A Blessed Day

As told by John Barros:

Today we were blessed. Yolie, Philip, Samantha, Bonnie, and I had some visitors. We actually had royalty down here to serve with us – Tracey and Dana Royalty. Tracey is the pastor of Sovereign Grace Church outside of Lexington. They didn’t waste any time jumping into the fray. They are down here on vacation and decided to take a day out of their vacation to serve, encourage, and pray with us.

We were also blessed beyond measure to have a local pastor serve with us today. H.P. McCracken is the pastor at Reformed Presbyterian Church here in Orlando. He also jumped into service and will be joining us frequently from now on. I don’t know what it is but it is so special when the Lord sends pastors down to serve and lift His people up through encouragement and prayer.

Fast at work, pleading with ladies that see no hope.

We were also blessed to have Shane Russell stop by during his lunch break, and Luke who stopped by at the end of the day. We were able to witness the Lord turn the hearts of two young ladies. Ashley chose life during the preaching and called her mother to come get her. The pastors and Dana were able to pray with them and give them a blessing bag. Maria also came out right after the preaching but her boyfriend wouldn’t let her speak to us. Please pray for them. So many things happened but above all the Lord was glorified today.

One strange thing happened late this afternoon. Shaniqua came down here with her mother. They were here a couple of months ago. All day long back then they screamed, threatened, and cursed at me. Today they showed up terrified. She has been sick and wishing she had listened. They came to get their records because no doctor will see her without them, even in the condition she is in. It was so strange to now see them asking for prayer. This ministry has you doing.things you never would have imagined in your wildest dreams. Please join me in praying for her, that God would grant repentance and heal her body and soul.