A Bit Rough

As told by John Barros:

Today was a bit rough. More than a dozen lost their lives today. There was one turn-away, but boy it was a brutal day.

The Lord blessed Bradley Spruill, Esteban De Leon, and I by bringing Chelsea Stolz back to OWC. She is such a warrior and a gentle breath of fresh air at the.same time. Pity the guy that brings a girl here when Chelsea is here! I am so thankful for the gifts God has given this young lady.


The Lord also brought Nicole down here with her new baby Susan to help. Nicole had an abortion years ago and wants to show folks the gift they are killing. Please continue to pray.

Different Than Most

As told by John Barros:

Today was quite a bit different than most. Only seven came this morning. Three of them left. We were so praying that the rest would. At 7:30 a late-term couple, Hector and Maria, pulled up. They rolled down their window and were willing to talk. You could see in their faces that the Lord had been working on them for quite some time. Maria buried her face in her hands and began weeping. Hector immediately began thanking me for being there. They were one of those couples who, strange as it sounds, had been asking God to send a sign or somebody to stop them. They took the materials and didn’t even pull back to the parking lot. They just kept thanking us with tears.


Then another late-term mom came with two “helpers”. They were very vile. They kept coming in and out yelling but after the preaching they came out with heads hung down, absolutely silent. It appeared they were going out back to have a cigarette but to our surprise they pulled up and left. We couldn’t get to them in time so we don’t really know what happened.

Then a young lady named Jade came. Bonnie Franke was able to speak with her and she chose life. She said she was going to go to Choices and took a blessing bag from Esteban De Leon. Then there was the longest gap I have ever seen down here. Philip Kinkopf, Esteban, Bonnie and I were able to have some sweet fellowship here.

Eight workers were here for hours with nobody inside. I don’t know that I have ever experienced that before. But then in the late afternoon checkups came and a few more people came because they have started doing late afternoon abortions on Wednesdays. Please pray for all these folks.

Spring Break

As told by John Barros:

Today was a special day. Reformation Bible College has spring break this week so many of the guys were able to come in the morning. Daylan Petterson and Tracey Sarnicki were as well. Anna and J.C. also came down to help. It was wonderful.


The big surprise was that two young ladies, Leah and Laura, from Ottawa, Canada came down. They had seen the Ligonier conference online and wanted to come down to see what happens here. They were able to see Amber choose life and pray with us over her and her friend Rachel. Leah showed Amber the picture of her beautiful little daughter that two doctors in Canada told her to abort but now is the joy of Leah’s life. Anna showed her Jeffrey, who she almost aborted here, and was able to tell her how God has been so good to her and encouraging Amber to trust Him. It was beautiful. Laura also has a tie to abortion: her mother was going to abort her and her twin sister but bravely chose life and gave them to a wonderful adoptive family.

A while later a beautiful young lady, Shamire, who we could see the Lord working on all day came out. She went from a very angry girl early in the day to one who submitted to God. You could see the weight of the world come off her shoulders.

Please pray for all of these folks and for Leah and Laura. The reason they wanted to see this ministry is because they can’t do this type of work in Canada. There abortions are free to all and they have “buffer zones” around the abortion mills–some as far as three blocks in any direction. They are going back to Canada after seeing Jesus work to see what they can do.

Grueling Day

As told by John Barros:

Well today was grueling. It started out with dear Beth Goble. It was packed with people. It’s kind of strange but you hear the same lame old vileness, threats, and nonsense arguments everyday. It’s almost as if it’s the same people day in and day out with different clothes on.

Beth had to leave and then Edwin Botero, Andrea Caraballo, and the crew came to pray. Esteban De Leon came as well and I believe had about a year of growth in his walk in one day. There were so many conversations, so many opportunities to share the.Gospel with so many very hard and lost people.

The word went forth and did what it does: some were hardened and some were softened. One coward began threatening all kinds of things because his lady ran out in tears saying she didn’t want to do it. He pressured her back inside.


There were two rays of light though today. A young lady named Amber came today but left and went to Choices. I don’t know how that went. Then Destiny came out with such a smile. She chose life and asked for prayer.

Please pray for these girls and all those who heard the Gospel today. Esteban said he came to a realization how it takes prayers of the saints to bring these walls down.

Just Horrible

As told by John Barros:

Well today was just horrible. The late-termers were back for their second day of labor as well as the new ones. Nobody chose life and there was a lot of drama.


One young man fell under conviction and tried to save his baby but his lady wouldn’t listen. Esteban De Leon spent quite a bit of time with him and prayed with him. Andrea Krazeise, the director of the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center, came by and did her best to call out to her but she just wouldn’t listen. When she finally came out he began throwing things out of the car and after getting her in the car he just sat there looking at me and Bradley Spruill, weeping. Then he burned rubber out of there.


