An Amazing Thing Happened

As told by John Barros: 

Today the Lord worked in two completely different ways and came to the same result. Two precious babies and mothers were saved and they were both beautiful.

Oscar came with his lady this morning. He spoke very little English and Maria spoke none. I tried my best to speak to him but she went inside. He had all the same excuses like it is her choice. He sat in the car out front and I just knew I had to get a Hispanic man to speak with him.

I was able to get a hold of my dear brother Pito. Pito spoke with him for a long time. He warned Oscar about what God thinks of this, what the consequences are, and shared the Gospel with him. He told Pito he was going to try and get her to come out. I left him some time to think and let the Holy Spirit work.

While he was sitting, a beautiful young lady named Kasta arrived. She came up and spoke to Bradley, listening to everything we had to say. She asked for prayer, took a blessing bag, and said she would like to come to St. Andrew’s, so we gave her a bulletin. It was extremely beautiful. It was one of those “God, please send someone to stop me” meetings. She ran right into Bradley.

Then an amazing thing happened. Oscar was becoming increasingly convicted, talking to himself in Spanish, etc. The truck that picks up the dead babies pulled up. I stood to preach again, asking for a moment of silence as they brought the week’s dead out through the lobby. I asked them to not mock God or us but just consider those that died and that their babies would be coming out like this next Friday.

Oscar went crazy. He began screaming and yelling “no, no!” He ran in the door, grabbed Maria, and pulled her outside. He got her in the car and World War 3 broke out. They had a rather heated discussion with many tears. Then the smiles came. The thumbs came up, the thank yous and the waves as they drove away. It was so incredible.

So thankful for Stella and Laurey for being on the other end of phones today. So thankful for Beth being here in the morning and Peter coming in the afternoons on Friday to just be an awesome friend!

A Pretty Special Day

Today was filled with surprises. Today Gerry came back to winter at St. Andrew’s. He comes every year from Wisconsin and joins us down here. What a blessing he is. Today Gerry, Yolie, Philip, and I got to see two different couples turn away with thank yous and one father, mother, and daughter choose life. It was pretty incredible.

Then Crystal came by. She had been overcome with thankfulness to God for choosing life down here three and a half years ago. She wanted to come say thank you. Her little boy Jayden is now three years old and is her whole life. She also told us that she has been helping a friend, Anna, that chose life here a month ago.

A patient of Dr. Collins saw what was going on here today and came over to see what we wanted for lunch. It was a pretty special day.

A Rough Week

As told by John Barros:

I wasn’t in much of a picture taking mood down here today. Quite a few crazy people here, and this has just been a rough week. The Lord sent people shifting throughout the day. So thankful for Luke, Bradley, Beth, Jennifer, Melyna, and Fredo.

There was one couple that pulled in and Beth met them. She spoke to them and they pulled out back. They must have sat back there for over an hour talking. The Lord answered our prayers and entered their vehicle. They pulled up and thanked us, asking how to get to the CPC.

I would really like to ask you folks to pray for Fredo and his wonderful wife Caroleena. Fredo comes down here pleading with ladies to let him and his wife adopt their babies because they are unable to have one of their own. He is a Life Flight registered nurse and she is an RN in the NICU unit at Florida Hospital. I have never met a sweeter couple and they long so much for a baby. Fredo’s pleas are met with mocking, cursing, spitting, etc., yet he continues to come.

I know there are some simple minded people out there today that think if you replaced the preaching of the Gospel down here with people calling out to adopt the babies this would all change. People that think that need to come here for a week. Anyway, I would ask that you would pray that they find a baby. They are fully cleared through “Life For Kids” and will have a substantial discount if they find someone to “designate” their baby to them.

Please pray for these dear people. There are none better.

Blown Away

As told by John Barros: 

Had a very different day today. One young lady chose life and we don’t really understand how the Lord worked. A couple of Hispanic girls came for an abortion. Warren tried his best to speak to them. We were able to get Stella on the phone and they spoke a lot. They went out back sat in the car talking and then pulled up thanking everyone. It was an honor to serve with Donna and Bradley as well.

