A Bold Young Girl

As told by John Barros:

Today was crazy busy. It was standing room only inside. The weather was cold and stormy, with winds and rain that were almost like a hurricane. We had two turn aways and one young lady stood up to her guy and chose life.

There was a precious young girl named Gabby that walked across the street with her father during the preaching to see what was going on. He told her and she walked right up to me and asked if she could tell the ladies to keep and love their babies. It was pretty amazing how bold she was.

The place was pretty nutty, with all the threats and vileness you can imagine. At one point the security guy had to get people under control outside. Several were wishing bodily harm upon me. 

It’s so strange to see what is going on around here. One young lady whose mother still works here quit without having a job to go to. Three new ladies started working here this week.

It is so strange to see hearts inside the place now. They have hearts hanging from the ceiling, pasted to the back of the door, and on the walls inside. It is unbelievable to see symbols of love and affection in the waiting room of a lobby where people are waiting to kill their children. It just keeps getting crazier every day.

They are not doing abortions this Sunday but it looks like Sunday abortions are here to stay. They will be doing them next Sunday and continue every other.

Honored to serve with Bill, Luke, Bradley, Beth, and Melyna. God continues to weave people in and out throughout the day. So blessed.