Trust in God, Not Your Circumstances

As told by John Barros:

We were so blessed today to have Jessica come serve with us. Jessica is such a special young lady. She is a student in her final semester at Reformation Bible College. She has served down here many days over the last four years. She has such a sweet spirit and loves Jesus so much. She comes and sings hymns with a beautiful voice. Over the years she has been part of many ladies choosing life and helping them.

Today, after she was done singing, a car pulled in the drive. Jessica met them and they rolled down the window. Jessica began to speak to Ellisandra. As soon as she began to speak, Ellisandra burst into tears. Jess ministered to them and encouraged Ellisandra to trust God and not their circumstances. They ended up doing just that. They took our pamphlets and backed out the driveway. It was truly beautiful … Please pray for Ellisandra.

Jess bringing Hope to a troubled young couple

There was another couple that left as well. He was a wannabe gang banger type complete with a New York Yankees hat, gold, and tats. He was a smart Alec. After the preaching, she came out and went to her car. She chose life for her baby and the guy was not very happy. They fought but she stayed strong. When they finally pulled up he was so angry that he peeled rubber down the street. Please pray that she would stay strong and that he would protect his lady and baby.

Karen, Steve, Yolie, Jessica, and I were also blessed to have Vicky stop by and bring us more materials. It was awesome to have her down here even though she didn’t bring coffee and donuts. We need to retrain her a bit. 🙂

Please continue to pray for us.

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform: At Death’s Door

As told by John Barros:

I can’t say enough about these kids. They are on a Massive Awareness Campaign all over Canada and they even come down here to colleges in Florida during the winter. They were at UCF recently and when they are here they come serve at Orlando Women’s Center.

Most of these kids have never been able to serve at an abortion mill because of Canadian laws outlawing people from assembling anywhere nearby. I always beg people to go to the clinic in their town and experience the horror of abortion. As you can see in this short video it will change your life. These kids will never be the same and neither will you. Please get out there.

These kids have a goal of having four million conversations about abortion with people. They have already past one million. Do what you can here in the U.S. and pray for these kids as they work up North.

Three Choose Life

As told by John Barros:

Thank you all for praying for us. Today, God moved in the hearts of three ladies. He opened their eyes and delivered their babies from here.

Only six came today and God delivered half of them. During the preaching, the blinds were moving like fans as they looked out. One came out and left with the mouthy guy that brought her. He was in shock. Another young lady stood up against her boyfriend and her own mother.

Then there was a Hindu lady. During the preaching, I shared that this is the worse sin in the Hindu religion. She came out with the guy that met her here right on her tail. She said she wasn’t going to do this. She fought with the guy out back but she prevailed and he was one mad cookie when he left. As she drove up the drive, she left with a huge smile and a huge thumbs up.

Dr. Rodriguez got here early. Of the three that were left, two were pill abortions. Please pray they don’t go through with it. The other was a surgical. The guy that brought her acted scared out of his mind but refused to man up.

So thankful for Chuck, Mary, Karen Matt, Bill, Pastor Dan, Beth, and Yolie. The place closed with the doors locked by 11:00. Thanks for praying and please continue to.

Grace and Mercy are Mine

As told by John Barros:

You know some days you can just smell death down here. Thursdays are the most disgusting because it is much more visual. The late termers from yesterday returned and completed their abortions. So thankful to serve with Karen and Donna.

The only thing that was hopeful at all was a girl that came as a walk in. She left and took our information but she made no indication that she was choosing life.

Spent a lot of time in prayer here. Abortion has to end. It is such a horrible wickedness. If you haven’t been to an abortion mill, please go. You need to taste, smell, hear, and see this for yourself. I am going to be posting more videos to my YouTube channel GraceAndMercyAreMine in the near future. If you haven’t visited, then be my guest. Maybe they could help you in some way.

Pray for Softened Hearts

As told by John Barros:

So often the first one that comes in the morning is really struggling with what she is about to do.

Such was the case with Katey. She showed up before they were open and I asked her if I could pray with her. After prayer we began to talk and she poured out one of the worst story’s I have ever heard. I mean this young lady is living one of the most horrific lives I have ever heard of.

As I began to tell her to put her trust in God and not her circumstances I really had doubts that she would see God in her life. We went into God’s sovereign hand delivering her to this place not to have an abortion but to trust Him. After much conversation, she still went inside but didn’t last even a couple of minutes. She came out with a smile and Lucas gave her a ride to Choices where her help is beginning. Please pray for her and that God would deliver her from the beast she is married to.

There was another interesting story. A young couple came in matching Michael Jordan clothing. After the preaching the guy kept coming out. He ended up saying Shelly wasn’t going to do it.

When they finally pulled up the drive, they showed Karen and Yolie the ultrasound picture of the baby. It turns out Shelly was short in funds to kill a 20-week-old baby. He had the money but told her he wouldn’t give it to her because he didn’t want her to do it. They took the info and left. Please pray they make it to Choices and that God would turn her heart.

