A “Different” Kind of Evil

As told by John Barros:

I have to tell you Karen, Yolie, Donna, and I are truly heartbroken today.

You know it’s going to be a tough day when workers come in crying. One saying how utterly disgusting and wicked it was yesterday. I can still hear and see the folks from yesterday growling, screaming, mocking God. It was total insanity. There has been a “different” kind of Evil here this week. Definitely one of the worst weeks of all these years.

Well, today was no better. It was horrific to watch more than 15 of the 30 plus from yesterday return to complete their late-term labor and delivery abortions. All new abortions were canceled because the 84-year-old “Beast” had his hands full.

They walked in today with their pillows and blankets not quite as smart mouthed as they were yesterday. Their babies were most likely dead from the shot he gave them to stop their hearts yesterday. The laminera sticks that had been placed in their cervix was causing some discomfort. He gave them more drugs to speed up the labor and then they began to March. They marched in circles all day and as the day went on their walking became very labored. Waiting to deliver their baby’s into a toilet. All this while the people that run this place are off to a resort in the Dominican Republic getting married.

For the first time I was speechless. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not that I have never seen it before but this was different somehow. Almost all I could do was pray and most of that wasn’t even with words. Just begging God to stop this.

We must stop this!!

I know all my friends like to hear the wonderful things Jesus does down here. I know everything is according to His will. Maybe he just wanted us to experience the pain of this. It is so unbelievably wicked. To hear ladies scream “I just want to get “It” out of me.”

How has this gone on so long?

It is long overdue to do something about this. It’s not time to point fingers of blame but it is time to act.

I would ask my friends in every state to go to ENDABORTIONNOW.COM
Their website is almost complete. The website has taken a little longer than expected because it is a highly technical one.

Their goal is to work through the Church. They don’t see the Church as an enemy. They are contacting pastors all around the country and will be offering everything from training pastors and elders to lead their Churches in this battle in every aspect, to sidewalk counseling, to working through your states lawmakers. Pastor Jeff Durbin is working so hard at this.

I am sorry about how depressing the last couple of posts have been. When you post everyday you just post what it is and this is what it is.
I’m sure the Lord is going to do some other wonderful things and who knows maybe I will just delete this. Just had to get it out. Thank you. Please continue to pray.