A Lightning Bolt to the Soul

As told by John Barros: 

Bradley and I got to watch the Lord work in such a special way today. Oh, there were the ranters spewing out their death threats and all the craziness that goes on around here, but a young lady had her eyes opened.

Chayanna arrived this morning and was dropped off by her boyfriend. As she came up, I offered her the info packs that we pass out. We began to talk and she became highly agitated. As we went through Scripture, she said “I don’t care what you say. I have to get it out of me.” As we spoke about God promising to take care of her if she trusted Him, she said “this is wrong that you are here. You are being so mean and making me feel really bad”.

As she stood there on the porch, I asked her to tell me anything I said to her that was anything but trying to help. She stared at me. I told her that if she felt bad it was a very good thing because it was God convicting her of her sin and calling her to trust him. All of a sudden it looked like a lightning bolt pierced her very soul.

She came out to the walk and asked me to take her to Choices. She went to her boyfriend’s car to get her baby and diaper bag. They got into it for a little bit, but then she thanked me and said her boyfriend was going to take her.

I had my doubts as to if he would take her there, but he did. She went through the counseling and had her ultrasound. So thankful for the love she received there. She has some hurdles on her road so please pray for her. She went from wanting to kill “it”, to having a heart of love to her baby. It truly was beautiful. The Lord is so good.