A Few Stories

Today was pretty rough down here. Samantha brought her friend Sandra down to help. Because of Sandra’s wheelchair, they had to be over in front of Dr. Collins’ office. Well the Lord had Liz pull up right there into the hands of two lovely ladies. They spoke to Liz about the place and what God thinks of this. Liz chose life and went to Choices. She scheduled an appointment to return next week. Please pray for her. Sandra loved this ministry and plans to return.

Had a few other stories that may bless you. Prayer is such a huge portion of what goes on here. Crista sent me a message that last Friday she went to her doctor’s appointment with Dr. Collins. She said that while seeing and hearing the ministry going on next door that she and four other ladies that had never even met each other began to pray inside Dr. Collins’ lobby for what was going on outside the door. I think this is so wonderful. Just wish they would have come over when they were done. 

I went to the Choices banquet last Thursday. I was honored to sit with Coach Lou Holtz of Notre Dame. He blessed me by telling me he follows the ministry and prays for us. Said I was the only Gator he liked and to keep on. Boy he sure is a great speaker and absolutely hilarious.