A Powerful Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was powerful. So thankful to have Bradley back as well as Philip, Samantha, and Tracey. The place was packed for a Monday, but we saw three turn away and one couple from Brasil chose life.

Kerry the wallet escort was back in business, marching around seeking whom he may devour. He was a bit late, so many seeds were planted before he arrived. During the preaching, the blinds were moving like fan blades. People were coming outside and going up and down the street. It was chaotic.

Then a couple pulled up behind my van. When I began to speak with them, they said they were from Brasil. They were so sweet. When I told them my grandfather was a missionary there, they smiled and Arturo got out of the car. He asked what we were doing there and we told them. We asked what he was doing here and he said they were sight seeing.

They kept looking to go inside but we continued to talk. They told us there is no abortion in Brasil, but that there are too many unwanted children. Kerry kept coming out trying to take them away from us and he heard a mouthful. We talked on and on about how wrong this was and how God is able. To make a long story short, they finally asked me what my opinion of abortion was. I said my opinion doesn’t matter – God’s opinion is all that matters. He tells us that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

They looked at each other said “that’s it” They thanked Tracey and I, and got in their car. He said thanks again and that he would be calling to buy dinner at Vittorios, a Brasilian restaurant across the street from Bass Pro Shops. Pray he does because I love that place and I love them.