Steadfast Love

As told by John Barros:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Oh how true those words are. I so look forward to meeting with the Lord down here every morning. His steadfast love never ceases, and it is new every morning to me and all the folks down here.

As I was driving down this morning the chorus to this verse that I probably haven’t heard in twenty years began going through my mind and heart. Right after getting set up I began singing it and then the amazing Sarah Woodroof showed up to serve today. I haven’t been able to see her much lately because of her studies at RBC and now being on staff at her church. I knew it was going to be a great day.

Lacey came down with her baby to help a bit when a car pulled up behind my van. “Greg” had gospel music playing as he dropped Taneesha off. It was really strange to hear gospel music playing in his car while other people’s cars pulled on with that deep gangster rap playing. It was pretty symbolic of the two different kingdoms that meet down here.
Greg jumped out of his car when I began talking to his lady. He is definately one of the most interesting-looking men I have ever met. He had big dreadlocks and his face was covered in tattoos. He shewed her inside but was willing to talk while his beautiful little son was in the back seat. As we spoke about what a gift God has given him and what God thinks of this from scripture, he became visibly moved deep inside. I told him about the cross tattooed on his face and the music on his radio. He began to tear up and said, “I believe but have never gone full-in.”


He was told of his need to repent and commit his life to Christ. Amazingly, because this doesn’t happen often, he said “I am right now.” He asked me to watch his son and he went inside and brought Taneesha out. I was able to get Stella from Choices on the line and they spoke. After they hung up a fight erupted. Greg stood firm and at one point grabbed her and said. ” Don’t you understand? Killing this baby would be just like putting a gun to our son in the car’s head and pulling the trigger.” It was incredible to watch because it was all in front of us. I learned long ago to not butt in where the Holy Spirit is working because He is much better than anything we could say or do. To make a long story short, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. We stood in absolute amazement at what He had done. Greg was so thankful and his lady was in tears. He said he will call me. Please pray he does.

At one point a homeless man came walking by and Sarah offered him some cold water. This led into her sharing the gospel with him. It was beautiful to watch.

Then about 2:00 a young lady came outside to tell her boyfriend “I can’t do it.” She had been inside since about 8:30. He had been mildly mocking us all day and when hearing her he said, “What?! What do you mean?” She said, “It’s just not right. I can’t,” and off they sped away.

Both of these couples gave one thing in common: they weren’t united in this decision. Please pray that the Lord would change the other partner’s heart als,  that they would not return to this or another abortion clinic, and that they would reach out for help.

Blessed, Busy, Crazy, Awesome

As told by John Barros:

Praise the Lord! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 106:1)

What a blessed, busy, crazy, awesome day today was. God is so good. It’s always wonderful to serve with the Wednesday crew. Bill, Samantha, Philip, Tara, and baby Rachel are just a joy to work with. Today we were also blessed to have the ladies who normally minister at Planned Parenthood come by for a bit.

There were two ladies who chose life for their babies today. One was a young Hispanic lady who quietly came out and said “I am not doing this!” Then there was one of the biggest battles I have seen.

A young man with a new Audi A8 showed up about 8:00. He was nervously walking around the building, talking on the phone and would listen to us but would not engage. Then later two pretty young ladies showed up. They stopped in the driveway in their car and spoke to me. He was at the other window trying to get them not to listen. They took info and went to the back. Gina went inside with him and Tataniya stayed outside for a bit speaking with us and admiring baby Rachel, but then she went inside. Pretty much every day about 30 minutes after the preaching someone comes out to hear more or ask questions. Gina and her sister came out. Then the battle hit a fever pitch.

The Lord kept her boyfriend inside, and we were able to show her the hope that is found in Jesus and also showing what God says about this horrible sin. After some coaxing she came out to the sidewalk to pray. When finished she said she didn’t know what to do. She kept asking questions and when we told her God had followed her to the gates of hell to tell her to trust Him and that He would take care of her, she began to cry.

