A Greater Light

As told by John Barros:

Today was unbelievably wicked as you can see from the video I posted earlier but God shined a huge light into the lives of three young ladies today.

After the preaching a pretty young lady named Jasmine who¬†was so cold when she was dropped off by a couple of gang-type guys came out, bewildered but beaming. She said, “Thank you, God has touched me. I am not going to do this.” We had a wonderful time of prayer, she took the info for Choices and left.

Another couple came out. She chose life and he was angry. When they came up in the car he wouldn’t let her roll the window down to take information.

Then a dear young lady named Megan pulled up and asked if I could help her. She is 21 weeks pregnant, can’t do an abortion, has four kids already and wants to give a wonderful gift to a family.


In the midst of great darkness there is always a greater light; His name is Jesus..