A Day Full of Pain

As told by John Barros: 

You just never ever know what to expect on any given day down here. There was so much pain here today. They have lowered the prices on abortions and the place was packed. More than 30 babies died here today. They moved people in here in multiple times.

The Lord moved here as always, and three ladies chose life. A married couple showed up and parked down the street. They were taking their time so I went down to speak with them. Crystal began to cry and said they already have children and can’t afford another. We spoke at length, but they went inside. They came out several times and went to their car to talk.

Melyna asked me to preach one more time in the afternoon. As I was, Crystal came out with that smile we only see here. She came out to the walk and had us pray with them. After that she told us how it was in there and that a couple of ladies that had been turn aways actually chose life. Crystal will be going to Choices Monday.

There were others that seemed so close, and one battle that lasted for hours. Michael and Aneta came later. They went inside, and Michael came out saying it was her decision. I told him if he tried half as hard to get her out of here as he did trying to get her to sleep with him she would leave.

Well, Michael became a man. He took her out and told her that we would help them with everything. They went out back and fought for a long time. She went back inside and he came over for love from the ladies and prayer.

He went back in and brought her out again. They fought and talked. He brought her over to us and we poured into her and prayed with her. To our horror, she rejected the goodness of God and went in. It was a tough day. So many people.

So blessed though to have so many come to help throughout the day. Beth, Lucas and his mother and sister came early. Then Abel and Rebecca came with their dear daughter as well as their Pastor Steven. They are so awesome. Steven brought the Word, and he ministers in front of the Lakeland Planned Parenthood. Fredo came and brought the Word as well. Then in the afternoon Sally and Jean came. I have no idea how an 83 year old man can kill that many babies in a day.

I was so thankful to be able to go to my church tonight to be with my family. So blessed indeed. I also was able to meet with John MacArthur. He brought a wonderful message and was such an encourager. God is so good.