Faith to Trust Him

As told by John Barros:

Blessed to serve with Donna and Karen today. Had the opportunity to share about Mother’s Day and motherhood during the preaching.
One young lady came out and was very angry. She stood on the porch and let me know it. When confronted with scripture she went out back and left with her driver who had taken our info.

Another guy who had his manhood challenged came out with his wife. She had chosen life and he was scared. He asked how he’s supposed to be able to afford his baby for 20 years. I told him to trust God. No one is guaranteed finances for 20 years but God takes care of those that trust him.

Please pray for these folks. Pray God would give them faith to trust Him.

There was a very sad story today though. A mother and daughter that came from Alabama last Friday returned yesterday and today. Last Friday they were met by Karen and Warren. The teenage girl fought her mom all day. She kept coming out crying begging her mom to not do this. Her mom kept telling her daughter to “get her act together.” Karen seems to think her dad is a pastor in Alabama. Yesterday they would not speak to us. Today they showed up for the second day of her labor and delivery abortion. When the young girl would walk by she looked horrified really. Her face would haunt you as she was doing the “death march” and walking around trying to hurry her labor eventually delivering her baby into a toilet. They never would listen or speak with us. I asked the mom how she could do this to her daughter and grandchild but she would only look with a blank stare. I sure felt for this young girl. Please pray for her as well.

Even on Slow Days

As told by John Barros:

Well they finished the roof and other things they have been working on and reopened today. We were blessed to have John and Angie Moore as well as Aura from Ligonier Ministries join Pastors David and H.P. and Karen down here.

It was a rather slow day. Only six people came. The most amazing thing was that we had three turnaways. Two of them would not talk to us when they left. One of the couples that turned away said they really don’t know why they were leaving but they just wanted to get out of there. Then there was Joey and Jasmine.

They pulled up under the tree next door during the preaching. Jasmine opened her door half way but they just kept sitting in the car with the door open. After a while Karen went over and introduced herself. Jasmine said they had come for an abortion but we’re listening to the preaching. Jasmine is 18 and she told Karen her Dad knew she was coming but didn’t want her to do this. Karen continued to speak with them and even went through the Evangelism Explosion Gospel Presentation with them. Karen came back as they continued to sit in the car. Finally Joey started up the car and they drove away.

There was another pretty awesome thing that happened as well. Shantel came by and asked if she could have the newspaper that was here. She was looking for coupons. Her husband John and daughter Kelly were at a doctor’s appointment down the street. Karen began to speak with her and ended up asking her the Evangelism Explosion questions. They went through the whole thing and Shantel came under conviction. She made a profession of faith. Pastor H.P. and Karen prayed with her. John and her daughter came to pick her up and she told them immediately what had happened.

Even on a slow day the Lord Jesus does amazing things. Please pray for all these ladies that left. Thank you.

End Abortion Now

As told by John Barros:

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to come up with words to explain the #endabortionnow Conference. What a Blessing Jeff, Luke, Zachary, Marcus, Joy, Zack, and others have been by putting this together. It would take days to cover all the blessings of meeting so many brothers and sisters. I won’t even try but I will give a couple of wonderful statistics:

200 Pastors leaders and soldiers came to this conference from 28 different states. Zack Morgan has started full-time ministrty here and I met three other men that have now started full-time ministry at the abortion mills in their different cities. When asked how many people had not been to an abortion mill before 30-40 people rose their hands. As you can imagine this was an amazingly special time.

The speakers were incredible. Jeff was incredible. Rusty brought truth with fire, and the Lord showed His heart through Jon. Sherrie was so dear.

Apologia Church is the real thing. They want to equip the Church to end abortion now. Speak to the Pastor at your Church. Apologia has start up packs with everything from tracts, brochures, and signs to get you started.

I am so unbelievably blessed to see so many young people joining the battle. Go to ENDABORTIONNOW.COM to get started.

The Lord Moves Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Well they shut down their other mill today and sent them over here. It was pretty darn busy but the Lord moved again. Karen and I got to see the Lord turn four ladies’ hearts to choose life for their babies and then we got to be part of a wonderful surprise.
A couple of college girls came today in matching tie dye shirts. They thought they were so cute being sisters. They turned from thinking they were cute to being monsters in a split second but God tore them up and they left.

There was a guy that came in a big truck and had tattoos everywhere. He was shown what God thinks a Man is and it’s not outward symbols. He came out the door at one point during the preaching and came straight at me like he was going to do some great bodily harm but he stopped and turned away at the last step. Amazingly he led his lady out just as the abortionist got here.

Then a precious young lady named Casey came out. She said she was sitting inside and God opened her eyes. She has two other kids and she was just convinced in her heart she could do this. We had a wonderful time of prayer with tears, and she left to drive home all the way to Spring Hill.

