Before I Formed You In the Womb, I Knew You

As told by John Barros:

Still pretty slow down here today. One leftover from yesterday and five others. The good news is that two babies get to live. We had some sorority girls down here. This begins about now every year. All the spring breakers that ended up pregnant. They arrived pretty smart mouthed but left pretty traumatized. They didn’t want any help but said they weren’t going through with it. Another lady left just as the abortionist was about to get out of his car. Please pray for these ladies that they would stay long gone.

Served with Karen and Donna Eggars today. Tuesday Jamie Miller came down here. She made a tee shirt on her own and wanted to give it to someone that ministers here. I took it and figured I would just give it to the first lady that serves here that fits in it. Well that person was Karen. She loves it and it fits perfect.

Karen loving Jamie’s gift

Those of you that don’t serve on the sidewalks don’t see the ladies when they come out after killing their babies. Sometimes they are literally carried into their cars. It is just so awful to witness. It never gets easy watching this. Over all these years I have seen this played out thousands of time. They are usually coming out while the ladies are coming in for their “follow ups.” So hard to go from calling people to trust God to keep their babies to calling people to come talk after having their abortion.

So much death and so much pain.

Strange Days

As told by John Barros:

We are having some strange days down here. They were closed Sunday and Monday. I had people call to check on Tuesday and they were told this place would be open on Tuesday. Well a few came but then they were sent away. Well I sure thought today would be busy then but only three came.

I was blessed to have Matt, Bill, Karen, Chuck, and Mary come down. So thankful to have Pastor David Netzorg and Pastor H.P. McCracken as well. It was kind of sad because we had to say goodbye to Chuck and Mary. They are snow birds and are flying back to West Virginia.

There were two ladies that came. One was a high school girl whose mom and dad brought her and then a mouthy couple from New Jersey. Even when they were done, they were cursing Yolie Gonzalez and I.

During the preaching another couple came. He was wearing a big cross so I tried to warn him. He smiled and said “God Bless You.” As he was going in the door I told him to rip that cross off because I know the one that died on that cross and you can’t belong to Him. He became very angry, started to turn to the sidewalk but went inside. Then they came right out. He was angry and rubbing his head. He of course wouldn’t stop so the ladies weren’t able to speak to her. Please pray for these folks.

Another strange thing happened as well. One of the workers whose daughter became convicted of working here and quit a while back came outside during the preaching. She had a cigarette and stood there for a long time just listening. We were kind of stunned really. Please pray she quits like her daughter did.

We were blessed even more today because Angie Marlow Moore from Ligonier Ministries came down. She is a special lady and encouraged us very much.

The last month has been pretty rough. From time to time there is a deep darkness that I can seem to be enveloped in. This one seems to be hanging around a bit longer than usual. Prayers would be appreciated.

Sharing the Gospel

As told by John Barros:

Today was awesome. They were closed!! It was so awesome to sit there and pray without people all over the place. There were two ladies that came and they both talked and took the info.

There was also a precious young lady that came by. She told me about the pain of having an abortion when she was 16 and her baby was 22 weeks. Now she is 22 weeks again. We went through 1 John 1:7 and 2 Cor. 5:21 and then through the Gospel. It was really special. She made a profession of faith. Loaded her up with a Study Bible and some books. Then we had a time of prayer. She is beginning to be loved by ladies in our church. Please pray for her.

So glad they were closed today. So wonderful to spend time with her.

Good Friday

As told by John Barros:

Good Friday was very full today. I’m really having trouble sorting it all out. Actually I’m so overwhelmed. Just trying to grasp what our King did for us and what is going on down here. Going from here to St. Andrew’s tonight, it sure makes you long for heaven.

So blessed to have folks down today that don’t get to make it to often. So thankful for Chelsea Stolz taking her day off to come down. Doug and Carol Sarver brought their precious daughter Miriam Sarver down. Miriam is a Sacred Music Major at Reformation Bible College. She brought her cello down for worship and it was amazing. Tonight at church, the full orchestra, choir, and congregation sang “Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded.” It was awesome but I have never heard anything like what Miriam led us in out hear. The blinds were banging with all inside waiting to kill their children looking out. There is a Muslim man that drops his wife off at her appointment down the street. He always walks around watching the preaching while waiting. Today he saw the music and walked over. As they began to sing “Amazimg Grace” I told him to join them. He took his son and went over to join in. I wonder if this has ever happened before. When his wife was finished they said thank you. Please pray that I can become friends with them.

Muslim and his son joining in on Amazing Grace

We had a couple of ladies come by wanting to know how they could adopt. The Sarvers worked with them. Carol works at a pregnancy center in Detroit. They will be calling Life For Kids next week.

Wanting to adopt

We had three ladies do what I would like to call “Choose Life” but only time will tell. The first one came in but once inside turned out with a look of fear and said “I’m not doing this. I’m out of here.” She wouldn’t talk as she couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

The second was a mother that brought her daughter. They got money from a suspicious car down the street to pay for it. They were angry. Beth Goble, Cassidy Goble, and Heather Marie tried working with them. They just seemed to get angrier but then about half way through the preaching they came out with terror looks in their eyes. They literally ran down the street before anyone could catch them.

