As told by John Barros:

  One of the greatest blessings I could ever have imagined is training and serving with the kids at Reformation Bible College.  There are no kids like these anywhere.  The first semester they ever had, R.C. Sproul Jr. sent me a text saying he was sending me his kids.  This literally revolutionized my life. 10606597_10204631930986582_3899700251469023327_n  School started again this week and they have been coming back!  Today Jessica and Sarah came back and within minutes were involved in a life and death battle fighting for a baby’s life.  Praise God He turned the heart of Rachel.  She stood against her boyfriend and I’m telling you she is so thankful!   We had a wonderful time of prayer; it was beautiful.10410875_10204631929986557_1194870106253913101_n   Another couple left as well when a man stood up to protect his baby.  His girl wasn’t too happy but he took her out.  Jackie’s Mom and Grandmother brought her back forcing her to kill her baby, but for the third day in a row she stood firm.  All she has to do is tell a worker she doesn’t want to do it and they can’t.  Her mom left angry and asked if they were open tomorrow.  

It was crazy today but we had great times of worship and prayer.  Andrea stopped by with her friends from OHOP to pray.  They come faithfully on Fridays.  A dear young lady stopped by and blessed me; she said God told her to.  Then there is ND.  He is a first year student that loves sharing the Gospel.  He is another young man that decided in part to come to RBC because he watched the videos online of students ministering down here. He had never open air preached before today but you would never have known it.  What a dear brother he is, and I’m look forward to serving with him for many years….so glad school is back in session!10624852_10204631930626573_5858753961576808131_n


As told by John Barros:

  Today was kind of different: the people arriving were cold and just seemed indifferent.  God turned the hearts of two young ladies and there was a turn away.  The two that chose life came out proudly with their ultrasound pictures.  One was going to go to First Life for help and the other is an ongoing drama down here.  Here’s the story: yesterday sixteen- year-old Jackie chose life and stood up to her Mother who wanted her to abort her baby.  Today like other times when parents pressure their kids, they came back.  They went inside and after a while the Mother left.  A couple hours later Jackie came out with her ultrasound pictures all alone.  She came over with the pics and said, “This is my baby. I want my baby; don’t I have a choice?”  10603229_10204625425623952_2889825798929416735_n  We told her of course she does, and we prayed with her and she called an Aunt to help her.  Please pray for her.  I really had a hard time down there today.  At first I thought it was the heat but it’s this girl.  I’m a member of St. Andrew’s and I know so many wonderful families.  Not one of them is screaming at and pressuring their children to kill their babies tonight.

There is a special charisma to this young girl.  Please pray that someone in her family would help her.

God is Good

As told by John Barros:

  Well we had a couple of surprises today down here today.  One of our pastors, Don Bailey, came down to serve with us.  Pastor Don worked and prayed with us, and he was able to see God turn the heart of a young lady.  She stood up to an extremely angry Mom. Pastor Bailey is such a blessing. 10460325_10204617295980716_1517053798105432183_nThen a couple of dear friends, Tom and Sara Donkin came by from Lexington, Kentucky to serve.  They are such a blessing as well.  Everyone worked tirelessly today, in ninety-six degree heat.10599207_10204617299940815_4148362938619635858_n

God really moved on hearts today and a total of three ladies chose life.  One was an atheist that stood outside cursing the preaching, conversations, and God Himself half the day.  Amazingly God crushed her hard heart and she chose life against the wishes of her extremely angry boyfriend; it was truly unbelievable.  Then a young Hispanic late term lady chose life.  Her and her boyfriend had their hearts opened.

