A Particularly Dark Day

As told by John Barros:

I don’t know if it’s just because of all that has been going on lately, but it was particularly dark down here today. Late term moms coming in the front door while happy birthday balloons go in the back door. There really is no way to explain the madness that is Orlando Women’s Center.

People in your face, screaming and yelling, as you tell them you are there for them. It was tough today but there was one turn away and then there was Christina.

She came with her friend to have an abortion. After all the morning’s craziness, they came out. We talked and she said she had changed her mind and was going to keep her baby. She said she had insurance, though, and was going to go ahead and have her ultrasound.

I told her there was a much better place, but she wanted to just get it over with. I began to have doubts but she was so thankful that I believed her. In the mean time, they were getting down to just a few left. The team member that helps in the afternoon had a family emergency and could not make it today. I got a call about something needing to be done at the jail so I left as the check ups began coming.

Michele called as I was leaving and said a couple of cars were leaving EPOC, and that she and Mary were going to follow them over. When I got done at the jail I called Michele and she told me she met Christina.

Christina told Michele she had already chosen life. Michele asked her what changed her mind and Christina told her “I found out I have support I didn’t know I had.” Praise God for that. If you all go to sidewalks please be sure your church is that support that they don’t know existed. We all know it is Jesus, but He uses secondary causes.