A Day of Respite

As told by John Barros:

Today was pretty incredible. As far as I know there were no babies killed today. The parking lot was filled with workers’ cars but no clients. Lucas Mann, Karen, Donna Eggars and I were able to catch up on some fellowship.

So many workers with no clients

The timing was amazing because we had three special visitors. Richard Pelletier, a dear man who fights from behind the scenes, stopped by to encourage. Richard and his precious wife are priceless.

David Johnson stopped by during his lunch hour to do the same.
Jeremiah Meriwether from Jacksonville stopped by to serve and we ended up having a great conversation.

There is a young lady that delivers sandwiches to this abortion clinic. She hates coming here very much. We have gotten to know each other a bit. She has heard the Gospel and I’ve had the pleasure of praying with her about certain areas in her life.

Today she pulled up and walked inside with a sandwich. A minute later she burst out the door with a huge smile on her face and yelled “John, this is for you! It says Orlando Women’s Center John Barros on the receipt!!” I couldn’t believe it. It turns out a dear young lady from church Heather Marie had sent it. That girl sure knows how to embarrass people. 😉

Thanks to all of you that continue to pray.