Ocala Clinic Closing

As told by John Barros:

Today I received some great news. The folks who serve at Pendergraft‘s clinic in Ocala took this picture showing them moving everything out of there. They say it is finally closed down. That could be wonderful and hopefully his four others close. These guys are pretty slippery. [Read news story about Pendergraft’s indictment on multiple drug charges in South Carolina.]

Today was packed down here. Matt came in the morning before work but I was alone the rest of the day. The others were sick or had to do other things. It has been a long time since this has happened. It was pretty cool though. People were venting but they could do nothing.

There were two turn-aways that I couldn’t get to fast enough and one couple who chose life. This couple isn’t the type that I would expect to talk, much less what happened. They pulled up across the street in a Mustang. He had a black tee shirt with a huge skull on the front. She had blonde short hair with different colors in it. I approached thinking they would be screaming and threatening.

I told them I could help them and that God sent me to tell them to trust Him. Right away he started hyperventilating with quick short breaths. She immediately began crying. They took the info, stood by their car, said thanks and left.
This must have been one of those situations where people pray for God to show them a sign or send someone to stop them. It was pretty amazing.

Please pray for these folks and that God would shut the rest of Pendergraft’s clinics.

Craziness and an Insane Man

As told by John Barros:

The craziness of this place continued today. It was pretty darn busy but thankfully the Lord sent help. Matt, Yolie, Beth, Bonnie, Becky, Bo, and Luke were down here in the morning and a few guys from Jackson, Mississippi (Alain and Cooper) came for a little bit.

We had two ladies choose life and we had a turn-away. One of the ladies has five children at home and didn’t see how she could take care of another but the Lord gave her eyes to see. Another man with a Gator hat on wanted to do me great bodily harm when he arrived but it was so awesome to see him fight to get his money back when he led his lady out of here. They left with big smiles and waves.

There was a guy here today who was insane. I don’t know if he may have been affected by demons. He wasn’t at the clinic but hung around in parking lots. He began screaming and yelling the first time while preaching. I just thought it was the regular folks that get angry. He continued to show up yelling; then he called the police making up lies about me being on the property. (The police officer told Yolie and me he knew it wasn’t true because he knows I know the rules.)

Then after everyone was gone he would come to the wall screaming “There is no God, you @#$% idiot!!” It got so bad that the patients from the doctor’s office next door and across the street came out. He had seen one of the folks choose life earlier in the day and when he came back he began screaming about who was going to raise unwanted babies. This guy was truly nuts. I would request prayer for him as well as the ladies that left.

There seems to be a bunch of upset workers today. I don’t know if they are taking pay cuts or if this place’s days are numbered.

I Hate Thursdays

As told by John Barros:

Well it’s Thursday… I hate Thursdays because it means the second day of late-term labor and delivery abortions. There were eight of these girls today marching around trying to speed up their labor.

Ladies are getting much more brazen about what they are doing. The two ladies in this picture would get tired of walking and sit out front talking to me. The blonde girl said “I can kill my baby if I want to.” The other said the reason for her killing her baby was none of my business. They went on talking about everything under the sun, recipes and other topics as if nothing was happening. They would just buckle every once in a while when the labor pains got strong.

The other thing that was weird was how they continued rocking back and forth trying to relieve the pain in their cervix from the Laminaria sticks. This is all going on while others are walking. This is the most barbaric thing I know of. The opposite of what God had planned.

Thankfully I had a visit from some special ladies. Vicky, Callie, Brittany, Marlyd, and Markia from Choices stopped by. They came to bring a cake and sing happy birthday to me. They were also here to remind them about what abortion is out here. It is so much different than inside the.pregnancy center and they want to see the war zone the girls come from before going to them.

I also had a call from the man that introduced me to Orlando Women’s Center about twelve years ago. Jim Fitzgerald brought me here for the first time and I hated it with a passion. I still can’t believe I am here. Jim and Michael Phillips have a radio program called Addison Walk. It airs here on Saturday afternoons at 4:00 on 950AM. They were doing a segment on abortion and asked if I would come in for the taping. It went wonderfully. These men are awesome! It will air on July 9th. There is so much going on. Please continue to pray.

Construction Crew Witnesses Woman Choose Life

As told by John Barros:

Well they are finally finishing up the sidewalk next door. A couple of the workers here today got to see God move.

The construction workers were pretty shocked to see what was going on here today. They watched as Sarah from Reformation Bible College and Marcia from Orlando Grace offered help and really couldn’t believe when the preaching began. They didn’t say anything but you could see the confusion in their faces.

There was a precious young lady who kept coming in and out after the preaching. She wouldn’t talk but you could see God was working on her heart.

Two of the construction workers came and sat by the driveway to have their lunch break. They began asking questions like “Do you really think this does any good?” and “Do you change anyone’s mind?” I told them I don’t change anyone’s mind but God works here through His word and opens eyes. We continued talking and then the precious young lady, Sam, came up to the driveway. We had a great talk. She said her biggest fear was having to tell her parents. She lives over an hour from here but I asked her to go to Choices to get an ultrasound and get a referral to somewhere near her home. We had a time of prayer and she left.

