A Different Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was so different than yesterday and we were so very thankful. First thing this morning Bradley Spruill was a able to speak to a young lady who came early and she very quickly left for a CPC.


Then a guy showed up with his wife for their second day of labor. He literally dragged her in there with a giant suitcase. He had been saying for two days that she had a medical condition that was making them have to abort. We found out from his wife that her “medical condition” was that their baby has Downs Syndrome. We told them we could get a hundred people today who would love her baby, but to no avail.


Later in the day a young hardened lady from South Carolina came out during the preaching, looked at me and said “I can’t do this…” She chose life. OWC was giving them a hard time and did not want to refund her money. Earlier in the day they would not take info but did when they left.

The greatest thing about today were the wonderful people I got to serve with. Shari and Alexza Johnson were there with a friend. These folks are wonderful. Bradley Spruill is in the midst of working, Bible college, finals, etc. and he is so faithful to come every week. Then the Lord brought me a surprise. Scott and Erin Calihan from Lexington, Kentucky came to Orlando for vacation. They decided to come serve here for half a day, and it was such a blessing. I don’t deserve to be able to serve with folks like those who came today. God is so very gracious.