The Ones Satan has Blinded

As told by John Barros:

The clothing people wear to abortion clinics is so strange. So many come here claiming to be Satanists.

People with all the Satan stuff. They think we will fear but they are the ones he has blinded.

The cold has continued down here. Again, God blessed by bringing faithful servants to serve. Elizabeth came back from Ohio. Matt, Pastor Dan, Beth, Yolie, and Chuck and Mary all came throughout the day.
The folks were colder than the weather but there was one young couple that left. When she arrived she was angry and beating the steering wheel with her hands. During the preaching they came running out got in the car and left. Please pray she doesn’t return.

There were several ladies that kept coming out. The guys would keep pressuring them and they would come back in tears. We offered them everything but they wouldn’t leave their loser guys.

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