A Lot of Life

As told by John Barros:

There was a lot of life going on down here today. John and Tina Crawford along with their children Lachlan, Aila, and Paisley, decided to come here for a couple of days as part of their vacation. What a blessing they all are! They adopted Paisley from a young lady who chose life for her baby and to bless John and Tina. They are going to take her down south to visit with the birth mother and all of her family. Adoption is wonderful!! I never thought it could look like this.

First thing this morning, “Maria” pulled in with her boyfriend. They stopped and talked in the driveway. Maria began tapping her fingers on her chest and getting agitated. They pulled down to the parking lot in the back and began talking for what seemed like eternity. Then the.fighting began as God opened her eyes. Her boyfriend became very angry and came flying up the driveway. He wasn’t about to stop so she smiled, yelled “Thank you!” and waved. He did something else.

Then there was another couple who came. They sat on the porch. When they were made aware of what God has to say about people who kill babies he went out back. She began filling out the paperwork. She was really hard-hearted at first, but as she was filling out the papers she became agitated. Tina shared about what a blessing Paisley has been to their family and how brave her birth mother was. She got up, stopped filling out the papers, took them inside, and left them. She went out back to think. After about a half hour she came up, went inside, and came right back out. She went out back, got in her car, and blasted on out of here.

There was a very young couple who came. He told us he was adopted but just couldn’t raise this baby. They went inside but came out within a few minutes. She was one angry young lady. She was trying to get an abortion with a high school identification. She was running out back and this guy was whining like a baby saying, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

Then there was a lady who came by taxi. She listened a little bit but went inside. She came out, hailed the taxi back down, and left.

Please pray for all these folks..Those of you who have been praying for Nichol she came by today and brought her precious baby Suzanne. Today was a blessing..

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