A Busy Day

As told by John Barros: 

It was pretty busy down here today. The rush is on to have their abortions done before Thanksgiving. There were three ladies that turned away. They wouldn’t talk but were quite moved.

There was another girl that came out, saying she wasn’t going to do it and some other things we could not understand. There were some heartbreaking things as well. We were able to pray with a couple of ladies, but their guys wouldn’t man up and get them out of here.

So blessed to have Randy and Cheri down here from Virginia. You just have to love folks that take a day out of their vacations to come and serve. They have been Facebook friends for some time and are friends with some dear friends of mine, Don, Nathan and Mary. Randy and Cheri serve faithfully up there in Virginia.

We were also blessed to have Anna come from the hospital to say hello and pick up her stroller. Please pray for all the ladies here. They are going to be open everyday other than Thanksgiving.