“I don’t hurt all my patients…”

As told by John Barros:

Well, I had to say goodbye to Don Karnes today. He asked the abortionist Randall Whitney when he was going to start paying his lawsuits. Randall yelled back, “I don’t hurt all my patients!” I couldn’t believe it.

During the preaching a young lady came out, thanked us, and chose life. The Lord was convicting people inside so they called in a “counselor” from their other clinic.

The highlight of the day was when J.C. brought Jacey down to say hello. Thank all of you for praying for them. Jacey is so beautiful one of the workers stopped to take a look. I can’t believe what God has done in J.C.’s life. He and Lacey came to Christ, turned away from drugs, have gotten married; and he has turned into one of the most loving fathers I have ever met. The highlight of his life is to come to Saint Andrew’s to worship. It is absolutely amazing what God is doing in them. They sure appreciate your prayers.

A Great Light

As told by John Barros:

The Lord shined a great light into hearts that were in an extremely cold, dark place today. There were over 20 people who came down here today. Most were very, very hard indeed but Jesus began working right away.

There was a young couple who pulled in. She began tearing up right away. They went inside but she kept coming out. After a while she spoke to Jessica Woodroof and Bonnie Franke. She said she didn’t want to kill her baby, but her boyfriend was pressuring her to do this.

During the Preaching a young lady named Megan came out and walked up to me. We had a great talk and a time of prayer. She took the information and headed off to Choices. As the preaching went on a young lady came out who was angry that we were there. She went back inside saying she was a Christian, but came out again. She spoke with Don Karnes and told him she was going to choose life for today. She didn’t really know what she was going to do ultimately. Don gave her information and she left.

Then the door burst open and the young girl who didn’t want to have an abortion came out. Her boyfriend was right behind yelling out, “Thank you; I get it… we are keeping our baby!” He had such a massive smile on his face as he was giving us thumbs up.

A bit later another couple of girls went out back to think about it while Don was preaching. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled up and rolled down their window but we couldn’t get over there in time.

A couple of hours later Callie, the awesome ultrasound princess over at Choices called and told us Megan had in fact chosen life and wanted her to call tp thank us. When asked why she left she said it was because of the Word that was being preached.

In the middle if all this Sabrina walked over from the hospital to say hello and encourage us. Jessica and Bonnie couldn’t let that be enough; they wanted to go back with her and play with baby Makenna for a bit. We had another surprise today as well: Heather and her wonderful children came by for an hour. I haven’t seen them in a long time.


It has been such a blessing serving with my dear brother Don Karnes. He is amazing. He just got back yesterday from preaching every day for three weeks in Jamaica. He will be back with me in the morning, and then heads to another venue. And what can be said of Jessica and Bonnie? I have never seen such prayer and praise warriors. Hearts that burn for Jesus and those who find themselves here.

At 4:00 a young lady named Tracy came down. Don spoke with her. She ended up not even going inside. Instead, she took off for Choices, trying get there before they closed. To make a long story short, she has decided to keep her baby. God is so good. His word is life. Please pray for all these folks. Thanks for praying.

A Bit of Opposition

As told by John Barros:

There were a lot of folks here today and we had a bit of opposition. A lady was driving down the street, decided to stop, and begin yelling at Tracey Sarnicki and Chris Raymond. She said she is a “Christian” and thinks it is wrong for us to be in front of an abortion clinic. She said she couldn’t imagine how much worse her daughter would have felt if people would have been on the sidewalk when she went to have her abortion. We said “Maybe she wouldn’t have done it.” Tracey and Chris tried to reason with her, but she left saying “You all are going to hell for being here.”


Then a guy and his lady came. He stood outside mouthing off and when they left they pulled up by the wall and threw all of our things they could reach all over the driveway. It was great having Chris down here for his first time. He just moved here from Las Vegas where he did this. It was great to have Philip Kinkopf back as well. He’s an awesome young man.

There were a couple of turn-aways we were not able to talk to, and there was one Hispanic couple who said they were Christians. Finally, after talking to everyone several times they came out, took the information, and said they were going to Choices.


