Overwhelming Carnage

As told by John Barros:

Good grief, it was packed down here today. Packed parking lot, all over the street and many drop offs. Sometimes the carnage can just seem to overwhelm you. So thankful for all the St. Andrew’s people that came down to help.

We had four ladies leave today. Two came out during the preaching. A mother and her daughter along with a single young lady. They were thankful, but wouldn’t engage us. The thing you really love to see here is when folks leave abruptly, the nurses and security folks go hunting for them.

The security guy smiled when he was told “you don’t get them all”. Two others left later that came in the afternoon. One was kind of incoherent when talking to Jessica. The other had driven all the way from Putnam. She said it was three hours away.

We spent a long time praising God in song today and everyone heard the truth. Jessica got everyone singing. She sure brings a light down here. Don came back from serving in Jamaica for the last month. Philip and Samantha also came to serve. Gerry and Bill were awesome as well, and of course Bradley. I’m sure going to miss him. He has been my right arm down here. He is moving back home on Friday. The good news is he lives where Don, Nathan and Mary live so he will have wonderful folks to continue in Gospel Ministry with.