A Pretty Cool Day

As told by John Barros: 

What a day. Today was pretty cool. Bradley, Stephen, Waleska, and I were joined by Matthew. He ministers at a mill up in Raleigh and travels around the US. helping and encouraging others.

Thankfully today was slow compared to what it has been. First thing this morning, Mark showed up with Priscilla. She went inside, but when I told Mark I knew he was young but needed to become a man he came out to the sidewalk. He honestly asked what it meant to be a man. When I told him, and shared how our whole church would help him to do it, he sighed, began to tear up, and asked for prayer. He went inside and told Priscilla “let’s get out of here – we can do this.”

The irony is that they went to Choices and found out that she wasn’t even pregnant. Please pray that they would repent and come to Jesus fully.

Then there was Elisabeth, who pulled in with her boyfriend. They were spoken to, and there was just something about her. I don’t know what it was. We all prayed for her and I told the people that I would be preaching to her. Believe it or not, they chose life and came out after the preaching. Waleska met with her and and Elisabeth broke down. It was beautiful. Please pray for these folks.

Matthew said another couple came out and left as well. Nobody got to speak with them so I just don’t know.

There were some hardened people there that Matthew dealt with, like a guy claiming to be a Christian counselor when every other word that came out of his mouth was vile. Then he dealt with another guy that was bringing a lady here for an abortion who is married to someone else. Just crazy.

Those of you that have been praying for my times on The American Adversaries, please keep it up. Believe it or not, it is making a difference in Orlando. They are a secular station, but the number one spot in their program is hearing the stories of what Jesus is doing in the streets of their city. Thank you all. I don’t see how this could happen without your prayers.