It was great to have Pastor H.P. come down and serve. He was also able to give Lucas some tips.

End Abortion Now Conference

Well the registration is now open for the End Abortion Now Conference. I would really encourage you to consider coming. These guys are incredible and I’m getting pretty excited about learning from and serving with them and all the folks that are fighting this fight in Phoenix. What a blessing to learn from Jeff Durbin, Rusty Thomas, Jon Speed, Luke Pierson, and so many others. I have been there and the people from Apologia Church are just wonderful. The registration is free and it’s far enough in advance that you should be able to get some great buys on airfare. I am so looking forward to this.

I have many friends around the country that are pastors, elders, and deacons. Try and come, and if you can’t make it yourself, send someone from your Church. It’s really time to end this Evil in our land.

How Great is Our God

As told by John Barros:

Some guys go overboard trying to cover up their lack of manhood. We had them down here today.

The guy with all these trucks brought his lady down to have an abortion. He wouldn’t listen. Wouldn’t even roll his window down. They were a bunch of mockers telling me I should have been aborted, etc. She wasn’t quite so cocky when she was done.

So blessed to serve with Karen, Marcia, and Yolie. We were able to see three turnaways.

One was a guy that thought he was a Christian. He had it written all over the back window of his truck. Let’s just say he was highly angry that we were here. He was mouthing off like crazy while leading his lady in here. She was so happy to see him challenged. Well his back window was correct about how great God is because God gave his lady strength to stand against that guy and they left.

How great her God is. The guy knows a different one.

Another girl that said she was doing this today no matter what we say. Well she left too. So often it’s the loudest ones that God is working on.
Then there was a driver that was mouthing off all morning about her friend’s right to choose. Again telling us there is nothing we can say or do to change her friend’s mind. Well thankfully we know the One that can. She came out front sat in her car listening to the preaching. When it was over, she got her friend and got out of there.

Please pray for these ladies. Pray God continues to work in their lives and keeps them far from here.

Pray for the End of Abortion

As told by John Barros:

I don’t even know how to explain what’s going on around here. Day after day, week after week, month after month and you guessed it year after year, you minister here praying for it all to come down.

Lately, the people have been acting so suspicious. I keep hoping these “Pits” will be shut down. With all Pendergraft’s legal problems I keep thinking they have to go down. The last couple of days they have been moving more equipment into this place. Tables, beds, ultrasound machines, etc. Now they are repainting the place.

Today, Kerry, the guy that runs these places, threatened me with great bodily harm for taking a picture of them moving the stuff in.

When trying to speak to the painter about what was going on in here he said “I’m just doing my job.” Later he said his great grandfather would have “painted the ovens in Aushwitz.”

The Cuban abortionist that we still haven’t found out his name laughed at me.
So I went home and began searching to see if any of the places have had any changes in title. These guys are so slick that it would be next to impossible to know.

Then I happened upon an old trick of theirs. They are bringing back the “Free Abortions.” They are beginning in the Ft. Lauderdale office now. I asked Kerry how they can do these days and the coupons. He told me one time that Warren Buffet has a pool of money that pays for these kind of things. I don’t know how true that is but sure wouldn’t doubt it.

Just so you know how crazy this can be, the last time they did it here there were over 150 in one day. I doubt they would try it here now because of the crazy parking problems already but you never know. I need to let my dear sister Stacy know they are coming down to Ft. Lauderdale.

We had five turnaways today but have no idea if they chose life or not. We couldn’t get any to talk.

Please pray for this wickedness to end. Please pray specifically for this bloody empire to end.

Ministry and Fellowship

As told by John Barros:

Strange day down here. It was really slow. Five ladies came for abortions but three of them turned away. Unfortunately I don’t know their stories. One of them rolled down the window and said Thank You but they wouldn’t talk. Please pray they don’t return.

One mom brought her daughter down but would not listen. The other was a late termer on her second day. She was dropped off before 8:00 when it was 39 degrees. She was in bad shape. She went out back and just sat in the dirt. I tried to make a late plea to her but she would not listen. It was unbelievably pitiful.

I have spoken to so many women that suffer from what they have done. I cannot imagine what one of these ladies go through. People praying and pleading with them for two days and then going through this type of abortion where they deliver their babies into a toilet. I can’t imagine.

I was honored to serve with Donna and Karen. It was slow so we had some time to fellowship and pray together. It’s amazing how little we know each other. You probably see us serving together daily and think we really know each other but we don’t have the time. We try to stay focused on what is going on here and not talking about other things while serving. We must stay focused so not much time to fellowship. Well today we were able to catch up and encourage each other.

Karen (left) and Dorothy (right)

We also had a special lady come by. Dorothy is from St. Andrews and she stopped by to encourage us. So blessed to have her here.