Something very different happened today. I collect bulletins at church that people leave in the pews. I hand them out to folks that choose life or people driving by wanting to know where we are from. Well today I invited one of the ladies to come to the “Who Will Stand” meeting at church tonight. She thought they would be working late, but wanted the bulletin anyway. Then something I would never have expected happened. The other ladies came out and wanted one. Several said they want to come. It was pretty amazing.


Later the abortionist Randall Whitney pulled in. I went down with a bulletin and invited him to come tonight. He said he would if he got off early enough. He said he would come to a service but wanted to know why I wanted him to come tonight. I said I just wanted him to see a reformed view of abortion and what God thinks of it. He said “John, that’s not it. You think that will change my heart and it won’t. You want to change my heart and you won’t”.

I began to break up a bit, looking close in his eyes and seeing such a lost, hardened man with all that wrath piled upon him. I told him I did want to see his heart changed and that he was right, I cannot do that. But God can do it, just like He does to the girls that choose life here. He looked me in the eye and said I am going to give this some thought and thanked me.

I was pretty blown away by all this. One of the girls wants to come because she knows the people care or they wouldn’t come down here. Please pray for all this. We have watched the Lord drive six workers out of here in the last few months.

Mercy and Compassion

As told by John Barros: 

You just never know who the Lord is going to send down here on any given day. He always puts together the perfect team for those that are coming.

Well this being Veterans Day, with many people off work, about thirty ladies came down. Biggest day I have seen in a very long time. They came in four different shifts, beginning at 8:00 and still taking new people in at 5:00. I have no idea how an 83 year old man can do this.

Some folks were highly upset we were there, but the Lord worked in two young ladies and a man. Precious Jessica arrived first thing. She had to go to class, but wanted to serve for a couple of hours. She began to worship and Yolie joined in when she arrived. They sang so beautifully that people driving by actually stopped, listened, clapped, and encouraged.

Then Hanna arrived and met with Yolie first thing. Yolie spoke with her at length, and then they left together to Choices. She went through the counseling and had an ultrasound, finding out she is 19 weeks.

To the horror of Yolie, Hanna wanted to come back here. She came up wanting to go inside. She listened to what God thinks of this and how kind he was to call her to Trust Him. She finally broke down and had Yolie take her home. Please pray for her. She has a host of problems that need to be addressed. It will take a team of ladies from St. Andrew’s to help her.

Thankfully, the Lord brought Pastor Lewis here from Melbourne today. It was a mess and we were so blessed to have him. Tyrrell and Erica came. They were in and out all day. The preaching really got to Tyrrell, and Pastor Lewis called him over and began ministering to him. He began to see that he was guilty of murder as well if she went through with it. To make a long story short he finally went inside and drug Erika out to speak with us.

She heard what God thinks of this and the Lord began to work in both of their hearts. They sat on the wall and listened. In the middle of all this, James called and heard what was going on. He began to pray for them from Texas. Then Jocelyn called. I showed Tyrrell that not just those of us on the wall cared for them, but people in Texas and Kentucky were praying for them.

I even gave him my phone and Jocelyn showed him much love. As they were getting close, they told us something I couldn’t believe. Erika’s cousin had been telling her not to do it and if she went here she would have to deal with me, because her cousin came out during the preaching over a year ago and the Lord turned her heart.

She went on to tell her how God has provided for her and her baby. Then Tyrrell said that he had met me before when he brought a girl here in the past and she had also chosen life. It was truly bizarre.

Erika sat on the wall listening to the goodness of God while Tyrrell went inside and stayed there. I believe he wanted Lewis and I to speak with her alone. After about 20 minutes, Tyrrell came out, grabbed Erika, and said “come on, let’s get out of here!” It was beautiful.

There was much carnage here today but the Lord showed much mercy and compassion on two young ladies. Pastor Lewis and I were completely worn out as the sun was setting but it was so good. He is one dear brother that loves Jesus. Please, please pray for these folks. There are many hurdles for them.

A Few Stories

Today was pretty rough down here. Samantha brought her friend Sandra down to help. Because of Sandra’s wheelchair, they had to be over in front of Dr. Collins’ office. Well the Lord had Liz pull up right there into the hands of two lovely ladies. They spoke to Liz about the place and what God thinks of this. Liz chose life and went to Choices. She scheduled an appointment to return next week. Please pray for her. Sandra loved this ministry and plans to return.

