A Dark and Bizarre Day

As told by John Barros:

I know I often say “today was crazy” Well other than crazy today was very dark and bizarre.

I have been pitted against a guy by the name of Kerry for about five months now. First he was calling himself a “consultant”. He tried many many things to keep us away. Then a couple of weeks ago he began “escorting” babies and ladies into the clinic. That hasn’t worked the way he thought it would, which angers him. Last week I warned him that by “escorting” these people in, he has come against the God of the Bible and his judgment will be immense. He started freaking out. I went on to tell him that one month from now he will not be the same person. He continued freaking out.

Well it isn’t taking a month for Kerry to change. Today he was very dark. He was angry because the new doors they had put in to try and stop sound from coming in weren’t working and he was complaining that the new paint on them was stained. Then a worker came out wanting me to clear something up that he was lying about. Kerry then stood in front of me with more of his veiled threats. As he was carrying on, he flashed his gun at me. He went on saying he has six cars now and isn’t living in the neighborhood he used to. Threatened to use the gun on me. Kept saying I don’t want to be the guy I used to be. 

Then he went on and on in anger because a dear young lady that serves down here from St. Andrew’s ran into him at the store with his ex-wife and his two sons. He started freaking out, thinking she followed him there and now knew who his family is. He started yelling about what would happen to anyone if they ever showed up at his house. He has talked to me a lot like this before but I couldn’t believe he.did it in front of Bradley.

The way Kerry is acting has to be a result of fighting with God. Please pray for him. I really do love him and the rest of the workers. Things just seem to be really heating up in all the workers here.

So Thankful to serve.with Pastor H.P., Daylan, Bradley, Yolie, and Bonnie. Precious servants.