A Proud Mom

As told by John Barros:

It is still hard to believe that people are coming to kill their children as a massive hurricane is on the way.
The Lord blessed today though. Three young ladies turned away. A conflicted young lady named Asia came out and took brochures and actually stayed long enough to go through the Gospel with Karen.

We were blessed to have Miranda stop by with her 10-day-old daughter Ameris. They are doing wonderful. Such a proud mother, telling Donna, Karen and I all the things she has learned about loving her baby. Such a blessing to get to see and listen to her heart in front of this butcher shop.

Then I was super blessed to have Carmem from “First Life” Pregnancy Clinic call wanting to take Karen and I to a Brazilian buffet. Carmem is such a gift to so many. It was wonderful to catch up with her and her ministry. Carmem and other directors of pregnancy clinics are very special. I have a few that are dear friends. God has gifted them in an amazing way. Please pray for your pregnancy clinics. They have some very hard work to do.