Then there was Joshua and Gianna. They went inside but didn’t last very long at all. They left and spoke with Heather and Yolie. They said they had come for an ultrasound but couldn’t take the evil inside. They will be going to Choices on Monday and will see Heather again. They asked if everyone would pray for them as they now have to share what has happened with their parents.

I don’t know what was going on today but there was nothing left when I was done preaching. Seems like I barely made it home and slept for two hours. People always ask what they can pray for. Strength and energy would be a great start. Praying you all have a blessed Easter.

Maundy Thursday

As told by John Barros:

After thinking about it tonight I am amazed at how God can work so sweetly in the midst of such wickedness and horror.

There were six that came here today on Maundy Thursday to kill their children. One couple was on the second day of their late-term labor and delivery abortion. The longer this process took over two days the uglier the baby’s dad got.

Pastor Emerson came down to learn and serve. He is from a Reformed Baptist Church in Edgewater, Florida. It was a blessing to have him join Bill, Yolie, and Karen who is now working at First Life Pregnancy Center with Carmem.

In the middle of the ugliness a young Guatemalan couple showed up. They spoke a different dialect of Spanish than Yolie Gonzalez knows. Bill, a deacon from my church, worked with them for about an hour. It was so amazing to me because somehow they could understand him without English. At one point, she went to her knees pleading with her man and hugging his leg. God was working in their hearts in much less than ideal situations. Yolie took them over to Choices where they were loved and cared for by Vicky Botsford Mathews and the gang in a language they could understand. God did this in such a sweet way and He wasn’t finished.

Bill in the middle of an incredible story

A young lady I have been working with came by today. Brandi is very pregnant. We were talking about her situation and how we may be able to help when she looked me in the eye and said “John, can you help me to be a Christian?” I couldn’t believe it. She asked for a Bible and wanted other reading materials. I gave her a Bible and R.C. Sproul’s “Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow.” We are going to meet again tomorrow where she will be given a Study Bible. God worked in hearts in such a special way today. I get so sick from all the vileness down here and sometimes fail to see how kind He is.

Ash Wednesday

As told by John Barros:

Such a crazy Ash Wednesday. I know to many people certain days aren’t different than others but I really get more upset during the holidays. Pastor David Netzorg joined us down here today. He is such a blessing to me.

So many people came down today. It was just awful really. There are way too many stories to tell but I will share a few. We had two choose life and a couple of turnaways.

One couple came, listened for a little bit but went inside. The guy came outside and talked with Karen for a long time. He went on about how he didn’t want her to do it but it was her choice. Well, as the preaching went on, she came out and chose life. He stood at the front door trying to get her back inside but she stood strong. They took our info and left.

Karen listening to a guy that wants to kill his son but blames his lady. She chose life

A couple of other ladies came late in the day. Yolie Gonzalez met them and spoke at length. They chose life as well. We had a time of prayer and they left saying they would be going to Choices.

There were others that left during the preaching as well but the guys wouldn’t stop to let us talk. We also witnessed something that happens from time to time. Olivia brought a friend for an abortion. They were young and foul. We tried warning them all day as they came out for smokes. They finally had the abortion and left. They came back three times in agony to see the doctor. Each time you could see the pain was much worse. I don’t know what was going on but they didn’t have smart mouths anymore.

There was a ray of sunshine though today. Myra came walking down the street and asked if I remembered her. I said “Who could forget you?” Four years ago she worked down the street. She made me her friend on Facebook so she could pray throughout the day. A war was going on one day between me and a couple that was here. It went on forever. Myra called me and asked if the girl was there. I said yes. The couple had chosen life at this point and we’re trying to get their money back. Myra came flying up in her car and ran inside yelling “John, that’s my niece!” As she opened the door her niece and her boyfriend were coming out! I have never seen so much screaming, crying, and hugging in my life.

Well, Myra works somewhere else now but just wanted to drive by and say thank you. Her niece is married now to her baby Logan’s father. They are all doing fine and Logan is three now. Please pray for them and all the folks that left and heard the Gospel today.

Nothing Like It

As told by John Barros:

I know people don’t really believe me but full moons make people crazy down here.

We had the Satanist yesterday and other people that seem to be bonkers. Had another guy making death threats and hooting and howling. Even people walking down the street were attacking.

The Lord was so good though. He led two couples to lead their babies out of here. One guy pulled up while I was preaching with his lady. He rolled his heavily tinted window down, looked at me and gave a huge thumbs up with tears pouring down his face. He just kept saying over and over again Thank You. It is such an awesome thing to see God turn hearts. There is nothing like it. Please pray for these ladies and the two guys.

So thankful for Bill, Karen, Marcia MacDonald Devor, and Yolie Gonzalez. I would be lost and 80 lbs lighter without them. Also blessed to be on American Adversaries this evening. It is absolutely wonderful to share what Jesus does and was blessed to share the true Gospel over Orlando on a secular radio station. God is so good.

A Stark Contrast

As told by John Barros:

What greater contrast could there be between yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was at the Choices Walk for Life with Vicky Botsford Mathews, her staff, and volunteers. There were hundreds of people and forty-five different churches with pastors and elders that want to end abortion and be a tool for Jesus to use. It was absolutely wonderful.

