A Bit of Opposition

As told by John Barros:

There were a lot of folks here today and we had a bit of opposition. A lady was driving down the street, decided to stop, and begin yelling at Tracey Sarnicki and Chris Raymond. She said she is a “Christian” and thinks it is wrong for us to be in front of an abortion clinic. She said she couldn’t imagine how much worse her daughter would have felt if people would have been on the sidewalk when she went to have her abortion. We said “Maybe she wouldn’t have done it.” Tracey and Chris tried to reason with her, but she left saying “You all are going to hell for being here.”


Then a guy and his lady came. He stood outside mouthing off and when they left they pulled up by the wall and threw all of our things they could reach all over the driveway. It was great having Chris down here for his first time. He just moved here from Las Vegas where he did this. It was great to have Philip Kinkopf back as well. He’s an awesome young man.

There were a couple of turn-aways we were not able to talk to, and there was one Hispanic couple who said they were Christians. Finally, after talking to everyone several times they came out, took the information, and said they were going to Choices.


The coolest thing though was that Abby brought her baby and daughter down to thank us for bringing her to Saint Andrew’s yesterday. I have known and been friends with Abby for years now. Some of you may remember praying for her son about a year ago. He was born with only one chamber in his heart. He passed away last year. She goes to a place down the street every day. She has heard the gospel countless times and been invited to church many times. Well, last week she asked if she could come. She said she loved it and her children did as well. Now she wants to find midweek Bible studies and other things the church is doing. I love Abby. I have never seen her smile as brightly as this morning. Saint Andrew’s was built to be a special place, a holy place set apart from the profane. Please pray for Abby and her family as they begin this journey. If you are a member of Saint Andrew’s please introduce yourself to them.They are wonderful..