  Then the Mother of the young girl that had decided to keep her baby from this morning came back with the girl’s Aunt.  They were there to get the young lady to go through with it.  Daylan was able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel to the Aunt.  She came to realize she wasn’t a believer.  Thankfully it was then too late in the day for the girl to have an abortion.  Please pray that God continues to work in that family and that they don’t return.  God is so good. 10492224_10204617296620732_4914491713308321060_n

God is at Work

As told by John Barros:

Today was a good day.  God put together a wonderful team; so thankful for my brothers and sisters at St. Andrew’s and Reformation Bible College. 10565135_10204602360527339_8232633175487939345_nHad a couple of folks here for the first time. A lady named Jennifer has wanted to come down but was very nervous about it.  She said her background would have been protesting against us.  But she’s is a natural, with a heart filled with compassion and love for her neighbor.  Evan Sarnicki came with his Mother and was doing a combination of math and ministry.  10441141_10204602358087278_1185028653605908814_n  God turned the hearts of two young ladies today.  One of which said, “We are leaving and will not be back!”   There were also a couple of turn aways as well.  Please continue to pray for us down here….God is at work.

Update on Ann

As told by John Barros:

For those of you that have been praying for Ann, please continue.  I just received some exciting news from Wanda that Ann is not having twins: the Lord has blessed her with triplets!!!  Ann is getting awesome help from Wanda and the folks at her local crisis pregnancy center, but I think we are going to have to get busy to help this brave young lady.  Praise the Lord!1972516_10204422034499301_4474905794088487424_n

Insane Day

As told by John Barros:

 Well the insanity of this week continues; the place was busy for late term day today.  Such a dark coldness.  There were your normal group of people claiming to be Christians, soccer moms bringing their kids, guys bringing their ladies to make sure they don’t have to live up to their responsibilities, etc.1939595_10204564355897247_4142900858508617286_n

 But today was a bit different because some Satan worshiping anarchists showed up.  They said that Satan was so pleased that they were going to sacrifice their baby to him.  It was horrific to see how they couldn’t wait to do it.  They would curse and yell when you would call them to Jesus.  They stood inside looking out the window while I was preaching flipping me off and yelling… it was so surreal.  To see the mix of soccer moms sitting side by side with death crazed Satan worshipers.  I asked the Satanists what they were going to say to God when they stood before Him: they said they hated God and said the vilest thing you could imagine; I was horrified for them.14195_10204564354017200_3567350294154039995_nI had to catch my breathe and think out back for a while.  Out back I realized that there really wasn’t a mix of people inside, they were all the same.  Lost, blind, and in desperate need of Jesus.  

There were some good things in spite of the darkness.  RBC is starting again on Monday so they are filtering back in. Jacob, and Jesse came back; Tom from First Baptist has recovered from heart surgery and has come down to learn.  There were two ladies that turned away.  Nikki who chose life on Monday came back with her Mother to get her money back; they were so happy and thankful.  Please continue to pray… It is blistering hot down here and the battles like this week are pretty exhausting.  Praise God, He is doing amazing things.1662280_10204564355057226_4470202704745208400_n

Vileness Is No Match for Him

As told by John Barros:

 Today was one of the most disgusting days I have ever lived.  Everyone that came today was as vile as you could get.  We had people that brought their kids with them to kill their sibling while having a well worn Bible on their dash.10599608_10204542464549977_8488620994212040495_n Everyone was spewing out false doctrine and twisting Scripture with a constant barrage of, “all sin is the same” or, “God will or has already forgiven me.”  Then there was this guy- all day long it was a battle with this guy who came with his wife and brought their daughter to have an abortion.  He would call some guy on the phone and get verses to throw around while saying the most vile things I have ever heard. It was so bad that I almost asked Bonnie and Daylan to leave. Then the guy did things to me that I cannot even put on here; he hates me beyond anything I have seen.  It was like he became demon possessed at times.

Then in the afternoon the Lord broke into a young lady’s life.  Nikki chose life and came out in tears.  We prayed with her and Daylan went with her to Choices where she got to see her baby and is so thankful.  Bonnie took her home and was able to explain the Gospel to her. Then one of the most amazing things I have ever seen happened: the daughter of the angry man came out with her ultrasound picture.  She was all of a sudden so happy and was explaining the ultrasound to her boyfriend.  Her mother was burning rubber off her tires coming up the ramp and was very angry, and her dad for the first time was speechless.  They hopped in the car and left.  God is so amazing; chaos and vileness are no match for Him.  

