Only God Can Do These Things

As told by John Barros:

Well the first day open in 2017 has been crazy down here. It was very busy. Matthew, Karen, Fredo, Lucas and I were blessed by God to have many conversations.

There was so much going on. A Muslim young lady aborting her baby to hide her pregnancy from her parents. So many stories but there were two I would like to focus on.

Karen pleading with a Muslim girl while she fills out her paperwork. She wouldn’t listen.

There was a family that brought a thirteen-year-old girl here. She looked like she should be playing dolls or something other than being at this dump. The Lord worked on their hearts and they chose life. Karen was able to pray with them as they left.

A family leading a 13-year-old girl out of the dump. Karen got to pray with them.

Then there were two guys that brought a young lady named Audrey. They arrived while the preaching was going on and it was crazy. The security guy was trying to park cars for people and it was chaotic. When these two guys showed up I noticed one of them had a t-shirt from his church. Lucas knew this church. It just may be the largest one there is in the country with many “campuses.”

I tried to warn him but he wouldn’t listen. When he was challenged as to what kind of Christian would bring someone to a house of devils to kill a baby, he became very upset. He told me to do things that I know are impossible, along with other vile things. Believe me these guys were challenged in every way they could be. They only responded with anger.

When I finished preaching I got on the phone to their church. I explained what was going on to the lady that answered the phone and asked if they had anyone in the Orlando area that may be able to come down here. She was horrified that someone from their church would be here. She said that she would put out an immediate prayer request through the church.

About a half hour later Audrey came out and talked with the guys on the porch. They walked down the street to their truck and talked. They came back and went inside but the guys came back out.

Her boyfriend said “You guys really know what you are doing. We are keeping our baby.” We had to explain how only God can do these things. Lucas went through Ray Comforts “Way of the master” Gospel presentation with them while waiting for Audrey. When he got to the point of murder the young man looked at Lucas and said “Yeah like I almost did?”

Audrey was so thankful when she came out. She showed us the ultrasound of her baby and then we had a time of Thanksgiving and prayer.

When they left I called their church back and told them what happened. Even though they were in another state I could almost hear the Praising of God down here without the phone. It was truly Beautiful. Please pray for this church. This story could impact many thousands. Please pray for these girls and the guys.