Beautiful Thursday

As told by John Barros:

Today was wonderful!  I mean, there were still two ladies that came back for the second day of their labor and delivery abortions but only two new people came and one of them chose life.

Tamara came down scared mostly about her financial position.  After speaking with her about God’s provision, care, and a time of prayer with Donna and I she went to Choices.  Well after she got there she found out she isn’t pregnant after all.  The ladies over there loved on her and shared the Gospel with her as well.1780803_10205085486765193_4793436671360764961_n

  Workers were leaving early today and the abortionist was gone before 1:00 pm.  A worker said she wants to talk about leaving next week; it was truly incredible.  Other than Donna being here for a couple of hours I was alone.  It was a special time with the Lord in prayer; He is so awesome.  Spent the afternoon contemplating R.C. Sproul’s message on how God the Father loves us as much as He loves Jesus… what kind of love is that?  Amazing.

  Also spent time listening to St. Andrew’s Chancel Choir singing “Laudate Dominum.”  It’s Psalm 117 with music from Mozart.  I never knew worship could be like this.  The Lord was bringing about cleansing and renewal in my heart, then He brought folks by just to say hello and encourage.  Mary is from “Life For Kids,”  the local  adoption agency, and she stopped by for a while and then Ed and Mary stopped by for a while.  They are awesome.  I went to high school with Mary many, many years ago.10689974_10205085488685241_8865300426551121026_n

  Sorry for rambling but it has been so very dark down here and Thursdays are the worst but today was beautiful.  Please continue to pray.


As told by John Barros:

I met Patrick and his wife in Ft. Lauderdale last month at a speaking engagement.  They now serve in front of Pendergraft’s clinic down there.  Today they drove up to see what it was like here.  It was wonderful for Bradley and I to serve with them.1964959_10204993809353315_2742984648100445649_n

Five came for abortions and the Lord changed one couples heart.  Then we all got to see something I still can’t believe we saw: a couple came for an abortion; they wouldn’t listen as they went in and wouldn’t listen during the preaching.  Then about thirty minutes later the door opened and they cane out arm in arm and limping.  At first we thought he was holding her up but then we could see he was in much pain.  I got up to help and ask what happened, and he said while just sitting inside in a chair his ACL blew out.  He left to go to the hospital.  They would not listen to the fact that God was showing them mercy by this happening and they should leave.  Later he came back having not been seen at the hospital because there were forty people ahead of him.  Wish I could say this had a good ending but it didn’t.


As told by John Barros:

Luke 14:23  “Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled’.”

So thankful to belong to a church that lives out this verse.  All these folks want to express their thanks to St. Andrew’s and all the folks that have been praying for them.10665056_10204981422683656_6446412702523583520_n

Rough Times

As told by John Barros:

I haven’t posted in the last few days.  It’s because sometimes there comes an evil that is different somehow.  It tires you completely out and even your bones hurt.  Everyone we have been working with is having unbelievable problems.  My dear friend Michael Sparkman’s AIDS has ravaged him to a point where he now has about a week to live and is in the hospital.  This has been really rough.

We have had several turn aways, but such cold nasty people.  Then today there was a breakthrough: Sarah brought Reilly Sproul down to minister.  It was really something to hear him calling out for ladies to give their babies to families that would love them like his birth Mother did.  He talked about how he loves his family and how much his family loves him.  It was so beautiful to watch this young man.  The Lord used him to realign my perspective. 10338841_10204850358327129_3840573238667633358_n  Then we had students from Reformation Bible College and Reformed Theological Seminary down here, as well as Dee from West Palm Beach.  She is a hospice social worker and has a massive heart. 10687224_10204850359567160_8897767617831323219_n

  Went to the Ligonier Conference this afternoon and it was wonderful!  The weekend seminar is on Jesus.  So awesome to get to go Church and be cleansed!

Strange Things Happening

As told by John Barros:

  Strange things going on at OWC today.  These guys met with Dr. Pendergraft this morning and began measuring all the way around the place.  At first I thought it might be about construction but then they began taking pictures of all the other buildings up and down the street.  It seems like he is either looking at a mortgage or getting ready to sell.10670002_10204830834199038_7127232056745968353_n Don’t know if he’s able to sell, since he owes about 40 million now.  I know a few months ago a realtor came to show him some properties. The realtor said he was going to move; who knows.  Just pray this is the end. 

The Noble One

As told by John Barros:

  Kind of a strange day here today.  Not too many came, and two chose life.  The first couple came and spoke to Daylan.  They ended up taking materials and said they were going to go to Choices.

  The second couple came out during the preaching.  She was completely overcome. When they drove up she was hunched over crying and they would not stop.  So I don’t really know what happened.  Then something I’ve never seen before happened: he came back about three hours later to get his money back!  When he came out he said, “Thank you.  You have chosen a noble profession.”   We have never heard anything like that before.  I’ve been thinking about this all day.  It was a noble one that saved them today; it sure wasn’t us, it was the King of Kings, the truly Noble One.  10565098_10204824146191842_7526665524686419612_n

Hard Day

As told by John Barros:

  They didn’t raise the flag back up from yesterday, so we chose to remember the countless babies that have died and the lives that have been destroyed behind these walls.

