A Full Moon Mess

As told by John Barros:

I’m telling you when it is a full moon this place goes completely nuts.
The morning had Beth, Matt, and Karen down here. It was very difficult ministering. Lots of hard hearts and big mouths. Thankfully we were able to see two mom’s lead their daughters out of this dump.

It was just a very strange day. Kerry the “consultant” was down here naming people again. I believe he names people actors and actresses names to kind of separate their humanity from them. He calls Bill, Sean Connery, He calls Matthew, Lance Armstrong, He names Karen, Dolly Parton. He names Beth, Sharon Murphy. And he calls me Tom Selleck. Must be the bushy eyebrows. Today he even had a little bullhorn down here to preach against me. It is just nuts.

Karen and I were here alone in the afternoon and then Chuck, Mary, Bill, Paul, Edwin, and Andrea all showed up at once. Right when they showed up a couple came up the wrong drive at me. I had never said anything to this guy because he had paid the extra $300 to go in the back. When he got up to me he went nuts jumped out of his truck and came after me. It was really quite comical. He was gonna do this and do that. I told him he was a coward that wouldn’t even stand up for his lady and baby. What was he going to do to me?

Chuck wearing his 101st Airborne hat, standing between us. What a Man.

Chuck who is one of the “Greatest Generation” stood between us. Chuck is a man’s man. Then Karen lit into this guy like I have never seen before. Then all the people from inside piled out screaming, hollering, and mocking God.

Karen driving a coward out of here

We had a mess on our hands. The Lord calmed everything and everyone down. I really don’t think that clown would ever do anything but I was Amazed with the Bravery of my Dear Friends… So Blessed.

Please pray for the Moms that brought their daughters out of here. Pray the Lord would knit their hearts together with Him.