A Nightmare Day

As told by John Barros:

Today the insanity of this place continued. There were about twenty five ladies that came. I knew it was going to be rough right away when a mobile detailer arrived. The security guard came out and told me he was having all the workers cars cleaned today. The guy’s van had a very loud generator and pressure washer in the back. Kerry continues with his attempts to silent the Word of God. We had to fight that all the way till 4:00. It was a nightmare.

Nobody chose life today and something became clear about that girl that had been here since Wednesday. She was back today. Something must have been seriously wrong yesterday. She came Wednesday by taxi. She was here with the tall lady yesterday and then a strange looking guy with a tricked out Mercedes.

When she came out she looked at Bradley and I with those eyes. Eyes that looked like she needs help. I can’t prove it, but I am convinced she was part of something incredibly tragic even outside of the abortion.

So thankful though for a constant flow of brothers and sisters coming to help. Tara brought Rachel, “the secret weapon” down. Beth, RC, Pastor Christopher, and Fredo were down in the morning. Jessica and her husband came down from Tallahassee for a bit along with Heather.

This has been a week I will never forget and am so thankful it is over. Please continue to pray. This place is so wicked and these folks are trying anything they can to stop us.