After she left I looked at the construction workers who were pretty amazed. It was so cool that these men got to witness God moving like this! Please pray for Sam and her parents as well as these men.

Such Joy and Such Sadness

As told by John Barros

I don’t even know where to begin. There has been such joy and such sadness.

This morning I was blessed to have Matt, Beth, Donna, and Luke come down to serve. It was pretty chaotic. As the people were arriving, Luke approached a young couple. They listened to him with interest but unfortunately she went inside. The day went on with prayer and preaching. Some were very angry.

The morning crew left and I was alone a bit but then the Lord blessed by having John Crawford and his family come down all the way from the Promised Land. (The other Promised Land: Gainesville.) They jumped right into service. After lunch Luke came back after a meeting. By then I found out that today was his birthday and he wanted to spend as much time here as he could on his birthday. A while after he came back Lilly, the girl he had been speaking to in the morning, came out. She saw Luke and came to him with a huge hug. She had in fact changed her mind! It was so beautiful. He was able to spend a lot of time with her before her ride came. Can a man ever get a better birthday present than this? God is so good.

John and his wife Tina worked so hard in the hottest time of the day. John was speaking with one guy who was pressuring a young lady harder than I have ever seen. She said she didn’t want to do it at 8:00 and kept saying it all day, but wouldn’t break away because she said her mother was also pressuring her. John got so upset that he almost lost it. The scene with these two down here today was beyond sad. They came outside one last time and spoke with everyone. She sat on the bricks and he stood. When she saw that Lilly chose life she looked at her coward with longing eyes. He went on about their situation. When asked what was in their life was too big for God to handle, he was speechless. It looked like a light went on. He said, “You got me on that one. I don’t even know what to say.” It looked like he was going to repent but then put more pressure on his lady to get inside. She sat there crying and went inside crying. They went through with it.


The Crawfords are such a wonderful family. John is an elder at an OPC church in Gainesville. Tina preached and told all inside how she walked out of an abortion clinic 22 years ago. She shared the joy that her son has been for all these years and now he is getting married. Tina has a massive heart. I wish I had one like her but I wouldn’t be able to take the pain she feels. Their children are incredible, calling folks to come talk to their mom and dad.

There were so many stories here today. One last beautiful one was when another worker quit and came over for prayer. God is really working down here; please continue to pray!

Things You Never Dream Of

As told by John Barros

God does the most amazing things, things you would never dream of.

I received a call last night from my brother Bruce. I haven’t seen him in years. He was heading home to Dallas from Buffalo. They cancelled flights going through Chicago and offered people other ways if they would like. He decided to come through Orlando, spend the day with me at the clinic, and head back to Dallas tonight.

We went downtown early to visit Pulse where the massacre happened. Standing on that sidewalk was pretty sobering indeed. We went back down the street to “our” sidewalk where there is a much bigger, ongoing massacre happening. Alexander and his daughter came down to join us one last morning before they went back to Indiana.

The day was pretty crazy. Bruce and Alex began speaking with a young man. He had come a long way with his lady and is a defensive back at a pretty prestigious university. They have been together since the sixth grade. After speaking with the guys he began fighting to get her out of here. She wouldn’t listen and kept hardening her heart. It was pretty sad.

There was a whole family who came down and parked out front. They wouldn’t listen but sat there with the windows down even through the preaching. It was so sad to see kids hanging out the window waiting for their mom to kill their brother or sister.

The preaching got people upset. One young lady got extremely angry and brought out a bag. She told me she was going to go against my religion with hers. She pulled out crystals and trinkets, making a circle on the sidewalk. It was so pitiful to see what people think can go against God.

But then there was Gabriella. She pulled into the driveway with the usual lies. When confronted with the truth she began to change. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. When told that God sent her here today to hear that He was calling her to trust Him she began to see. I told her He would take care of her and never let her down. The tears began to flow. We spoke more and had a time of prayer. God opened her eyes and gave her a new heart. I called Callie at Choices and put Gabriella on the phone with her so Gabriella could begin to see the love God is providing for her.

We spoke a bit more and off she went. We were so celebrating down here as she left, thanking God for His goodness. Later I received a call from Gabriella and Callie. Gabriella was so thankful and Callie was yelling. She said “John, we have some really good news.” I said “I know, Callie; I spent time with her.” She said, “You don’t understand; she is having twins!” It was so awesome. We were celebrating here with folks across town about how amazingly God had shined into her heart.

It was a crazy but beautiful day. There is so much carnage down here in Orlando, but God continues to bring life.

I was thankful to be able to serve with Alex and my brother. Mary even came down in the afternoon. What a blessing she is. She is a giant encouraging heart with feet.

My brother and Alex had never seen God turn a heart like this before. They will never be the same. The power of God is something to behold. When He does this you are humbled because you totally realize you do not have the ability to do it!

I hadn’t seen my brother in years. When you fight in the trenches though, bonding happens quickly. What an amazing day we had. Thank You, Jesus.

