A Crazy Kind of Day

One of those crazy kind of days today. The Reformation Bible College kids came down and they did an awesome job. The worship was incredible.

A young lady named Catherine chose life today. It was a battle all day. She kept coming out and would go out to the car with her boyfriend. He would keep bringing her back in. Finally the guy got the security guard to help bring her back inside but she stood strong. Her boyfriend came out and said they had chosen life and were leaving. When they pulled up they were so thankful and took a blessing bag.

Demonic forces made themselves known here today. A young lady came out to the sidewalk. She was trembling, but looked so normal wearing a Gators sweatshirt. She started going on about needing silence. I tried to speak with her but said she had to kill her baby.

She rolled up her sleeve and showed me symbols that had been scarred into her arm. They were those kind of things that raise up above the skin and are hard. She told me to look them up and I would know why she had to do this. I texted my friend that used to be a satanist. He said they were the symbols to their god Belial. We began praying heavy for her.

She came running out again. The worship was really tearing her up. She came up to me again, asking for quiet. She came out again jumped in her car and left. We really don’t know if she had an abortion or not.

We actually had a couple of girls come up and go inside saying they had watched the Channel 9 news report on this place.

Had another guy going over the edge out back today but God kept everyone safe. Had a turn away as well. Please keep praying…