Let’s Get Excited!

As told by John Barros:

Well, like my dear friend Yolie says, “Let’s get excited!” Well I don’t think excited is a big enough word.

I received a text from a precious young lady named Helen last night. She was letting me know that she had her baby boy Jeriel. It was wonderful to speak with her. She spoke of the road that she had been on since the day I met her about eight months ago. I was able to get ahold of some of the ladies in our church and they began immediately to love on Helen.

Helen and Jeriel

Today Heather and I went over to visit and meet that special little boy. Helen spent the afternoon giving us her testimony of what God has done for her. She shared how the day she came to OWC that she wanted her baby out. She said nothing on earth was going to change her mind. She rushed past and went inside. Once inside she found others that said the same thing. They all said “I don’t care what that guy says; I am doing this.”

She wanted to get it done quickly. Then when the preaching started, something changed. I asked her about the instant that things changed because I have had others tell me the same thing.
She said that during the preaching she went from a hard heart of wanting to get this over with, to “I’ve got to get out of here.” She ran outside took the information and then walked the streets of Orlando thinking about how was she going to be able to tell Jeriel’s dad that she wasn’t going to do this.

She went over to Choices and met with Marlyd who counseled her. Then she dropped out of sight until last night.

It was wonderful to hear her speak of the hardships she has had but how God has delivered her out of them.

Today my pastor R.C. Sproul was preaching out of Galatians 4:21 through the end of the chapter. He taught how if you are truly a believer your mother is the Church. Today, the Lord has sent so many to be a mother to Helen and her family. Please pray for her. She wants to be the best mother she can be.

Helen wants to encourage those that stand on sidewalks like this with her story. She would also encourage those that have been thinking about doing it to go because there are many Helen’s out there.

So thankful for Sheryl, Jennifer, Beth, Tina, Yolie, and Heather. Servants in a moment’s notice.