A Day of Contrasts

As told by John Barros:

There can’t be any greater contrast in life than today. They sent folks from OWC over to EPOC, so Bradley, Bobby, Don, and I went on over. Nobody would listen. One lady tore out but who knows.

Sheryl called saying she was going to see little Matthew and Jayleesa. I asked Bobby and Don if they could stay out of trouble if I was to go to Winnie Palmer with Sheryl. They assured me they would.

It was so awesome to see the love that was in that room, and so wonderful to see a mother holding her baby and saying “I can’t imagine my life without him”. God is so good.

I can’t believe it, but the pictures I had of Sheryl did not turnĀ out. I have never known anyone like Sheryl. She was like a little kid inside that room, so filled with excitement and hope. She has so much love for the ladies she helps.

It was so awesome to hold little Matthew and lift him up in prayer. We were all just thanking God for His goodness. Please continue to pray for this precious family. I can’t wait to get over to his house soon.

Thank you all that have given to and prayed for these folks. So excited to see what God has planned for Him.

Well, I went back to EPOC to find out that Don and Bobby cannot stay out of trouble. In the short time we were gone, some red head went crazy on Don. The guy took my “truth horn” and tore it to shreds by hand. I have no idea how someone could be that strong. Those things are tough.

Then, of course, the police came. The police were kind to them and just told them to have a good day.

It was such a contrast to see a young lady that trusted God and is receiving blessings beyond measure against the backdrop of these ladies stumbling out after having their abortions. It just stunk a little more down here today than usual.