  Eight ladies came.  Some spoke with us and had tears but they all went through with it; it was kind of like preaching and singing at a funeral.  Sarah, Beth, Bradley, and Seth poured out their hearts as an offering in praise and love to Christ today.10636047_10204803811923498_5686407031016120567_n


As told by John Barros:

  There were only six that came today, but they were a cold bunch.  There was one young lady that began to soften but the guy that brought her, wearing a “Play Hard Pray Hard” t-shirt called some gangster looking guy down to get tough with her, and she went through with it.10626559_10204803811003475_6358007270692771989_n

  My dear sister, Brittany, came down to call out to them, proudly showing her dear boys, one of which her and her Husband, Daniel, have adopted.  Showing folks what a blessing their baby could be to another family.  It was a tough day though and no one listened. 10481469_10204796821708747_4354415140163670246_n   There was a wonderful time in the afternoon though.  Jesus led a man that has spent most of his life in prison down here.  Maurice had no direction and wanted to know if we could pray with him.  He sat on the wall and Warren, Kyle and I went through the Gospel with him.  We explained what true repentance is and what true forgiveness is.  It was so beautiful.  He has extremely bad eyesight and we found him a Bible that he could actually see; it’s half the size of him though. 10659242_10204796823828800_7852733592257622316_n  Maurice has made a profession of faith and committed his life to Christ.  He lives in a room close to OWC and will be coming by for discipleship and will be coming to St. Andrew’s beginning Sunday.  Please pray for him; he reminds me in some ways of Brooks in the Shawshank Redemption movie.  Thank you.10522558_10204796823508792_2599929807474898355_n

The Battle Rages On

As told by John Barros:

  The battle rages on, and our King is on His throne!10417729_10204790521871255_3196885791586670847_n

   We saw a bit of everything down here today; the people coming for abortions were stirred up more than usual.  There were Grandmothers cursing and screaming, a Haitian girl that was groaning, growling and spitting like she was possessed.  Also, a lady claiming to be a Christian stopped by to twist Scripture, and yell and scream for a bit.

  But God who is rich in mercy worked in a couple of young ladies hearts.  Bonnie and Jessica came down from Reformation Bible College to serve today and were such a blessing.  Jessica was out back talking to a driver when the abortionist pulled up.  She asked him to repent, and he went on one of his rants saying they are not babies if they are in the womb etc.  10521159_10204790521191238_2209632873085759243_n

  Tom preached for the first time and did a great job.  Then we were blessed to have a dear young lady, Amber, stop by for a visit and to help.  

  A lady, Anna Marie, pulled up to go inside.  She stopped and was told that she came here to kill her baby but God sent her to hear what we had to say: that He cares and is calling her to trust Him.  Tears began pouring down her cheeks.  We spoke more and had a time of prayer.  She pulled down in the parking lot to think.  After a while she pulled up and said, “Thank you for being here in my time of need.  I can’t do it, I’m going to trust God and go to Choices.” 1610812_10204790522151262_3570537778975664018_n

  It’s always amazing when the chaos,vileness and darkness displays itself because Jesus shines ever brighter when He moves.  Please pray for Anna Marie.  Thank you.


As told by John Barros:

  Today was so crazy.  We had three young ladies choose life and had six ladies turn away.  One of the ladies chose life at the risk of her own life.  She didn’t want to kill her baby and one of the guys that brought her was hanging onto the door, cursing at her, telling her to get out of the car while kicking her.  Little Evan came running up to get me but they sped away when told the police were called and we could not get back up to get the license plate.  Please pray for her safety.10300889_10204777248659433_5994313261006420792_n

 Another one came saying she was sorry but she had to abort her baby.  After speaking to the guy that brought her he went in and brought her out saying they were going to go to a crisis pregnancy center.  The third girl kept coming out during the preaching.  Each time her heart was being softened by God.  Finally she and her boyfriend came out, looked at me and said, “Man, you talk too much” with a smile.  They went back to their car and talked for a long time.  They pulled away; he wasn’t too happy but took the information and thanked us.  10646697_10204777249619457_9036209001474797052_n

  There was another beautiful thing that happened today: Tracey Sarnicki, from St. Andrew’s, came down to serve with her ten year old son, Evan.  Evan is an absolutely wonderful young man, other than being a Noles fan, but we can work on that. :)  Evan brought his homework and also did his Biblical studies class down here.  He fearlessly engaged with people going inside, telling them they need to trust God.  He also was part of his Mother working with a man by the name of Keith. 10636173_10204777248939440_1562059096040579040_n  Keith is wanting to repent from a life of sin that he is facing the ravages of now.  Tracey destroyed false doctrines and myths and straightened the road for him.  One of the most awesome things I have ever seen was little Evan praying with his mother and Keith; so unbelievably precious.  Can’t wait for Evan to meet Jonah Sprague.  What a team that will be in the future.  Please pray for Keith, and the ladies that chose life today, as well as the ones that turned away, that they would stay away.