Led to the Slaughter

As told by John Barros:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you combined a full moon, Satanists, and a memorial for the Pulse Nightclub victims? Well it just breaks into all out war. It was so crazy down here today.

The Satanists were hailing Satan and showing their horns along with their vile hearts. People saw no irony at all with the flag at half staff and people wearing Orlando United t-shirts while coming to kill their children as memorial services are going on around the corner.

The irony of OWC putting the flag to half staff in memory of Pulse victims killed around the corner while waiting for another dozen victims to come here

I haven’t seen people quite this angry in a long time. One lady came out and asked Karen to have me stop doing the “funnel thing.”

When the preaching began, some “gnats” came outside. They stood 6 inches from my face screaming and cursing me and God. I always tell people how amazingly fast people bond together in the death of their children. The rest of the people were out back together exchanging phone numbers to meet up for drinks tonight.

There was one turn away today but I don’t know if they just left because of all the craziness. Please pray for them.

Chris is a brave man. Please pray for him and the radio program.

There was an awesome anniversary today. I have now been on the radio here in Orlando twice a month for over two years. I thank God for this station. They are secular but love to have me come down and tell the wonderful things Jesus does down here. I have been able to bring the Visoel many times and is actually the most popular segment they have. It is a tremendous way to bring awareness to this holocaust. Please pray for Chris. I don’t know of another show that does this anywhere. He is a brave man.