A Crazy Kind of Day

One of those crazy kind of days today. The Reformation Bible College kids came down and they did an awesome job. The worship was incredible.

A young lady named Catherine chose life today. It was a battle all day. She kept coming out and would go out to the car with her boyfriend. He would keep bringing her back in. Finally the guy got the security guard to help bring her back inside but she stood strong. Her boyfriend came out and said they had chosen life and were leaving. When they pulled up they were so thankful and took a blessing bag.

Demonic forces made themselves known here today. A young lady came out to the sidewalk. She was trembling, but looked so normal wearing a Gators sweatshirt. She started going on about needing silence. I tried to speak with her but said she had to kill her baby.

She rolled up her sleeve and showed me symbols that had been scarred into her arm. They were those kind of things that raise up above the skin and are hard. She told me to look them up and I would know why she had to do this. I texted my friend that used to be a satanist. He said they were the symbols to their god Belial. We began praying heavy for her.

She came running out again. The worship was really tearing her up. She came up to me again, asking for quiet. She came out again jumped in her car and left. We really don’t know if she had an abortion or not.

We actually had a couple of girls come up and go inside saying they had watched the Channel 9 news report on this place.

Had another guy going over the edge out back today but God kept everyone safe. Had a turn away as well. Please keep praying…

The Tip of the Iceberg

If I was to tell you that five abortion clinics could be shutting down real fast, would I be able to get a THANK YOU JESUS out of you? Would you commit to fast and pray for this to happen? Well, this can really happen.

A news reporter from Channel 9 was down here today. He came down asking for James Pendergraft. Kerry the security guy here threw them off the property. I have met the reporter here on several occasions over the years. He came over and asked if he could get my thoughts on AHCA moving to pull the operational licenses from all of his clinics due to his drug charges up in South Carolina. If you haven’t heard of those charges, just type “traveling abortionist” into Google and read the reports. Absolutely disgusting.

It was a wonderful interview, although I don’t know how much they will use. I was able to share Jesus on there and how He works in different ways than we can imagine in getting His purposes fulfilled. Please be a part of the end of this bloody empire. Pray this through to the end.

There were a couple of other wonderful things that happened as well. A bunch of CCBR kids from Canada came down to serve here today. They are on an awareness campaign at UCF this week. Oh, I wish I could remember all of their names. Devorah, Caroline, Jonathan and all the others are awesome servants. They don’t get to do this in Canada because of bubble laws, so they were so happy to share their faith and love with the ladies and guys here. The Lord blessed them and they got to see Him turn the hearts of two ladies.

Brook stood in the crowd waiting for the doors to open. As she heard God’s Word, the Lord applied it. She fled across the street in tears. Devorah and a friend went over to love on her. Brook asked me to come talk to her some more. Sarah and Jessica came down to help. Jessica gave her a ride to Choices. She affirmed her choice to keep her baby and thanks God for opening her eyes. She is coming to St. Andrew’s Sunday.

Jennica chose life through a combination of God’s Word and the love of precious saints. Dana came down and took her to Choices. They came to find out, however, that she is miscarrying. If there is anyone you would want to be with a girl in that situation, it would be Dana. God is so amazing in bringing just the right people all the time. Dana is taking her to the hospital and to Ascension Presbyterian Church on Sunday where her husband Chris is the pastor.

When she came back she was so thankful to all the folks on the sidewalk. So many hugs and tears. So proud that she did the right thing.

What a day this has been. What I have written is really the tip of the iceberg. Please, please pray.


Got to serve today with Warren, Yolie, and Bryan. It wasn’t a very busy day, but a couple of different things happened. A young couple arrived that seemed different. The lady responded to Yolie offering info. Nobody would listen. Then about 3/4 of the way through the sermon, they came out. They seemed to be fighting in sign language.

They went out back and talked in their car for a long time. They ended up leaving. A couple hours later they came back. He sat in the car and ran in to what looked like get her money back. Can’t say for sure but please pray for them.

Later more than twenty vultures circled over the place for a long time. Warren went over by the lake next door and saw them eating something on the bank. It just looked so strange having them circle over this place for about an hour.

Super Sunday

Well today is Super Sunday. I hear there’s a football game on as well. This morning some of the most awesome people I know came down in the cold to love their neighbors.
There were no people that chose life. Deanna stayed till they were done and said there were a couple of turnaways, though.

After meeting everyone as they came, I began to preach The security guy Kerry seemed upset and said “aren’t you supposed to be in church?” I told him God had invited me to preach at his worship service. He said “fair enough.”