Had a few other stories that may bless you. Prayer is such a huge portion of what goes on here. Crista sent me a message that last Friday she went to her doctor’s appointment with Dr. Collins. She said that while seeing and hearing the ministry going on next door that she and four other ladies that had never even met each other began to pray inside Dr. Collins’ lobby for what was going on outside the door. I think this is so wonderful. Just wish they would have come over when they were done. 

I went to the Choices banquet last Thursday. I was honored to sit with Coach Lou Holtz of Notre Dame. He blessed me by telling me he follows the ministry and prays for us. Said I was the only Gator he liked and to keep on. Boy he sure is a great speaker and absolutely hilarious.

From Mockers to Thankers

The last few days have been crazy busy. Warren returned from up north and will be serving here again on Thursdays. So blessed to have RC join us today along with dear Delaney.

Thursday we were able to witness God turn two guys into men and lead their ladies out of this place. It was wonderful. Today we saw God work on four ladies and drive them out of here. The first one was a young girl that stood up to her mother and left. Mom was furious and came driving up the ramp, missing people sitting on the wall by about a foot, while her poor daughter was crying. Beth met a girl that was dropped off and spoke with her for a while, then took her away to the pregnancy center for counseling and an ultrasound.

Then there was a couple that came here and seemed very hard. The guy was mocking God every time he came out. Then the God he was mocking began to turn his lady’s heart. She came out crying and he was right behind her. They got on the side of the building and a war broke out. He wanted the abortion. He seemed to win the battle and they went back inside.


A short while later they came back outside and you could see the sense of relief on her face. I said “thank God you aren’t going to do this”. He went into a rage and started yelling. “No, we aren’t but it had nothing to do with what you did!” We all laughed and said of course not, we don’t have that kind of power. Only God can do this. He looked up the drive and said “well maybe God does work in mysterious ways”.

I can’t remember their names but Melyna and Delaney met them up the drive. They are keeping their baby and headed back to Tampa, saying they were going to go to a crisis pregnancy center there. God is so amazing. To watch these people go from mockers to thankers through the Gospel is truly something to behold. There was one other but I can’t for the life of me remember.

So thankful to have Peter and Lucas join with us after a late night at the Choices Banquet. So thankful to be able to call the the dearest in this world my brothers and sisters. So thankful to be united with Christ and for what all that means.

I must say though it was with a very heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to Robert. Only get to see him once a year or so. What a godly, sweet brother. Wish my heart was half of what his is. Robert and R.C. truly preach with broken hearts. So thankful for Melyna and her heart as well.

Please continue to pray for those that have left. I tell them about you all and how people around this world pray for them everyday.

Stuck in the Darkness

I have never had such a hard time trying to write a post before. There was such a darkness here today and many blind people stuck in that darkness.

The light of God’s Word was brought to this darkness, but the people loved the darkness rather than light. It never fails to amaze me that people would come here and do this after hearing the record of this place. Today it was even crazier because we had a young lady down here screaming and yelling about the botched abortion Randall had done on her.

As Maria pulled in, Robert spoke with her, telling her he could help her. She said “can you get me a lawyer?” She then went out back in her mini van with her two little kids and her friend. They were out back for hours. Then the strangest things happened. Randall Whitney pulled in and Maria approached him with some records, asking if he would speak with her. He told her to f@$& off and get the f@$& out of here. He went inside and she went ballistic,

Maria was running in circles, screaming and yelling. She was on the phone calling anyone that would listen. Then she came up front screaming and yelling inside with the people sitting in the lobby. Then back outside in the back. Workers were out back trying to calm her down but she would not have any of that. She turned on them and they ran back inside. I know you are probably wondering what could have happened to her. You won’t believe this.

Three months ago Maria came down here. She was four months pregnant but would not listen. She was the last person that day to have an abortion. She wanted sedation. They put her under, she had her abortion, and she went home. Three months later she is feeling funny and goes to her doctor. She comes to find out that she is now seven months pregnant with a healthy baby!