Choices Walk for Life

Then there was today. I showed back up at the pit and people just couldn’t wait to get inside to kill their babies. Deanna Waller and I had a bit of trouble trying to keep up with folks as they all arrived at the same time. The guys were filled with vileness and they were spewing death threats as they tried to hurry the ladies inside.

Everyone showing up at once…such hatred.

Then a Satanist showed up with his daughter. He tried to hurry her inside and was in my face — close enough to know he needs a lot of mouth wash. It was so strange to look at this guy. Here he has tattoos all over his face and neck with a giant star on his cheek and he just wanted his daughter inside. Deanna and I tried to reason with her. She started crying as she reached for the handke. She was yelling saying she was going to do it. She came out a few times and continued crying. Her dad was getting more upset by the minute. It was weird how she would call this guy “daddy.” By no stretch of the imagination would I say she chose life but they left on the bus. Please pray for this young lady, and her dad.

So Thankful for Michael Stephen Phillips, Brian and Allura Lightfoot, and Anne Marchetti and her husband who came to minister till it closed.

Palm Sunday…What a contrast. Thankfully, I was able to worship at St. Andrew’s. God cleanses me there every week. Blessed to hear Pastor Burk preach on Romans 9. Salvation is the Lord’s.

Also, I was so blessed to attend Miriam Sarver’s cello recital. She did an amazing job. This precious lady is a Sacred Music Major at Reformation. Bible College. She has served down here at the pit. Sometimes even with her cello.

You know the battle is tough but if you sit back and look at the big picture as we fight the evil darkness, He has surrounded us with love, care, kindness, and He is pleased.

Blessed Beyond Measure.

Another Day

As told by John Barros:

Another day at the pit. It’s just never ending. There were two ladies that had their hearts turned by God. Beth spoke with a young lady at length. She went inside but immediately turned around and left. Then there was a couple that left during the preaching. She actually had a guy that manned up and got her out of here.

Beth Goble pouring her heart into a young lady

Pastor Dan joined us today. He just got back from Russia and Ukraine. He met with many in churches over there. He told us one horrifying statistic: the average lady over there has had 15 abortions. Some as many as 30. There is almost a missing generation there.

My blanky 🙂

Had a special treat today. A precious lady from my church, Cecilia Durso, sent a blanket with Yolie Gonzalez for me. I can’t believe how awesome it is. It is so intricate and is the softest thing I have ever felt.

Please pray for the ladies that left and pray this place goes away.

Serving God in the Pit

As told by John Barros:

I haven’t posted from this place for a few days but that certainly doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. Saturday morning a beautiful young Christian girl was met by Beth Goble. She pulled in the driveway and as soon as she met Beth she burst into tears. She shared that she was part of a worship team at her church in Kissimmee. She fell in with the wrong guy, had sex for the first time, and now was here. She knew it was wrong but didn’t know what to do. After some time, she chose life and went to First Life.

Sunday and Monday the people were so cold here. Monday not one person came out for anything. But then there was today.

The day got off much like the others. Nobody would talk and it was disheartening. Matthew came till 8:30 and then Pastor H.P. McCracken arrived. Karen, Chuck, and Mary also a member down. I am so glad they came because even this afternoon I started wondering if what happened really happened.

Twelve ladies came for abortions. During the preaching, they began to come out. The first one out with her husband was ecstatic to find out she wasn’t pregnant but when she drove up she said “Thank you” and waved so I have no idea.

There was a lady that had been here twice over the last few weeks and both times God turned her heart and she left sobbing. Today, she tried again but God did the same. I have never seen someone leave quite that traumatized before. Ladies just kept coming out with tears literally pouring down their cheeks. It was so awesome seeing so many late-term Moms leave. They were thankful but unbelievably shaken.

Then there was a lady I will call Juanita. Her husband parked across the street with their six-month-old baby. Juanita was hard and cockey. She was pretty upset we were there and came out several times. She actually wouldn’t speak much but kept coming out. She finally came out and called her husband to come get her. She kept saying this place is a fraud.

Then the abortionist Randall Whitney pulled in the drive. We told her that was the abortionist. She walked down to his car and began calling him names. She told Randall that “He should be dead already.” Then she came up front and began telling others about Randall and trying to get those that were left here to leave. Randall Whitney called the police on her. Randall took Juanita words as death threats. H.P. thinks she was actually referring to Randall’s age.

Juanita’s husband had told Karen earlier that he had been praying that she would change her mind and keep her baby but said she was stubborn, had a temper, and would not change her mind. It’s so funny how many times we hear that.

I can’t go into everything; it would take all night. When preaching, it was so hard today. It was like there was a dark wall in front of me and I could almost feel a war going on all around. It was so bizarre in so many ways. One lady, before she killed her baby, stood on the porch loudly speaking in tongues. The Lord moved in a mighty way. So thankful to have pastors like H.P. that come down to serve God at the pit.

Seven ladies left this place today. Please pray the Lord would draw them and the people that came with them to Himself and that they would stay strong. God is so amazing.