Thankful For Her Baby

As told by John Barros:

Today it was wonderful to serve with Deborah and Yolie. Deborah is going back to UCF so we are going to be without her for awhile.

We had one young lady turn away in pretty dramatic fashion, but today a brave young lady contacted me and sent some pictures. Jessikha came down here almost five years ago, I believe. Allura and I were here and she was the first one to arrive. The Lord worked in her heart that morning and she chose life.

She was in a tough spot and needed a place to stay. She stayed with us for a time and there was trouble with her boyfriend over her choice. It came to a point where I had to drive her to a safe house in Tennessee. She stayed with a family there for a time and went on to be on her own. She has had a rough go of things but is so unbelievably thankful that the Lord turned her heart that day. She already had a precious daughter, Kaniyah. She named her baby Nevaeh. That is heaven spelled backwards and she is heavenly. 

Jessikha is so thankful to God for her baby. I’m sure she would also appreciate the prayers of everyone as she continues working to raise her precious girls.