I have no idea how in the world this could be. I have heard countless stories of things that have gone wrong with ladies here but never this. It is too late for her to have an abortion now. I don’t know what could have happened and don’t know how he missed this. The horrible thing is that people from inside even came out and spoke with her about what happened to her but returned to have their abortions. Their hearts were so dark, hard, and blind.


While all this was going on, Robert was out front preaching with tears, calling people to trust God while he shared the love of Jesus. Not one lady chose life,  even in the midst of all this craziness. It was so strange standing by the wall to see the kingdom of light on the sidewalk and the kingdom of darkness with all its pain and misery in the back. You really would have to be here to truly see this. It was horrible.

Please pray for Maria and her baby. Pray she sees this baby to be a precious gift. There was one girl that came late, said she was a Christian and left. She never said she chose life, so she was just a turn away. Pray that God would work on her heart and she would not return. It was such an honor to serve with Robert, Yolie, and Bradley today. Tough duty.

The Battle Rages On

As told by John Barros: 

“He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.” Psalm 40:2

The battle rages on, and the Lord is so good. Today was pretty darn busy but there were two that were delivered from the pit.

A lady showed up with 8″ long cross ear rings and a cross tattoo on the back of her neck. She was told that the one that died on the cross is on the sidewalk calling her to trust Him. She said she knew Him, and was then asked if she knew that Proverbs 6 tells her that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood. She went in anyway. After the preaching she came out and was asked if she changed her mind. She said yes and went out back.

A lady that was inside when she changed her mind said she was uneasy and said out loud, “I can’t do this $&@%.”, got her money back, and walked out. She pulled up in her car and said thank you. Her name is Shelly, and she asked for prayer. She said she didn’t need anything and left. Please pray for her.

Then the nightmare of all sidewalk counselors happened. Anna, the girl that chose life yesterday, returned with a friend, this time by taxi. They sat out on the curb as far out back as they could. Beth was here in the morning and called out across the parking lot to them. They got up and walked to the front. Anna was covered in a jacket so no one could see her. She wouldn’t listen and they went inside.


She stayed in there through the preaching, then her friend Suliakah came out. She was visibly upset. She walked up and down the sidewalk and took an “In the womb” tract off my van and read it. She looked at the baby picture on the van and cried. She walked over and Bradley began encouraging her to be active in trying to get Anna out. She sat on the wall and spoke with us for quite some time. There was so much prayer going on.

Then Anna called her from inside and told her she was having second thoughts again. Suliakah went back inside to try and get her out. Melyna showed up and we began to pray more. Then Anna came out. She came over, gave me a huge hug, and we all began praising God. It was unbelievable. I tried to get them out of there right away. Anna didn’t want to.

I was getting worried, but then she said she just didn’t want to leave us. We went through the Gospel and had more prayer. We were praising God for “pulling her out of the pit and placing her on solid ground”. We spent about an hour and a half on the wall. It was so awesome to see her actually call out to people coming in to “trust God. He opened my eyes and called me out of here. He can do the same for you!”

Both these precious ladies will be coming to St. Andrews on Sunday so we can all worship together, and it will be awesome! I must tell you this has been a week I will never forget. Exhausting but exhilarating. Nothing like this. Please pray for all those from this week.

Jesus Is All That Matters

Well, it was kinda wet and gloomy down here today. The folks that were coming to help weren’t able to make it, so it ended up being training day. Spent the day with Jesus and it was wonderful. When you are here alone you talk to Him all day. He showed me once again that He is all that matters.

I was blessed to watch Him turn away two young ladies, and then there was Dianna. She and her boyfriend came. He gave all the excuses you have ever heard. During the preaching folks were looking out the windows. About fifteen minutes after the preaching she came out crying and hyperventilating on the porch. I asked her boyfriend to take her to a real doctor and gave them our literature. They spoke for quite a while and then came out and went out back.


A few minutes later they drove up and rolled down the window. She was so thankful. He seemed a little shocked but I think he will come along…

The biggest fight today seemed to be between me and the workers that have begun replacing the ladies that have quit. It was job fair day here, with ladies coming to be interviewed. The folks that work here were yelling at me for telling the new potential workers about the record of this place, the devils that live here, and what God thinks about this place.

Please pray that the Lord opens the ears and hearts of the replacements that they might hear the Gospel.