Comfort in Loss

As told by John Barros:

Yesterday and today have been fruitful. Four ladies chose life. God moved on some hearts that fought hard and others that were softened quickly.

Today, Beth, Karen, and I were blessed to have some new folks join us. Savannah brought Lani, Nancy, their families, and others from Ascension Presbyterian Church down to serve. They were wonderful and jumped right in. They were able to see the Lord give folks new hearts and they were blessed. They will be coming back. So awesome to see young people down here filled with love for their neighbors.

Sometimes people come here for very sad reasons. This morning, Brandi came down. Beth and Nancy spoke with Brandy and her sister. Brandy’s doctor sent her for a D and C. Her baby had died at 10 weeks. She didn’t want to be here and came out to speak with us several times through the day. Rob showed up to help and Brandy finished and came outside to wait for her sister. She came under conviction and Karen went through the Gospel with her at length. Rob and I were praying and Brandy repented of her sin and committed her life to Christ. It was truly beautiful. Please pray that she goes to Grace Baptist in St. Cloud and meets some of those brothers and sisters. Please also pray that the Lord would comfort her in the loss of her baby.

The Lord is So Good

As told by John Barros:

The Lord is so good. He worked in some amazing ways here today. First thing this morning, Heather came by on her way to work at Choices. She could only stay a short time but jumped right in to help.
A pretty young lady named Maddy pulled up. She rolled down her window and I could see immediately the Lord had been working on her. We talked of how God had her come here to hear that He wanted her to trust him. How he cared enough to follow her all the way down here. The longer we talked the more she would soak in like a sponge. She began to cry with thankful tears and we had a time of prayer. She took the info for A Center For Women and went over there for some help.

Early this morning, a guy came with his wife and 14-year-old stepdaughter. He refused and stood on the sidewalk observing. I thought this guy was going to attempt to do some great bodily harm on me. He was able to see Maddy choose life and that kind of changed things. He just stood there. I introduced myself and he said he was a Christian. He was kind of a smart Alec. His last name was Christian.

I began to preach and he stood around a little bit but thought he didn’t want anyone to think he was with me so he walked across the street and listened. As I was about to end, he came over and sat next to Pastor David who had arrived and began praying. His wife came out to talk with him but he said they had not changed their mind. Then as I was finishing, she walked out with her daughter, looked at me and said “Thank You. We will not be doing this.” Mr. Christian’s eyes got as big as saucers. He looked at me said wow and gave me a thumbs up. I yelled for him to take care of that precious girl and he lifted that thumb about 9 feet in the air. This was so special. I could not believe the Lord had worked in such a way as this. Pastor David Karen and I celebrated God’s goodness.

There was so much going on today. We had another Haitian couple that Karen had to have Mary in West Virginia translate for her on the phone. Fredo translated for a Spanish girl. Pastor H.P P. Was also able to come serve again.

Can’t go into everything today but the Lord brought four ladies to choose life and two turnaways. It was so special.

Today was strange in another way. There were 14 workers here and the lady from AKHA, the medical licensing board, was here for hours. The lady that came is the same one that took James Pendergraft’s medical license. I asked if she was there to close them down. She laughed and said no. I really don’t know what was going on here. Pray it closes for good.

Let’s Get Excited!

As told by John Barros:

Well, like my dear friend Yolie says, “Let’s get excited!” Well I don’t think excited is a big enough word.

I received a text from a precious young lady named Helen last night. She was letting me know that she had her baby boy Jeriel. It was wonderful to speak with her. She spoke of the road that she had been on since the day I met her about eight months ago. I was able to get ahold of some of the ladies in our church and they began immediately to love on Helen.

Helen and Jeriel

Today Heather and I went over to visit and meet that special little boy. Helen spent the afternoon giving us her testimony of what God has done for her. She shared how the day she came to OWC that she wanted her baby out. She said nothing on earth was going to change her mind. She rushed past and went inside. Once inside she found others that said the same thing. They all said “I don’t care what that guy says; I am doing this.”

She wanted to get it done quickly. Then when the preaching started, something changed. I asked her about the instant that things changed because I have had others tell me the same thing.
She said that during the preaching she went from a hard heart of wanting to get this over with, to “I’ve got to get out of here.” She ran outside took the information and then walked the streets of Orlando thinking about how was she going to be able to tell Jeriel’s dad that she wasn’t going to do this.

She went over to Choices and met with Marlyd who counseled her. Then she dropped out of sight until last night.

It was wonderful to hear her speak of the hardships she has had but how God has delivered her out of them.

Today my pastor R.C. Sproul was preaching out of Galatians 4:21 through the end of the chapter. He taught how if you are truly a believer your mother is the Church. Today, the Lord has sent so many to be a mother to Helen and her family. Please pray for her. She wants to be the best mother she can be.

