46 ministering

As told by John Barros:

Well I have never seen a day like today before. We broke a record of sorts. We had 46 people on the sidewalk today!


The place was a mixture of late term and first trimester. There were almost 30 women who came today to have abortions. They even had a second shift of people coming at 3:00.

The Lord sent families from all over the U.S. to help today. We had Lisa Metzger, Jeremy and Jennica Reis from Charlotte. We had Don Shellie Martin here from Boise, and then Carrie and Derek Barbour here from Nashville as well as Jessica Woodroof, Bonnie Franke, and Bradley Spruill from RBC; and Philip Kinkopf and Amanda Sprague from Saint Andrew’s. Let me tell you, it was a pretty emotional day. The folks here were not happy to see us. There was so much vileness, pain, and sorrow.

There was a young lady named Ashley who had tried the pill abortion twice and it has not worked. Now she is at a point of changing her mind. Lisa and Amanda were working feverishly to get her in touch with a doctor to reverse it.


The only other one to leave said she was 19 weeks pregnant, but believe it or not even though there were so many of us there, after sitting out in her car thinking she drove out without any of us able to get to her.

There were three or four other couples who left but we couldn’t get to them because some kind of blowup happened inside later in the day. All we could hear was “Did they call the police?” and then these couples ran to their cars. We have no idea what happened.

Please pray that Ashley’s baby will survive and that the rest trust God and keep their babies. We had plenty of hecklers, vile language, and threats. A police officer had to straighten out a Haitian guy who called himself “god” about how we have every right to be there.


A lady screaming at Lisa about judging and a lady there to kill her baby threatened to call DCF after 11-year-old Jonah preached. She was upset that the children would be there and not in school. It was crazy but wonderful. Jesus was lifted high and we all got to see each other in person instead of just on Facebook. These folks and their children are unbelievably special. I am so thankful for them and the work they do in their cities. God is so good!