The coolest thing though was that Abby brought her baby and daughter down to thank us for bringing her to Saint Andrew’s yesterday. I have known and been friends with Abby for years now. Some of you may remember praying for her son about a year ago. He was born with only one chamber in his heart. He passed away last year. She goes to a place down the street every day. She has heard the gospel countless times and been invited to church many times. Well, last week she asked if she could come. She said she loved it and her children did as well. Now she wants to find midweek Bible studies and other things the church is doing. I love Abby. I have never seen her smile as brightly as this morning. Saint Andrew’s was built to be a special place, a holy place set apart from the profane. Please pray for Abby and her family as they begin this journey. If you are a member of Saint Andrew’s please introduce yourself to them.They are wonderful.

Abortion by Pill

As told by John Barros:

Today was so different down here. Several weeks ago they started doing a new pill abortion. The idea is that they give you a pill to begin labor, and send you home to deliver the baby there. You are told to come back and they will do a sonogram to see if the baby is gone. If not, they will surgically remove him. The first girl I know of who did it came back with something wrong. They had her marching around out back trying to move things along. When Randall went in to remove the baby he punctured her uterus and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

Today many of the girls I had seen over the last week showed up again. At first I thought they were here for checkups, but after a while I realized what was going on. These abortions take a long time for them to complete. It was hours and hours before the first one came out. There were still eight inside when I left in the late afternoon. This is a new low for this place. I can’t even believe they do this. It is much more difficult to preach when you realize so many of the babies are most likely dead already. The people look at you like they are just shells of a person.

Today has sure lit a fire in me to truly try to reach each person individually through the week so you don’t see them all show up like this. There were a couple of turn-aways early and a couple came for information in the late afternoon. They took our info and sat in their car after speaking with us. Then after what seemed like eternity, they started up the car and left. Please pray they make it to Choices and don’t come back.


It was awesome as always to work with Beth Goble. I am so thankful Daria Monroe brought coffee and stayed to encourage and pray with us. Amanda and Jonah Sprague came back this afternoon, and Jonah jumped right back into bringing the light of the Word to a dark, dark place. We were blessed to have Shannon MacLean, who has just recently moved here from Las Vegas, to serve. It’s a very small world. She went to the.same elementary school I did! Thanks for all your prayers.

Renewing Your Mind

Today is the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s decision that made abortion legal in the United States during all stages of pregnancy. John was featured on Ligonier Ministries’ blog with this video:

John was also interviewed on the radio program Renewing Your Mind with Dr. R.C. Sproul and Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. Listen free online.

John’s comments:
It was an unbelievable honor to be asked by my pastor to be on Renewing Your Mind. I would never have dreamed of this in a million years. I am so blessed to belong to a church where our pastors lead and equip us to fight the fight of faith. It is so awesome to know there is a safe place for the widows and orphans to come under the shelter of His wings. The goal of this interview was not to promote me. I am quite honestly a dirt bag who has sinned greatly in his life. I am just so thankful that Jesus’ blood is greater than all my sin. The interview was to lift up Jesus as our only hope, and to get more churches and brothers in the fight. It seems to be working as the Lord has had people contacting us wanting to know what to do. Please pray that this happens!

RBC Kids Are Back

As told by John Barros:

I am so very thankful to have the Reformation Bible College kids back to school. They came back here and it was like they never missed a second. They do so much ministry with so much passion. It was an ugly day as far as people coming here but God moved in a couple of different people.


The first was a couple of young Russian girls. They never even made it inside. They listened and then they couldn’t get out of there fast enough. When they left we really couldn’t understand them because they were talking so fast, but they asked for the info and said they were going to the crisis pregnancy center.

Then a young lady named Ouasia, an Iraqui girl, came. She listened and became quite moved. She let us pray with her but went inside. During the preaching she kept coming in and out. After that was over, she came and sat on the wall. We spoke and she said she was Muslim but believes some in Jesus. We went through the gospel and she said she couldn’t do it. We were all able to pray with and for her. She got her ultrasound and it seemed to be actually just a picture of the top of her baby’s head. She is 21 weeks pregnant. She told us she had come on Saturday but of course was too far along for n abortion Saturday.[OWC does late-term abortions on Wednesdays.] She told us people were down here on the sidewalk offering $50 to anyone who would talk to them. And just like I’ve seen so many times before, the people take the money offered and oftentimes end up using it to pay for part of the abortion later.

It’s definitely crazy down here. Please pray she stays strong and does not return and that the Russian girl gets the help she needs.

People Getting Harder

As told by John Barros:

People just seem to be getting harder down here if its possible. I am so thankful for Tracey Sarnicki and Shayne Russell coming down to help.