Helen wants to encourage those that stand on sidewalks like this with her story. She would also encourage those that have been thinking about doing it to go because there are many Helen’s out there.

So thankful for Sheryl, Jennifer, Beth, Tina, Yolie, and Heather. Servants in a moment’s notice.

Prayers in the Midst of Uncertainty

As told by John Barros:

It just drives me crazy when I know something is happening but don’t know what it is. I guess it will all be coming out over the weekend.

I received a text today from Kerry the guy that runs these places when I was on my way home. I couldn’t understand it and then he called me. He was so giddy and yelling so much that I couldn’t really understand. After he calmed down a bit he said “You lose, John. The Judge fixed it for us. We will remain open. You will have to keep coming here till you die. We are not going to be going anywhere.” When I asked what happened he said “You will see; it will break on the internet soon.”

I don’t know yet what happened. I don’t know if somehow Pendergraft beat his drug charges or if he beat the health board request to shut them down. Just pray that the Lord would shut his bloody empire down in a way that no one would expect.

Today was pretty awesome though. Three ladies ended up choosing life. Please pray for these ladies.

So Thankful that Matt, Karen, Beth, and Bill came to serve throughout the day. We were also blessed to have Mike Gully drop by on his way to the airport. It was great to see him and he brought Gatorade.😎

Please pray this place would shut down forever

One of Those “Stand in Awe” Days

As told by John Barros:

This was one of those stand in awe days. Just stand and watch God work on hearts in the most amazing ways.

I was alone this morning as folks arrived and it was like the Wild West with all the satanic praising and all the garbage that people can throw at you. When this kind of thing happens here you can almost always be sure God is moving and is going to continue to move. Karen arrived and I filled her in. Then, as I was about to preach a Catholic Priest arrived and asked if I was John. I told him I was and ran through the rules with Patrick.

He told me he wants to fight for life. I told him I follow the teachings of a Catholic Priest by the name of John Calvin. He laughed and said we need to work together as Protestants and Catholic in this battle. I told him I agree 100%. I told him he may not agree with some of what I was about to preach and asked if he would critique my message. He asked what Church I go to and of course he knew who my pastor is.

As the preaching began, it was met with more vulgarity but then something began to happen. Ladies began coming out in tears filled with “Thank yous” for being here. It was amazing. God was on the move bringing folks out of this hell hole.

It was so strange. Karen and I both felt like time almost stood still. I’ve been all day trying to shake this surreal feeling out of my head. I can’t go into each lady that chose life today but after everything was said and done five ladies had chosen life with tears of Joy and one couple came out and told Karen “We don’t know why we are leaving and don’t know what we are going to do but please pray for us.”

I so wish all of my friends could have experienced this. More people chose life here today than aborted their children. Even some of the ones that killed their children looked at me with tears saying “I’m so sorry.”

I don’t know what happened here today. I cannot explain it. It was just an amazing work of our Father.

After I was done preaching, Patrick was beside himself. He said he had been going to mills and never seen anything. He looked on this more like being a protestor. He was kind of shocked really that we use absolutely no signs. I asked him to critique the theology and he had not one problem with it. It was a blessing to serve with this young man. Hope to see him again down here. Please continue to pray for the end of this place.

Faith to Trust Him

As told by John Barros:

Blessed to serve with Donna and Karen today. Had the opportunity to share about Mother’s Day and motherhood during the preaching.
One young lady came out and was very angry. She stood on the porch and let me know it. When confronted with scripture she went out back and left with her driver who had taken our info.

Another guy who had his manhood challenged came out with his wife. She had chosen life and he was scared. He asked how he’s supposed to be able to afford his baby for 20 years. I told him to trust God. No one is guaranteed finances for 20 years but God takes care of those that trust him.

Please pray for these folks. Pray God would give them faith to trust Him.

There was a very sad story today though. A mother and daughter that came from Alabama last Friday returned yesterday and today. Last Friday they were met by Karen and Warren. The teenage girl fought her mom all day. She kept coming out crying begging her mom to not do this. Her mom kept telling her daughter to “get her act together.” Karen seems to think her dad is a pastor in Alabama. Yesterday they would not speak to us. Today they showed up for the second day of her labor and delivery abortion. When the young girl would walk by she looked horrified really. Her face would haunt you as she was doing the “death march” and walking around trying to hurry her labor eventually delivering her baby into a toilet. They never would listen or speak with us. I asked the mom how she could do this to her daughter and grandchild but she would only look with a blank stare. I sure felt for this young girl. Please pray for her as well.

Even on Slow Days

As told by John Barros:

Well they finished the roof and other things they have been working on and reopened today. We were blessed to have John and Angie Moore as well as Aura from Ligonier Ministries join Pastors David and H.P. and Karen down here.

It was a rather slow day. Only six people came. The most amazing thing was that we had three turnaways. Two of them would not talk to us when they left. One of the couples that turned away said they really don’t know why they were leaving but they just wanted to get out of there. Then there was Joey and Jasmine.