A Blessing to Serve

As told by John Barros

Well today was surely a different day. I am so thankful for those the Lord sends down here to serve. 90% of them are from Saint Andrew’s Chapel. It is an immeasurable blessing to serve with those from our same church.

Matt is a young man who has been coming a couple of days a week before going to work. He has been mainly observing and praying. Today the opportunity arose to meet a lady who was coming for an abortion. He spoke with her and gave her the brochures. She became unsettled and pulled across the street. He had a time of prayer with her and she drove away. Matt went to work and she came back. She went inside and didn’t seem like she was listening. A while after the preaching Ashley came out, walked over to me and said, “Thank you guys. I can’t do it.” We had another time of prayer and off she went. Matt is so excited today. He is so happy he was able to meet with a young lady whose eyes were opened by the Lord.

Bill and Yolie also served in this crazy heat today. Yolie plead with many ladies. We had a couple of turn-aways as well. We don’t know why but please pray they don’t return.
I would encourage anyone who hasn’t gone out to serve in this way to do it. None of us are anything special at all. It’s Jesus who does this and there is nothing like watching Him work.

Yesterday a man called me across the street wanting to know what was going on. I told him and he was in total shock. It turns out he is Dr. Raymond Butler, on staff at Zion Hills Missionary Baptist Church. He is also a chaplain at the 33rd Street jail here in Orlando. He asked if I would be willing to speak about this. Of course it would be an honor. We got to talking and he was at a doctor’s office to help with old football injuries. I believe he was on the 1980 Baltimore Colts, and finished his career with the Seahawks. It turns out he is also friends with my football hero Barry Sanders. He sure was a joy.

Wish I Had Better News

As told by John Barros

I wish I had a lot better news from down here but there just seems to be an added hardness these days.

As I was listening to Renewing Your Mind this morning on the wall and R.C. Sproul was speaking about a Christian’s response to terrorism, police came flying in with guns drawn. They went inside the back doors. Apparently there was a glitch in their security, but it sure gave added emphasis to RC’s message. He spoke of how abortion is terrorism.

The people seem to have an added hardness down here since the massacre [the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando]. Ladies screaming and yelling. One said it was “My right to kill my baby if I want to. This is my second time!” Another stopped at the door and came out yelling about choice. Then we had a roller derby star from the Lexicutioners in North Carolina.

The worst one of all though was a couple who came. She is the daughter of a pastor. She is engaged to be married. She had a fling with the guy who brought her down here so of course she had to kill this baby before marrying her fiance. He had John 3:16 tattooed on his arm and was telling us how he was a Christian and knows God has already forgiven them. When confronted with what God’s word says and how he is most likely not a Christian, he became very angry. I’m telling you I could go on and on about the bunch down here today, but won’t.

There was one ray of light, though. There were a couple of turn-aways. In the afternoon a guy and his sister came down. They were looking for his girlfriend. He was trying to stop her. They pulled out back and went inside, then they left. A little while later they drove back by and let us know she was one of the ones who left.

Please pray that God would break through the darkness down here. I was so blessed to serve with Bill, Marcia, and Julie today. These are some hardworking brothers and sisters.

Cold People

As told by John Barros

Today the people remained very cold. There was one turn-away just before the abortionist got there, but she wouldn’t talk so we don’t know what her story was. It was still very strange and we seemed to have a heightened awareness of what this place is when they came to pick up the dead babies.

I was so blessed to have Matthew and Beth back down in the morning. Double blessed to have RC Sproul, Jr. serve here today. His message was awesome and he tried to reason with a dad who couldn’t see his blindness. We were also blessed to have Alexander, who is vacationing from Indiana, take a day from his vacation with his daughter to serve. He is an awesome brother.


As told by John Barros

It has been like a weird movie around here lately. The people have been very cold as they arrive. In the last couple days no one has chosen life. One girl ran out the door and all the way down the street, but we have no idea what was going on with her.

Today was bizarre with all the sirens and sheriff helicopters flying over the Presidential motorcade as it moved into the Amway Center. Secret Service suburbans were driving by us in front of the clinic. It just felt weird. We are located right between the scene of the massacre and the Amway Center. The hospital where all the injured victims are is right in front of you when ministering here. It just really seems bizarre.

I so wished the Lord would have had the motorcade stop by. I wished I could show the President, Vice President, two Senators, two Mayors, and our Governor what is going on here. I really wonder what they would have thought seeing late-term moms marching in the back parking lot in full labor waiting to deliver their babies into a toilet. I so wished the Lord would have opened their eyes to the true horrors right around the corner from them.
But they didn’t come. They left as soon as they got their photo ops, laid their wreaths, and spoke of their agendas. They didn’t come by and lay a wreath for the countless thousands of babies who have been slaughtered here. They did not call for national repentance or even a moment of silence for these babies.

I was thankful to serve with Warren, Bill, Matt, Becky, Bo, Kelly, Ruth, Yolie, and dear Donna came back.

I see all these signs around saying ‪#‎OrlandoStrong‬. How can we be strong or united when we won’t even fight to protect our defenseless babies? The “leaders” who were here today could end this. But they won’t because they are ‪#‎OrlandoWeak‬