There were two who turned away. Shaniqua lined up to get in and after people rebutted the fact that some sins are worse than others she was startled to see that it took different sacrifices to cover different sins in the Old Testament. After about 30 minutes she came out and said she was going to go pray about this. Sarah came down with 8-day-old Christian to show folks what they were giving up and killing. People began saying “Jesus told me to do this.” Others yelled out that they hate God.

Shayne came during his lunch break to call out in pain to those inside. He shared how his wife miscarried during her first trimester, and how he held his baby. He told them he had all his fingers, toes, etc. and that his baby was a person. His testimony was very moving, but the folks remained hard.

There were a couple of ladies saying “I just want it out!” Then Shaniqua returned a few hours later, saying what we told her doesn’t apply to her and she “just had to do what she had to do”.

You know everyone who does this type of ministry expects attacks on themselves. It just goes with the territory. I mean, Jesus said it would be this way. The thing that still sucks the air out of my lungs, though, is when they attack and say such unbelievable (unprintable) things about Jesus. I don’t look down on these people because I don’t know anyone who has sinned any worse than me. I just fear for them. Please pray that the gospel they hear will come to their remembrance and Jesus would bring them to Himself.

End of a Tough Week

As told by John Barros:

Thank God this week is over. Sheesh, it has been crazy. When the Bible tells us in Romans 8 and James 4 that the world is the enemy of God, it is not kidding. It’s not us that they hate, it is God.

Today about 25 ladies came down here with friends. There were 40-50 people stuffed inside this place. James Pendergraft made a rare appearance for a few hours. I don’t know if he was working but they were blowing them out of here pretty quickly. There was so much anger and so much vileness. God is so good in the midst of all the carnage.

Bradley Spruill came back from vacation today and the Lord sent my dear brother Pastor R.C. Sproul, Jr. down to help and encourage. He has to be the busiest guy I know, so when he comes it truly is a blessing.


In all the vileness there were a couple of beautiful things. After preaching for a while a young man came out the door and onto the sidewalk. He begged me to stop because it was upsetting them inside. I told him I couldn’t stop. After talking a bit he asked if I could stop for ten minutes so he could try to talk his lady out of this. I said “Sure,” and as he reached his hand out to shake mine I noticed he had a leather bracelet with a cross on it. I asked “What are you doing here?” He answered, “I know… pray for me.” After ten minutes the preaching began again. A few minutes later they came out and sat in their car talking. Then for the next hour or so they kept going in and coming out until finally they chose life and blessed us.

The other cool thing is that Amanda Sprague brought her son Jonah back to serve. This young man has been preaching down here for years. He’s 12 now. Today after preaching out front, a couple pulled into the back. Jonah went down and called out to them for about half an hour. After a while they started up their car and left. I don’t know what that was all about, but the people were amazed that a little boy would cry out to them. He is a very special boy with very special parents.

One of Those Days

As told by John Barros:

Well today was kinda crazy down here. Some of the people were more than just cold. Warren Marquardt and a couple of others had a guy in a truck aim for them when he drove in. Warren actually had to jump on top of the wall to keep from getting hit. The man then came up front threatening and screaming. Then we had some guy take his pants down and mooned us.

Yeah, it was one of those days with girls coming back for their second day of labor as well as new folks. One couple Warren had spoken to came out during the preaching. They came back later and went through with it. When they left they were already fighting.


I am so thankful for Bonnie Franke and Rebecca coming down to serve. Even Sabrina, whose due date is today, cane to help as long as she could.

Another blessing was that Bill Hamilton came down to help. Bill and his wife are missionaries in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They do campus ministry and are members of PEF.


There was one bit of good news: a young lady from yesterday came back and told me she had made an appointment with Choices for Tuesday and we had a time of prayer.

Jasmine’s Story

As told by John Barros:

We had a great turnout for the Who Will Stand meeting tonight. Thank you to those of you who for Jasmine. She did a wonderful job sharing what Jesus has done for her.


She told about living in the streets of New York since she was 13 years old; coming from a family of addicts who followed Santoria… to finding herself a year and a half ago at OWC wanting an abortion because she was a homeless addict with five kids spread out at other people’s homes because she had no way to take care of them. Then God stepped in.

She trusted Him and shared how God has redeemed not only her but has redeemed all of her children back to her now. Jasmine told of how the Saint Andrew’s has accepted and loved her. She said she never knew what love was until then. She also shared the struggles she has had with her flesh. It was truly beautiful to see.