Then “Mr. Wonderful” came out and actually put his arm around her, pulling her away from us and back into the clinic. She refused to go inside. She was told to look at this guy. “God is telling you not to. Your mother, who just found out this was happening, says not to. Your sister is telling you not to. We and our church are telling you not to. Who are you going to trust?” Then one of the strangest questions I have ever heard came out of her lips: “Is this an abomination?” I said of course, God hates the hands that shed innocent blood and you can see in Exodus 21 the value God puts on your baby. Gina and her sister ran to the back in tears saying “I am not doing this!!” Mr. Wonderful ran back trying to stop this from happening. Tara and Rachel drove to Choices with them following.

Then I got a call from Vicky from Choices. She wanted to know if I could come next door to the building they are raising funds to move into. She wanted me to speak, and how awesome it was to speak to some more pastors and donors while ladies from the clinic were getting ultrasounds at their current location. I have to tell you that was very special. Please pray for all these folks and pray that Gina and her sister, who by the way have due dates within two days of each other, truly come to Christ and come to Saint  Andrew’s.

Ten Workers, Three Abortions

As told by John Barros:

Today was a blessing. There were ten workers here today and only three ladies came for abortions. Unfortunately none of them chose life.

We were blessed to have three new people from Saint Andrew’s join Philip Kinkopf, Tracey Sarnicki, and me: Rebecca Sarnicki, Steven Montalvo, and Bill Schlitser. They jumped right in pleading with those who came.


We ended up having a day of much fellowship, prayer, and learning. Tracey and Rebecca spent about 45 minutes with a lady who has been tortured for many years after having an abortion. She was sharing how she ended up an alcoholic trying to numb the pain. Tracey went through the gospel with her. Please continue to pray people away from here.

Emotion and Drama

As told by John Barros:

I had to say goodbye to a wonderful family today. It was awesome serving with the Crawfords for the last couple of days. I sure missed them as soon as they drove away.

Today was filled with so much emotion and drama. The first person in this morning was a pretty Hispanic lady in a pink and white sun dress. She came with her boyfriend and twelve-year-old brother. Her brother could speak English and translated. She seemed to be hardening her heart so I called Stella at Choices. She did everything she could, but the girl wouldn’t listen. The boy did everything he could, and her boyfriend even decided they should leave, but she wouldn’t listen. Later in the day the guys came out as she was in the back. They had the ultrasound pictures in their hands. She was pregnant with twins. Please pray for that little boy. I don’t believe he will ever be the same.

Thankfully during the preaching one young lady chose life. All day long there was a young man who sat outside in his car waiting for his girlfriend. He wouldn’t say anything and just sat there in anger. One of the ladies came out after her abortion and began screaming at Tina, saying she was a horrible mother for bringing her kids down here. She was cursing and yelling like crazy.


After John and Tina took their children and left I came back to the wall and the angry young man had moved from his car to the wall. He began talking about how at first he was angry at us but saw all the conversations that were going on with people. He listened to the preaching and saw the love the Crawfords had as a family with their little adopted baby Paisley. He realized he was wrong and wanted his lady to keep the baby but she wouldn’t listen. Then when that lady began screaming at Tina he saw the battle between two kingdoms. It was pretty incredible. I went through the gospel with him; told him he needs to repent and commit his life to Christ. He said he was going to think about all he heard and saw. Michael asked where our church is. I gave him a bulletin and told him I would save him a seat. Please pray for him and all these folks.


Once again there is far to much to talk about here. I am so thankful that Timothy Johnson came down for his first time to serve, and as always so thankful for faithful Beth Goble.

A Lot of Life

As told by John Barros:

There was a lot of life going on down here today. John and Tina Crawford along with their children Lachlan, Aila, and Paisley, decided to come here for a couple of days as part of their vacation. What a blessing they all are! They adopted Paisley from a young lady who chose life for her baby and to bless John and Tina. They are going to take her down south to visit with the birth mother and all of her family. Adoption is wonderful!! I never thought it could look like this.

