A Great Light

As told by John Barros:

The Lord shined a great light into hearts that were in an extremely cold, dark place today. There were over 20 people who came down here today. Most were very, very hard indeed but Jesus began working right away.

There was a young couple who pulled in. She began tearing up right away. They went inside but she kept coming out. After a while she spoke to Jessica Woodroof and Bonnie Franke. She said she didn’t want to kill her baby, but her boyfriend was pressuring her to do this.

During the Preaching a young lady named Megan came out and walked up to me. We had a great talk and a time of prayer. She took the information and headed off to Choices. As the preaching went on a young lady came out who was angry that we were there. She went back inside saying she was a Christian, but came out again. She spoke with Don Karnes and told him she was going to choose life for today. She didn’t really know what she was going to do ultimately. Don gave her information and she left.

Then the door burst open and the young girl who didn’t want to have an abortion came out. Her boyfriend was right behind yelling out, “Thank you; I get it… we are keeping our baby!” He had such a massive smile on his face as he was giving us thumbs up.

A bit later another couple of girls went out back to think about it while Don was preaching. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled up and rolled down their window but we couldn’t get over there in time.

A couple of hours later Callie, the awesome ultrasound princess over at Choices called and told us Megan had in fact chosen life and wanted her to call tp thank us. When asked why she left she said it was because of the Word that was being preached.

In the middle if all this Sabrina walked over from the hospital to say hello and encourage us. Jessica and Bonnie couldn’t let that be enough; they wanted to go back with her and play with baby Makenna for a bit. We had another surprise today as well: Heather and her wonderful children came by for an hour. I haven’t seen them in a long time.


It has been such a blessing serving with my dear brother Don Karnes. He is amazing. He just got back yesterday from preaching every day for three weeks in Jamaica. He will be back with me in the morning, and then heads to another venue. And what can be said of Jessica and Bonnie? I have never seen such prayer and praise warriors. Hearts that burn for Jesus and those who find themselves here.

At 4:00 a young lady named Tracy came down. Don spoke with her. She ended up not even going inside. Instead, she took off for Choices, trying get there before they closed. To make a long story short, she has decided to keep her baby. God is so good. His word is life. Please pray for all these folks. Thanks for praying..