Early Line Up

As told by John Barros:

Got down to the dump today early. At 7:45 the people began lining up. Someone had told them that the doors would open at 8:00. There were no workers here and none arrived for about an hour. Doug began to pray and I was Blessed to be able to engage them. One guy became a man, nodded, and mouthed a thank you. He looked at his lady and led her away.

During the preaching a young lady left her driver inside and came out to listen. After a bit she went back inside got her driver and left thankfully.

Thankfully the Lightfoot and Marchetti families, as well as others, came to serve the rest of the day.

I know the owner James Pendergraft was supposed to go on trial for drug trafficking tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s put off or if it is happening but please pray he goes to prison and this place shuts down forever.