In the afternoon a young lady named Crystal came. She had come for a pap smear and found out she was pregnant. She being in her upper 30s didn’t expect this. She has a 14 and 10 year old. You could see her face change from shock to excitement as we spoke and prayed with her. She could have ended her baby’s life here today but now she is looking forward to her baby. She lives in Christmas, Florida and it looks like she will probably have a Christmas baby. Please pray for all the ladies that left here. There were also a few turnaways that we don’t know why they left.

Things Happen

As told by John Barros:

Today was pretty incredible. It got busy but believe it or not we had five turnaways and one precious lady chose life.

The ladies that were turnaways came out, some in tears and one waved. Then there was Gabrielle. She came with a friend and they were met by Bill a deacon at our church, and Beth Goble. They listened and were very nice but they went inside anyway. She felt she had to do this. A while later they came back out and she shared her story. She had an IUD birth control device. She was surprised to find out she was pregnant. She was coming here to have an abortion but changed her mind. She still has a broken IUD inside her and has decided to get that out instead of her baby. We spent time in prayer and they headed to Choices to see her baby and get counsel, as well as find some help medically. There are many things we would have no idea how to help. So thankful for pregnancy centers that have so many resources.

Prayer after Gabrielle chose life and is headed to get real help

The Lord blessed in another way as well. Three precious ladies from Ligonier Ministries came to serve with us. Kimberly, Jenifer, and Gisele. It seems like when they come things happen. Then they bought us lunch. Not from Wendy’s or something like that. Oh no. We had 4Rivers beef brisket. I couldn’t believe it. So thankful for these precious ladies. Then Heather came down for a couple of hours to end the day.

Kim, Jen, and Gisele. Hearts with feet.

Today was a blessing. Please pray for the ladies that left today would never return and that they would come to the Jesus they heard about today.

Surprise Visitors

As told by John Barros:

Sometimes down here you think you might just be seeing things that aren’t there. Well you can imagine my surprise when a car pulled up and Mrs. Sproul got out. I couldn’t believe it. Here was Dennis and Sherrie Dorotiak with Vesta. What a blessing this was. We were also blessed to have Rob who is an RBC Student and his wife Dee who works for Ligonier join Karen, Donna, and I.

So blessed

It was such a blessing to have them here but it was a very difficult day. People were pretty darn hard. One lady came wearing a sweatshirt that almost knocked me down. I really couldn’t believe it. It said “Only Awesome Moms Get Hugged A Lot” The things people wear here is often just crazy.

Wearing her “Awesome Mom” sweatshirt while holding the bag of medicine after killing her baby

During the preaching there was a young lady that came out and chose life. Everyone was praying while she sat on the wall. Karen prayed with her and she called for her boyfriend to come get her. He did and they drove away but he brought her back. I have no idea how these guys are given so much power over their ladies. It was really sad. When she was coming out and looked back at me it was so pitiful. I’m sure that look will get in line with the others that can haunt my dreams from time to time. God opened her eyes and gave her the faith to come out but she turned back and is already filled with regret. Please pray for her to come to repentance.

This precious lady chose life but returned unwilling to stand against her boyfriend

I am the most blessed person I can think of. The gifts he gives are incredible. The love and encouragement of my local church is beyond words. I don’t deserve any of this.

God Saves Twins

I don’t really know how to describe today down here. God really moved here in a mighty way and Karen, Marcia MacDonald Devor, and I were honored to serve with some of people that we admire so much.

Some of the staff from Ligonier Ministries came down: Chris Larson, Jason Sponagle, Lisa Stolz and her daughter Chelsea Stolz. Such a blessing to have them here and they jumped right in.

There were three turnaways today. One even gave us a smile and a big thumbs up but we weren’t able to speak with them so we don’t know their story. There is one, however, whose story we do know.

Jasmine came this morning with her boyfriend Al. They were bound and determined to have their abortion. Lisa and Chelsea were able to meet with them but Jasmine just wanted to get in there because she has a five-month-old boy. After being inside a while, they left but she returned right away. Chelsea and Lisa met with her again but she went back inside. During the preaching Al came back and joined her. He angrily yelled about the preaching and the Bible when he went inside. After the preaching they came outside walked over to Chelsea and gave her a big hug. God had changed her heart. Chelsea and Lisa went with them over to Choices.

She had found out she was having twins. Chelsea was kind of amazed how Jasmine had been willing to kill her twins because she was young and didn’t care. Then she went to caring and as their eyes were opened they began to see supporting parents and family members.

Chelsea loving on Jasmine after choosing life for her twins.

At Choices they confirmed their desire to choose life. It is amazing how hopeless people feel at the mill but once they choose life and leave they can see again. Please pray for Jasmine and the others that left today.

So thankful for Ligonier Ministries. They feed so many that minister inside and outside the church. I need them desperately. I need more than just Sunday mornings. They produce Renewing Your Mind, Table Talk Magazine, RefNet Radio, countless teaching series, as well as quality education through Ligonier Connect. You can check them out at Please pray for them as well as they work to build up the saints for ministry.

Happy Endings

As told by John Barros:

Being married to Vicki, I bet I have seen almost every Hallmark movie that has been made. Some of them are pretty good but none of the ones I have seen come close to the ending we saw today.