When the preaching was over, the door opened and a young worker walked right over to RC and I. She looked to be under heavy conviction. We told her we could help her. She said she was fine and blessed. She said she was a believer. We asked how she could be a believer and be blessed working here. She said she had prayed for a job and got this one. She was told this no blesing, it’s rather a curse. She began sobbing, quit, and took off down the street.

Kerry came out the back door about 15 minutes later, frantically looking all over the place. He said “John, have you seen one of my employees?” It was so awesome to let him know she quit. He was filled with expletives as he was going down the street looking for her. When he came back he actually slammed the door. Please pray she stays strong. She said she would get back to me for job help.

God really showed up in an amazingly unexpected way today. Yolie is such a trooper – she came down here to serve even though she was sick. Mary came all the way from Kissimmee. R.C. is a rock with a massive heart. He counseled and prayed with a guy named Giuseppe who was under heavy conviction. He just couldn’t find it in himself to man up.

Got to St. Andrew’s and Takyra was there to worship today with Aubry and her mother. Those of you that have been praying, she is 27 weeks now and happy. Please keep praying.

Then while I was at the evening service I received a text that Dominique’s water broke and she is in Winnie Palmer right now in labor. Please pray for her.
Yes, it has been a Super Sunday.

A Refreshing Day

Today was a bit refreshing. It was a slower day. Eight came for abortions and two turned away. The first came out and said thank you. The guy had her locked in his arms and was trying to keep us away. They sat out back for the longest time, then they pulled out with him waving.

The other I will call “Alicia”. She came with her boyfriend. During the preaching, she came out and went to get something from the car. I asked her to come talk. She said she would. When she came back up she spoke to Becky. She went inside, but just before the abortionist got here she came out and told Becky she was going to give it the weekend to think about this. Please pray the Lord opens these ladies’ eyes and gives them hearts to love their babies.

Had an awesome crew down here today. Bo came back and brought his mother, Becky. I’ve been working on Bo a bit. I told him about this beautiful little sidewalk warrior, Rachel. Trying to arrange a marriage for about twenty years from now. Bill, Beth, Chuck, and Mary were also here. My friend Emelio also came down for his first time. 

Anna brought little Jeffrey down. Ever since she chose life she stood to thank God for opening her eyes. She always yells “we Love Jesus”. Probably drives the demons crazy.

I also received a special picture. Jayleesa sent a pic of Matthew at one month old. She is so overwhelmed by the love that God showed by pulling her out of this pit. Thank you all for praying. God is so good.

A Season of Darkness

As told by John Barros:

I hate so much posting the things that have been going on here lately. There is a season of darkness that I haven’t seen for some time. I can’t wait for the Lord to shine His light in a huge way here again.

He did shine in one young lady’s heart. She came out during the preaching and said thank you, taking the brochures with her and saying she will be going to Choices. He wasn’t too excited. Please pray the Lord would turn his heart and confirm hers.

Other than that, there was a crazy darkness here. Three new people came for abortions and all the late term girls from yesterday came. I believe we had nine total with pillows and blankets. Even a couple of the workers were amazed that so many would come all at once.

They returned with their mocking and vile words for those that came to help them. Whole families were here. Mom, Dad, aunts, children. Just insanity. So thankful that Beth, Donna, and Bill came. Also was blessed by Brad and Richard coming in the afternoon. My dear friend Eva also came down just to pray for me during a gap. In the midst of so much carnage, God is so faithful and good.

Please pray hard against this place. Pray the Lord would close it down and show himself mighty here. Pray for better stories.

A Particularly Dark Day

As told by John Barros:

I don’t know if it’s just because of all that has been going on lately, but it was particularly dark down here today. Late term moms coming in the front door while happy birthday balloons go in the back door. There really is no way to explain the madness that is Orlando Women’s Center.

People in your face, screaming and yelling, as you tell them you are there for them. It was tough today but there was one turn away and then there was Christina.

She came with her friend to have an abortion. After all the morning’s craziness, they came out. We talked and she said she had changed her mind and was going to keep her baby. She said she had insurance, though, and was going to go ahead and have her ultrasound.

I told her there was a much better place, but she wanted to just get it over with. I began to have doubts but she was so thankful that I believed her. In the mean time, they were getting down to just a few left. The team member that helps in the afternoon had a family emergency and could not make it today. I got a call about something needing to be done at the jail so I left as the check ups began coming.

Michele called as I was leaving and said a couple of cars were leaving EPOC, and that she and Mary were going to follow them over. When I got done at the jail I called Michele and she told me she met Christina.

