here today as well. That sounds great, but there were still about thirty funerals preached here today. We had the rich come down here as well. Pulled in in their Lotus, used the back door, and got head of the line privileges. I can’t say enough either about dear Consuela. She chose life here a while back and is now 24 weeks pregnant. She saw I was alone and hung here all afternoon braving the 95-plus degree weather, calling folks to trust God. I don’t know how she did it but she was very actively engaging the people. It’s so wonderful to see people that the Lord has touched out here.

Well, there you have it: two kingdoms clashed today and like always the Lord’s will was done. I am so thankful for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for the ladies who chose life today, and for the man who pulled his lady out of here and said “Thank you, we don’t do this.” Your prayers are invaluable.

No Pictures

As told by John Barros:

I can’t really post pictures from today. It was not a good day for that. There were so many ladies who came back for their late-term abortions. Some came back after their pill abortions were started several days ago, as well as some from yesterday.

There was one lady who spoke with me at length; she even came over to the wall, sat and talked. Later she came out in tears and walked around the block but returned and went through with it.

There was one young lady though who spoke with me about 8:30. She went out back to think, and over an hour later she pulled out in her car and gave a “thank you” toot on her horn. Please pray she doesn’t return.

I am so thankful that Bill served with me today and that Brad and Richard came by for some time in the morning.

This is just one of those days where I look through my friends and family’s pictures. Young mothers like those at Saint Andrew’s or in Lexington and the Carolinas. Seeing the beauty of their children and how they are loved by their parents. Sometimes things can get to you, but life Is beautiful.

Busy Servants

As told by John Barros:

It was very busy today. There were almost twenty here. We didn’t have any say they chose life, but we had two turn-aways. One young lady pulled up and Bill was able to speak with her at length. She got out of her car but never went in. She took our info and said she was going to Choices.

The other one was quite interesting. A couple came and wouldn’t listen. I told the guy the motto I’ve seen on the news so much lately is “every black life matters.” I told him that includes his son. He became highly upset and got so close to my face screaming that I found a cavity in one of his molars. This is certainly not unusual, but what happened next is. He went in and came back out mumbling something. He got in his car and drove away. 10-15 minutes later he came back, stayed in the street, and his lady ran out, got in the car and sped away. Please pray for these two.


We had two pastors from a couple of new churches stop by to check things out and encourage us. We made a new friend today as well. Fredo was preaching and a young lady, Nancy, heard him in the parking lot all the way down the street at a high rise. She came down and spent her lunch hour watching, learning, and asking questions. We had a great time and she will be back. It was awesome to serve with Philip Kinkopf, Samantha Shaffer, Elsie Allen-Farrow, and Bonnie Franke. They are such servants.

Everything Changing

As told by John Barros:

Everything is changing here. A young lady left today and said the workers told the early people to come back in a few hours so they wouldn’t have to hear the preaching. Over twenty came for abortions today. Many of them late-term pill abortions that were here last week. Randall Whitney was the abortionist today. He rarely does them on Mondays.

We had a great turnout. Tracey Sarnicki, Bill, Stephen, Angel, Consuela, Jesse Stiemann, Steven Montalvo, and Philip Kinkopf came to serve. God is really lighting a fire in these people.

A young lady named Martha came out today. She was angry and flustered. She stopped and listened to scripture. Then she walked up to the sidewalk; we talked and had prayer. God opened her eyes and she left. She went to Choices and got loved on by all those ladies. Martha is in a tough spot: she is in an abusive relationship, has no papers, works as a cleaning lady and has two kids already. Please pray she.will continue to trust God and reach out to us.