First thing this morning, “Maria” pulled in with her boyfriend. They stopped and talked in the driveway. Maria began tapping her fingers on her chest and getting agitated. They pulled down to the parking lot in the back and began talking for what seemed like eternity. Then the.fighting began as God opened her eyes. Her boyfriend became very angry and came flying up the driveway. He wasn’t about to stop so she smiled, yelled “Thank you!” and waved. He did something else.

Then there was another couple who came. They sat on the porch. When they were made aware of what God has to say about people who kill babies he went out back. She began filling out the paperwork. She was really hard-hearted at first, but as she was filling out the papers she became agitated. Tina shared about what a blessing Paisley has been to their family and how brave her birth mother was. She got up, stopped filling out the papers, took them inside, and left them. She went out back to think. After about a half hour she came up, went inside, and came right back out. She went out back, got in her car, and blasted on out of here.

There was a very young couple who came. He told us he was adopted but just couldn’t raise this baby. They went inside but came out within a few minutes. She was one angry young lady. She was trying to get an abortion with a high school identification. She was running out back and this guy was whining like a baby saying, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

Then there was a lady who came by taxi. She listened a little bit but went inside. She came out, hailed the taxi back down, and left.

Please pray for all these folks..Those of you who have been praying for Nichol she came by today and brought her precious baby Suzanne. Today was a blessing.

Light Has Come Into the World

As told by John Barros:

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
(John 3:19-20)

The darkness of this world sure was present today. It is so dark when you see 16-year-old late-term girls walking around out back deep into their labor and delivery abortions with their mom. When over 20 ladies are there to kill their babies. When the clients are cursing dear Saints like Tara, Bonnie, and Philip, who come down in upper-90s weather to offer themselves as a sacrifice to these people. Yes, it can be very dark indeed.

But that Light in John 3:19 will not be harnessed! The Lord Jesus moved in a mighty way here today. Far too much today to share anywhere near to all of what He did. We saw Him turn the hearts of seven young ladies today. Arleetha, Tanicka, and Brianna chose life and prayed with us. There were also four turn-aways that friends or boyfriends wouldn’t let us talk with.

Brianna is 18 years old and came with her boyfriend in a truck. Her mother came in her own car. The kids went in right away, saying they had to. I was able to speak quite a bit with her mother. She went in to be with the kids. As she went in I said something weird. I said, “I believe the beginning of next year we will be going to get a coffee and celebrating God’s goodness in saving your grandson.” She laughed and frankly I did as well. After everyone was packed inside, I began to preach. When I was almost finished, Brianna, her boyfriend, and mother came out. I asked whether they had chosen life. She said “Yes!” through teary eyes. Her mother looked at me and said, “I don’t know what happened.” We shared about the Light, God’s sovereignty and mercy. We all had a prayer meeting on the sidewalk. It was wonderful. As her mother walked to her car she turned back said “Thank you,” gave me a hug, and said “We will be having that coffee.” It was awesome.

Then we had visits from two different couples. Both had one thing in common and do not know each other. My friend Luke and his wife brought their little baby Abel by. They had been at the courthouse finalizing their adoption of Abel that had been handled by Life For Kids. Abel is so awesome and has no idea how blessed he is to have such wonderful, loving parents. Then later Angel and Consuela, who have chosen life for their baby and are going to bless another couple with him or her, came by to update us on how their adoption process is going through Life For Kids.


There was much darkness here today but it is no match for the Light!

Heating Up

As told by John Barros:

Thanks to all of you who prayed today. It’s heating up down here in more ways than one. Today the Lord turned the hearts of three young ladies and we had one turn-away.

Please pray for Sarah and Breezy. They made it over to Choices. Sarah chose life once and we had a time of prayer, but she came back about an hour and a half later… only to come out again and ask if Choices would still see her. They went there and got help. Breezy has Lupus and had been told she was infertile. She went with Tracey Sarnicki and is now excited to have her baby and signed up to return to the crisis pregnancy center.