Christina told Michele she had already chosen life. Michele asked her what changed her mind and Christina told her “I found out I have support I didn’t know I had.” Praise God for that. If you all go to sidewalks please be sure your church is that support that they don’t know existed. We all know it is Jesus, but He uses secondary causes.

Unbelievable Vileness

As told by John Barros:

Being a member of St. Andrew’s and being called to this type of ministry is a life of extremes. To worship God at such a place Sunday morning, enjoy classical music at night, and then wake up to unbelievable vileness really can’t be explained.

The clients were really wound up this morning. I was sad that dear Sarah had to see and hear this stuff, but she is a trooper. She continued to show love in some pretty tough circumstances. We had two turn aways, but don’t really know why they left.

There was one bright spot. Crista came for her doctor’s appointment next door. She always come to encourage when she does. One time she had the whole waiting room praying while the preaching was going on next door. She is such a blessing.

It’s been pretty rough in the last couple of weeks as so many that have made professions of faith down here have returned to drugs and other lifestyles that are not pleasing to God. Their lives are unravelling. Some have dealt with death. Please pray for all the folks that we minister to down here.

Blessings and Sorrow

As told by John Barros:

Today was filled with blessings and sorrow. So blessed to have some new Reformation Bible College students down here today. Simona and Jessica brought three new men down here. These kids are so willing to serve. It was kind of a rough day and they really had their eyes opened to the horror of this place.

We were also blessed to have Bo and his mother Becky, along with Courtney. So thankful that Melyna was back. She is such an encourager. I don’t want to leave Peter out. This dear brother brought subs down. Now that’s a blessing.

Today was a day I knew was coming but didn’t want to face. Bradley spent his last day here. He is moving back to Virginia. He kept talking about finding a replacement for him, but nobody will be able to do that.

There were some strange stories here today. Two young ladies came down. They wouldn’t listen to the pleas, but then the driver came under heavy conviction. At one point she told us she thought she was going to die. She couldn’t stay inside, and eventually her friend came out and they left. They didn’t stop, so I don’t know if her friend chose life or not. We have to call it a turn away.

Another young lady came in an expensive Mercedes sports car. A while later a man came in an even more expensive Mercedes. He dressed and acted like he was from some kind of crime syndicate. He said his boss sent him down to make sure she went through with it. What kind of boss is this?

Then there was a girl claiming to be a Christian. She had the cute little Jesus license plate. Her mother continued to pressure her, even when she was beginning to turn. It was a rough day but there was one more blessing.

Tara came down with her “secret weapon” to serve in the morning, and then went to Choices. She confirmed that she is pregnant and Callie gave her an ultrasound. How exciting is this?

Late Terms and Rain

As told by John Barros:

The day began with late term ladies arriving to begin their second day of labor, and the rest followed an hour later. We couldn’t get very many conversations going because of the rain.

Before the preaching began, the Lord did a truly amazing work. Two ladies standing across the street in the parking lot began screaming at us: “do not judge those people. It is a sin to judge people.”

Yolie, Bill, and Warren began calling back to them. The tempers began to get pretty heated. When there was a bit of a lull, I looked at the two ladies and said you are judging us. One of the ladies said something I couldn’t understand and then stopped. I had this really strong desire to speak with them so I went across the street.

I asked the lady that I couldn’t understand what she said. She said “I started to yell at you, but something told me I should shut up.” I began telling them that God sends us down here to bring the Gospel to lost people who are on the brink. They thought we were protestors.

As I began to share the Gospel with them, they came under deep conviction. They shared that they were far from God. We went further and they began confessing their sins. They began repenting, and I told them to search their hearts, bring all their sin to Him, and commit their lives to him.


They said they were going to, and that they were going to seek out a church called Living Waters in Kissimmee where some friends go. We had a time of prayer and I left them to do their appointment stuff. When they were finished, they began honking their horn and saying thank you. I told them I would be praying for them and they yelled out “we will be praying for you guys!” It was truly amazing.

As far as the mill goes, it was horrible. Nobody chose life or turned away. There was a guy down here that owns a big dealership and he would not listen. He had been bringing a lady since Monday. Thanks to some clues, Don was able to look him up . When I called him by name he was in deep shock but still didn’t stop. So thankful for Chuck, Mary, Donna, and Bradley. It was just a tough day.

There was a wonderful blessing, though, in the afternoon. An Anglican pastor from Bristol, Tennessee, Todd, and our dear friend Jacob dropped by to encourage us. I haven’t seen them in so long. They used to hang out at our house when they were at RTS. Man I love these guys. Today was rough but beautiful. Please continue to pray.