A Blessing to Serve

As told by John Barros

Well today was surely a different day. I am so thankful for those the Lord sends down here to serve. 90% of them are from Saint Andrew’s Chapel. It is an immeasurable blessing to serve with those from our same church.

Matt is a young man who has been coming a couple of days a week before going to work. He has been mainly observing and praying. Today the opportunity arose to meet a lady who was coming for an abortion. He spoke with her and gave her the brochures. She became unsettled and pulled across the street. He had a time of prayer with her and she drove away. Matt went to work and she came back. She went inside and didn’t seem like she was listening. A while after the preaching Ashley came out, walked over to me and said, “Thank you guys. I can’t do it.” We had another time of prayer and off she went. Matt is so excited today. He is so happy he was able to meet with a young lady whose eyes were opened by the Lord.

Bill and Yolie also served in this crazy heat today. Yolie plead with many ladies. We had a couple of turn-aways as well. We don’t know why but please pray they don’t return.
I would encourage anyone who hasn’t gone out to serve in this way to do it. None of us are anything special at all. It’s Jesus who does this and there is nothing like watching Him work.

Yesterday a man called me across the street wanting to know what was going on. I told him and he was in total shock. It turns out he is Dr. Raymond Butler, on staff at Zion Hills Missionary Baptist Church. He is also a chaplain at the 33rd Street jail here in Orlando. He asked if I would be willing to speak about this. Of course it would be an honor. We got to talking and he was at a doctor’s office to help with old football injuries. I believe he was on the 1980 Baltimore Colts, and finished his career with the Seahawks. It turns out he is also friends with my football hero Barry Sanders. He sure was a joy.