A Hard Day at the Pit

As told by John Barros:

It was a cold, hard rainy day down at the pit today. There were two who came for abortions and I believe six late-term moms in their second day of labor.

I actually had to call the police on one of the guys inside. He came up to Bryan McDaniel and told him “I am really with you guys and am going to take care of this place. If you would like to see how, be here Monday with your cameras.” We hate abortion, but…


The guys tried to sing hymns but I will be glad when the girls get back. Bradley Spruill and Bryan were back, and Isaac George as well. Patrick Steckbeck came down for his first time and preached.

It was very difficult today and we were all overcome with sadness as they picked up two huge boxes of dead babies.

Please pray that the seeds sown will take root..