A Christmas Time Abortion Special

As told by John Barros:

Well, Orlando Women’s Center decided to have a Christmas time Sunday special today. About six or seven ladies took them up on their offer. It was supposed to be at EPOC as well but it never happened there.

Michele brought the folks from there to join us and much time was spent singing worship songs to God. It truly was special down there today. There is no way that I could tag everyone but each person was so special. So many came by before heading to church. No one chose life today.

We did find a new abortionist, though. We have no idea who he is. He drove around looking for the place and came in the front door when he arrived. Kerry took him out for lunch afterwards. Please pray he does not return. Last time we had another abortionist here they were open seven days a week. Thanks for all of you that prayed and those of you that came down. Can’t wait to get to church tonight.