They pulled up under the tree next door during the preaching. Jasmine opened her door half way but they just kept sitting in the car with the door open. After a while Karen went over and introduced herself. Jasmine said they had come for an abortion but we’re listening to the preaching. Jasmine is 18 and she told Karen her Dad knew she was coming but didn’t want her to do this. Karen continued to speak with them and even went through the Evangelism Explosion Gospel Presentation with them. Karen came back as they continued to sit in the car. Finally Joey started up the car and they drove away.

There was another pretty awesome thing that happened as well. Shantel came by and asked if she could have the newspaper that was here. She was looking for coupons. Her husband John and daughter Kelly were at a doctor’s appointment down the street. Karen began to speak with her and ended up asking her the Evangelism Explosion questions. They went through the whole thing and Shantel came under conviction. She made a profession of faith. Pastor H.P. and Karen prayed with her. John and her daughter came to pick her up and she told them immediately what had happened.

Even on a slow day the Lord Jesus does amazing things. Please pray for all these ladies that left. Thank you.

End Abortion Now

As told by John Barros:

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to come up with words to explain the #endabortionnow Conference. What a Blessing Jeff, Luke, Zachary, Marcus, Joy, Zack, and others have been by putting this together. It would take days to cover all the blessings of meeting so many brothers and sisters. I won’t even try but I will give a couple of wonderful statistics:

200 Pastors leaders and soldiers came to this conference from 28 different states. Zack Morgan has started full-time ministrty here and I met three other men that have now started full-time ministry at the abortion mills in their different cities. When asked how many people had not been to an abortion mill before 30-40 people rose their hands. As you can imagine this was an amazingly special time.

The speakers were incredible. Jeff was incredible. Rusty brought truth with fire, and the Lord showed His heart through Jon. Sherrie was so dear.

Apologia Church is the real thing. They want to equip the Church to end abortion now. Speak to the Pastor at your Church. Apologia has start up packs with everything from tracts, brochures, and signs to get you started.

I am so unbelievably blessed to see so many young people joining the battle. Go to ENDABORTIONNOW.COM to get started.

The Lord Moves Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Well they shut down their other mill today and sent them over here. It was pretty darn busy but the Lord moved again. Karen and I got to see the Lord turn four ladies’ hearts to choose life for their babies and then we got to be part of a wonderful surprise.
A couple of college girls came today in matching tie dye shirts. They thought they were so cute being sisters. They turned from thinking they were cute to being monsters in a split second but God tore them up and they left.

There was a guy that came in a big truck and had tattoos everywhere. He was shown what God thinks a Man is and it’s not outward symbols. He came out the door at one point during the preaching and came straight at me like he was going to do some great bodily harm but he stopped and turned away at the last step. Amazingly he led his lady out just as the abortionist got here.

Then a precious young lady named Casey came out. She said she was sitting inside and God opened her eyes. She has two other kids and she was just convinced in her heart she could do this. We had a wonderful time of prayer with tears, and she left to drive home all the way to Spring Hill.

In the afternoon a young lady named Crystal came. She had come for a pap smear and found out she was pregnant. She being in her upper 30s didn’t expect this. She has a 14 and 10 year old. You could see her face change from shock to excitement as we spoke and prayed with her. She could have ended her baby’s life here today but now she is looking forward to her baby. She lives in Christmas, Florida and it looks like she will probably have a Christmas baby. Please pray for all the ladies that left here. There were also a few turnaways that we don’t know why they left.

Things Happen

As told by John Barros:

Today was pretty incredible. It got busy but believe it or not we had five turnaways and one precious lady chose life.

The ladies that were turnaways came out, some in tears and one waved. Then there was Gabrielle. She came with a friend and they were met by Bill a deacon at our church, and Beth Goble. They listened and were very nice but they went inside anyway. She felt she had to do this. A while later they came back out and she shared her story. She had an IUD birth control device. She was surprised to find out she was pregnant. She was coming here to have an abortion but changed her mind. She still has a broken IUD inside her and has decided to get that out instead of her baby. We spent time in prayer and they headed to Choices to see her baby and get counsel, as well as find some help medically. There are many things we would have no idea how to help. So thankful for pregnancy centers that have so many resources.

Prayer after Gabrielle chose life and is headed to get real help

The Lord blessed in another way as well. Three precious ladies from Ligonier Ministries came to serve with us. Kimberly, Jenifer, and Gisele. It seems like when they come things happen. Then they bought us lunch. Not from Wendy’s or something like that. Oh no. We had 4Rivers beef brisket. I couldn’t believe it. So thankful for these precious ladies. Then Heather came down for a couple of hours to end the day.

Kim, Jen, and Gisele. Hearts with feet.

Today was a blessing. Please pray for the ladies that left today would never return and that they would come to the Jesus they heard about today.