A Gut-Wrenching Week

As told by John Barros:

I have to tell you folks, some weeks it is just gut-wrenching down here. There are so many unbelievably sad stories this week.

I am so thankful that Dana Brenyo stopped by this afternoon just in time to cry and pray with a mother who has a daughter in a world of trouble and was trying to get her daughter out of the clinic.


Yesterday there was a young lady who wanted her child very much but the baby had no brain, spine, or genitals, so doctors told her to get an abortion at 23 weeks.


There have been many others as well.

There was a young man who took his lady Lavinia away, rejoicing that God had sent a “sign”. Donna was able to love on her a bit.

Then there was the “hero” who had been in the military and thought it was okay to bring his wife down here to kill their baby. They shouted that we were wasting our time because nothing we could say would change their minds. He was right nothing we said changed their minds, but God changed her mind and she fought her “hero” on the porch and left.

God works in all the pain and there has been a bunch this week. I can’t wait for the RBC kids tomorrow. Please keep praying!.