It was great to see Andrea again and the Lord brought a young man, Lucas McCurdy, down to serve. He saw the Ligonier conference and wants to get in the fight. He is a wonderful brother.

Awesome Day

As told by John Barros:

I don’t know if it’s possible to say that a day at an abortion clinic was awesome, but if you can today was. Once again the Lord shined His light into a very dark place and turned the hearts of four young ladies.

It was kind of strange. After the preaching I sat on the wall with Jessica Woodroof. We both felt we could sense something was about to happen. Three ladies came out, chose life, prayed with us, and took blessing bags. They were so thankful. One of the couples live in Sanford and is going to go to the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center. The other three took info for Choices.


We were blessed today to have Callie Caraballo the awesome ultrasound tech come by to check out what it is like down here. I think she got a better grasp on what the folks that come to her are coming from. Bonnie Franke once again poured herself into these girls’ lives all day long. Esteban De Leon came before school to help, and Philip Kinkopf and Samantha came in the afternoon. Samantha was able to speak to a young couple. She and Philip stayed late. The couple went to the back to think about what they were told for about twenty minutes, got in their car and left. Samantha was so excited.

These kids work and pray so hard. I am so thankful for the wealth of education from RBC that they bring down here. And of course I can’t say enough about Bradley Spruill. God is so good!

Tough Spots

As told by John Barros:

We were so blessed to see three ladies leave here today. All three were prayed with and given information.


One young lady was in and out several times sobbing. She has three children. She spent a lot of time with Tracey Sarnicki. At one point a man showed up and gave her money for the abortion. She went back inside crying. Then about twenty minutes later she came back out with a huge smile. She walked down the street with Tracey, they prayed, and she left. Then about an hour later another man claiming to be her boyfriend came by looking for her. He was very worked up, saying he was afraid she was coming to kill his baby. When told she had chosen life he was relieved and sped away.

Please pray for these ladies. All of them are in tough spots. I am so thankful to serve with Philip Kinkopf, Thomas De Castro, Esteban De Leon, Samantha, and Tracey.

Post Tenebras Lux

As told by John Barros:

I am trying to “unpack” everything that happened this weekend at the Ligonier National Conference. Thousands of people were there. I would never have believed in my wildest dreams the response. Many of the speakers addressed the evil of abortion in our country. I was so busy at my table that I hardly got to see any of it, but I will when the DVDs come out.

Literally hundreds of people came by with questions about how they can serve at the abortion mill in their towns all around the country. I have several sheets of names and emails of people wanting to get in touch with folks in their town that do this as well.

There were many ladies who came telling me of the crushing pain they have dealt with for years over having had an abortion. One had hers just a few weeks after Roe v. Wade. I don’t have the tools that some of my friends have for this, but was able to take them to 1 John 1:7 and 2 Corinthians 5:21. I am so unbelievably thankful to God, R.C. Sproul, R.C. Sproul Jr., Chris Larson, Dave Theriault, Lee, and all the Ligonier people for this opportunity. It was such a blessed, special time I will never forget. Now back to work…

Darkness Showed Up Early… but the Lord Shined a Light

As told by John Barros:

Darkness showed up down here early this morning but when that happens the Lord shines a beautiful light. We had 30-some young Canadians come to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. They were here to do an awareness campaign about the evils of abortion at UCF. I went by on Tuesday to check it out, see how they were doing, and encourage them. They were doing a wonderful job and having many conversations with students. This morning they all showed up here and joined Bradley Spruill, Esteban De Leon, Warren Marquardt, Samuel Leiro and me. It was so awesome.


I can’t tell all that happened here, but two stories are very cool. A man came to drop a young lady off. The kids were all singing Amazing Grace. The young lady could barely speak English. We did the best we could to speak with her. She kept looking at the whole scene, especially the singers. She went inside but turned around within minutes. She came back out and walked to the car. She talked with her dad and I was able to speak to him. After speaking to her he was so thankful: she had changed her mind! They took the information and drove down the street waving and thanking everyone.


Then a young lady, Cheyenne, came down and asked if John was here. She had been talking to a young lady who had recently come to Christ and is coming.to Saint Andrew’s now. She wanted to know what the Gospel was. She poured out her heart. She is seven months pregnant, the result of a brutal rape. She was never going to have an abortion. We went through the Gospel beginning with Adam to Jesus. She was blown away by the fact that “He made Him who knew no sin, sin that we might have the righteousness of God.” To know that by repenting of her sin and trusting Him she could stand before God and He would love her as much as He loves Jesus. She was overcome and said she wanted to commit her life to Him. It was so beautiful. We all formed a circle on the Dr. Collins’ lawn next to OWC. People prayed for her one by one and then many of these kids continued to counsel and pray with her for a long time. Cheyenne is going to be coming to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. Please pray for these ladies as well as these kids from Canada. I am so blessed.