Today marks the end of my fourth year here.  Jesus never changes and He continues to do the most amazing things you could ever imagine.  Bonnie, Daylan, Glenn, Bradley, and I will never forget today. 10458725_10204542465349997_3934129387905525071_n (1)

Rich in Mercy

As told by John Barros:

 This is the scene we long to see down here: people waiting for the workers to open doors.  This is the best opportunity to warn and present them with God’s word.  I never intended for my camera to catch this; didn’t even realize it was on.  Sorry for the quality.10609427_10204497694870763_2208573751418332619_n After a period of time I couple left the line and went out back and talked.  They went back inside but after a little bit they came back out.  A minute later they pulled up in their truck to say thank you and we prayed with them.  As we prayed I held his hand and could feel the Lord take the load off his back.  After our time of prayer when they opened their eyes doubt and anxiety was replaced with joy.  Please pray for them, they are really wonderful folks and are getting married the first week of September.

 Beth brought Cassidy with her this morning, and we were talking about how Cassidy was able to witness a miracle in God opening the eyes of a couple and saving a baby.  All this before her friends even woke up; there is nothing on earth like watching Jesus do the miracles He did in the Gospels.  He gives sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and heals the lame to be able to walk out of the very pit.  Praise the Lord for He is rich in mercy.10409380_10204497696550805_2710662372775329304_n


As told by John Barros:
 I know when I post about life down here that many probably don’t believe it.  Well that’s ok because even though I’m here to witness it myself many days I don’t believe it either.  If it wasn’t on video or witnessed by others the things that happen at the gates of hell make you wonder about your own senses.
 Today started out with Paola opening the front door and screaming, “go to hell” to Bradley.  They are really feeling the pressure down here to say the least.  It was a usual Thursday with late term Moms returning in the labor they started yesterday; and with new Moms coming to kill their babies along with check ups.  There were two ladies that turned away, and two that will be keeping their babies, praise God. 10590517_10204486604553512_3328552869134703013_n Every baby that has a Mother choose life is a miracle baby but one today was hugely dramatic: a young lady named Tasha came back today because of another botched abortion; Randal Whitney did an abortion for her about a month ago.  Without going into all the details her baby is still inside her…. Randal only got a portion of her placenta and missed the baby.  I have met quite a few ladies were he’s missed the baby, took only one when they in fact had a twin inside, and others when he only got part of a baby.  It is so disgusting.  Well today Tasha came and they offered to redo her abortion.  God turned her heart and she has chosen life for her baby.  She told them she wanted her money back since the abortion was not successful,  and they didn’t want to.  So Tasha’s sister told us, “I am going to wreak some havoc on this place!!!”
  She jumped up off the wall and she went inside that quiet lobby and with Tasha did just that!  Finally OWC agreed to pay half the cost of the abortion back to her but called the police.  The police came and to make a long story short the ladies were cited for trespassing. 10593084_10204486602473460_656532096754316743_n Now you would think that would be enough to get the other folks out, wouldn’t you?  Well I’ve preached about the other abortions they have botched along with the record of this place and Randal Whitney.  I told them there was another lady in there suffering from another botched abortion.  Not a single person came out from this; there is such a bond of death inside this place.  Once they are inside and they get behind those doors it is crazy.  If you ever want to see what it means to be spiritually dead come on down.  So thankful for Philip who worked so hard today, and Tracey Sarnicki who was able to speak with a broken young lady that had an abortion last week.  There was also a lady and her boyfriend that came by to see if I could teach them about God, and another young lady I have been working with told her to come down here.  Please pray for all these people.  Thank you.