A Cold Day at EPOC

As told by John Barros:

Sure was a different day down here. Don and Bobby flew in from up North and have brought a whole bunch of nasty cold weather with them.

They go to Jamaica every year to evangelize and come a couple of days early to minister with me. Well Orlando Women’s Center wasn’t doing abortions today so we ran over to EPOC.

We were there all day with folks that were colder than the weather today. Nobody chose life but it was great to see Michele and Amber for a little bit.

And then there is Pat. Pat is an elderly lady that comes down here everyday. She was happy us guys were here and was pretty cold so she said since we were here she was going to go home early. I didn’t think anything of it but right after she left a couple pulled in with a brand new baby. They were beyond excited to show her the baby and thank her for being here and being the tool God would use to save their family.

I could not believe she had just left. They will be coming back but hopefully Amber or Michele can get Pat the pictures.

Kerry pulled in today and said “John, we are sending them all to your house this month.” He said that the EPOC Clinic will be closed all month. They will only open there on Tuesdays and will be at OWC the rest of the time.

Also, was blessed to have Jean Marie Fambrough drive by. She noticed us out on the sidewalk while driving by and stopped to encourage us. This precious young lady is on her way to China to work with special needs children. She would appreciate your prayers as well.

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