Cynthia came walking down the street and was met by Beth Goble and Elaine Mahnken. They were able to spend quite a bit of time with Cynthia. She was very sweet but went inside anyway. The morning went on with Bill, Matthew, and Pastor Dan ministering to folks that just wouldn’t listen. The preaching began. Beth and Elaine had to leave but Karen and Yolie Gonzalez came. The abortionist was late and just as he was pulling in Cynthia came out on the porch in tears. She heard the ladies calling to her to come talk but she went back inside.

Just after she went inside a guy, Leo, came pulling up front and made haste to go inside. I challenged him to get her out of there. He went inside and Cynthia came out with him in tears and they were incredibly thankful. They chose life for their baby and we had a time of prayer. I know this sounds awesome in and of its self but then I received a text.

Cynthia wanted to say thank you again. The abortionist was quickly completing his grizzly business so I texted Cynthia back and asked if they would like to join us for a late lunch at Tony’s Brazilian Buffet. She texted back that they would love to. Yolie, Karen, and I went over and met them. Then we got to hear the rest of the story.

Lunch with Leo and Cynthia

Leo was in Miami this morning when he found out Cynthia was coming here. He did not have his phone. He had left it in Cynthia’s car. He was breaking records trying to get here to stop this. He was almost part of a horrible accident that happened in front of him. He was so afraid he was going to be too late.

Inside the clinic, Cynthia was coming under heavy conviction. She said she was sitting there and her eyes began to be opened. She began to cry and wondered why nobody else inside was feeling like she was. She said some were bragging about how many abortions they have had and running their mouths about us outside. She felt so alone without Leo and then just knew she couldn’t go through with this and then Leo arrived. I can’t tell you how beautiful this was. You would have had to be there.

It was so awesome eating with them as they discussed the changes they are going to make in their lives. They are so thankful. We explained how God is the one that had set this up. Abortionist being late, God moving in their hearts and opening their eyes.

This is all new to Cynthia. I think she said today is the first time she had prayed. We went through a simple Gospel presentation and I told them I want to go into it deeper and they said that will be fine. I can’t begin to tell everything we all spoke about. It was a huge celebration. Please pray for this precious couple. We fell in love.

Before I Formed You In the Womb, I Knew You

As told by John Barros:

Still pretty slow down here today. One leftover from yesterday and five others. The good news is that two babies get to live. We had some sorority girls down here. This begins about now every year. All the spring breakers that ended up pregnant. They arrived pretty smart mouthed but left pretty traumatized. They didn’t want any help but said they weren’t going through with it. Another lady left just as the abortionist was about to get out of his car. Please pray for these ladies that they would stay long gone.

Served with Karen and Donna Eggars today. Tuesday Jamie Miller came down here. She made a tee shirt on her own and wanted to give it to someone that ministers here. I took it and figured I would just give it to the first lady that serves here that fits in it. Well that person was Karen. She loves it and it fits perfect.

Karen loving Jamie’s gift

Those of you that don’t serve on the sidewalks don’t see the ladies when they come out after killing their babies. Sometimes they are literally carried into their cars. It is just so awful to witness. It never gets easy watching this. Over all these years I have seen this played out thousands of time. They are usually coming out while the ladies are coming in for their “follow ups.” So hard to go from calling people to trust God to keep their babies to calling people to come talk after having their abortion.

So much death and so much pain.

Strange Days

As told by John Barros:

We are having some strange days down here. They were closed Sunday and Monday. I had people call to check on Tuesday and they were told this place would be open on Tuesday. Well a few came but then they were sent away. Well I sure thought today would be busy then but only three came.

I was blessed to have Matt, Bill, Karen, Chuck, and Mary come down. So thankful to have Pastor David Netzorg and Pastor H.P. McCracken as well. It was kind of sad because we had to say goodbye to Chuck and Mary. They are snow birds and are flying back to West Virginia.

There were two ladies that came. One was a high school girl whose mom and dad brought her and then a mouthy couple from New Jersey. Even when they were done, they were cursing Yolie Gonzalez and I.

During the preaching another couple came. He was wearing a big cross so I tried to warn him. He smiled and said “God Bless You.” As he was going in the door I told him to rip that cross off because I know the one that died on that cross and you can’t belong to Him. He became very angry, started to turn to the sidewalk but went inside. Then they came right out. He was angry and rubbing his head. He of course wouldn’t stop so the ladies weren’t able to speak to her. Please pray for these folks.

Another strange thing happened as well. One of the workers whose daughter became convicted of working here and quit a while back came outside during the preaching. She had a cigarette and stood there for a long time just listening. We were kind of stunned really. Please pray she quits like her daughter did.

We were blessed even more today because Angie Marlow Moore from Ligonier Ministries came down. She is a special lady and encouraged us very much.

The last month has been pretty rough. From time to time there is a deep darkness that I can seem to be enveloped in. This one seems to be hanging around a bit longer than usual. Prayers would be appreciated.