A Day of Battle

As told by John Barros:

Today was a battle. We had plenty of people but the folks here were very hard. The theme seemed to be “have your alternative lifestyle friend give you a ride” day. There were four different instances of this today. I can’t figure it out really.

We had two turnaways but the rest of the day was just wicked. I wish I had videoed a guy that came today. He was about 400 pounds and stood at the door hollering at the moon. Don’t even want to remember this day really.

There was a highlight though. Another worker came out and stood on the porch during the preaching. I told her she needed to quit like the others have and she said she would. Please pray for her.

Beth brought her Mother down here to serve. That was wonderful. We also had Karen, Matt, Yolie, Pastor Dan, and Chuck and Mary spread out throughout the day.

There was a lady that brought her daughter to kill her granddaughter. She fought with me all day saying she was a Christian. Leaving late this afternoon she came out with a look like a deer in the headlights. She looked at me trembling and said “God bless you, Sir.” I couldn’t believe the look of sadness and conviction. Please pray for her and her daughter.