All this sounds wonderful to us but it isn’t wonderful to Orlando Women’s Center. Carey the consultant came out on several occasions and was not very happy. He said, “John, what are you doing? This cannot happen. This will not happen anymore.” I told him it isn’t me. It’s Jesus that is doing this, and he should repent because he cannot win. As people would talk he would come outside and encourage them to get inside. When Breezy left to her car he followed her trying to get her to come into the clinic. He kept saying “What is this? What is happening?” This place is really getting upset. You wouldn’t believe it. They are upset about the folks leaving while they are slow, and they have voiced anger about the new 24-hour law. Even James Pendergraft, the owner, came down this afternoon and the last time I saw that look was when the sheriffs were down here emptying the place. Keep praying that this place will go down!

There is one other thing I would ask for prayer about. Today a lady came with her guy, and she was very troubled. I have never seen a woman wear a leather dog collar before. It had the metal ring that you would tie a leash to. She came out sobbing with her guy. She was saying they couldn’t help with the depression she has been battling with since her abortion. I offered her help, but he sped her away. Please pray for her. It was awful.


I am so thankful that Steven, Tracey, and Philip were able to come for certain parts of their day.They are such a blessing.

Children Filling Out Paperwork to Kill A Baby

As told by John Barros:

Today was strange. Besides the late term girl in her second day of labor, only four came.

In the morning a mom and three kids came down to have an abortion for a girl who couldn’t have been more than 15. Donna and I were shocked to see children filling out paperwork to kill a baby. At one point the mom was counting out the money for them and I asked them to sit on the wall because I was going to preach.

They sat there and through the preaching you could see the mom begin crying at points. The young man and lady were also being convicted. The little girl, about 9 years old, was oblivious to what was going on. When I finished, Donna and I moved to the wall and they took off to the side of the building. After much discussion they changed their minds! The young man took the brochures, thanked us, waved and left. It was unbelievable really. Please pray they don’t return. Usually young teens don’t stand against the pressure of adults.

Fredo arrived just as this family was leaving and pled with a late-term young lady to spare the life of her child and give the baby to him and his wife. His words fell on deaf ears. Thank you all for praying for the ministry here and please continue.

Pastors and Personhood

As told by John Barros:

I was so thankful to serve with these precious ladies today. Bonnie and Tara worked so hard, but unfortunately no one chose life.


We were blessed though to have three more pastors from around Orlando stop by to observe and encourage us. I haven’t seen as many pastors in all the years I’ve been here combined as have been here in the last month. The Lord is definitely stirring His Church.

I was also blessed to have Jennifer Sullivan call me when Governor Scott signed the 24-hour waiting period bill. I know the workers at OWC hate it, so we will have to see what happens beginning July 1st.

It has been a blessing to see reports of abortion mills closing and abortion rates dropping but I truly can’t wait to see this evil completely done away with. We need to support the rights of “personhood” for all people, no matter what age we are.

Not a Protester

As told by John Barros:

Today was busier than it has been but it was awesome. Shaniqua and her man came for an abortion. They stopped and talked. He said he appreciated the talk, but she went in anyway. Tracey Sarnicki and Daylan Petterson were able to speak with him at length. He came under conviction and went in and got Shaniqua to come out. After much conversation and prayer they chose life, and proudly showed off their little baby who was in the car.


It was like homecoming down here today. I was blessed to have Lauren, Lacey, and Chantelle stop by for a bit.

Then I was truly blessed to have Pastor Robert and his dear wife Wanda Thompson from Chapel Of The Woods Presbyterian Church near Stone Mountain, Georgia stop by to observe, pray, and encourage us. These folks are wonderful!


Then as the day was ending a young lady who was with her mother across the street yelled, “Are you the protester that comes here?” I replied, “No, I’m not a protester. I’m a Christian who shares the gospel with people who see no hope or help.” She told her mother she was going to come across the street. Allysa, who seemed a little snarky, sat on the wall and I shared the gospel with her. She completely changed and said she needed Jesus. We began to pray and Tracey came back with a coffee. Tracey began to share more with her, and she began to open up about sin and other things in her life. We had more prayer and she began to cry heavily and squeeze my hand like so much pain was coming out. She asked for a Bible and wants to come to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. Please pray for this precious young lady.