A Rare Type of Day

As told by John Barros: 

I’ve only seen a day like this one other time. Five people came down here today. One couple turned away and was waving at us, but we didn’t know if they had chosen life or not. Then there was a huge battle. A guy was leading his lady inside and she began to turn. He got her inside but for some reason they came outside to fill the papers out on the porch.

I have to tell you I was harder on this guy than I have ever been on anyone in my life. It was so strange because she changed her mind, so he began filling out her papers on the door. Every scripture that was quoted to him literally hit him like they were bullets. He would actually cringe and contort. It looked like he was dancing during this. Then they went inside and came right out. They went down the street and were yelling at each other very loud. I sure wish Choices would have been open at their new location there already.

After they were done fighting, they headed back down during the preaching. Samantha engaged her but they went inside. I thought she was going to have the abortion but she was actually cancelling. They came out, walked up to Samantha, and I apologized for being so rough on him. He actually thanked me for it. Philip and Bradley joined with us in prayer. Then they said they would go to Choices. Samantha and Philip drove them over.

A while after they left the clinic shut down. That’s right, they shut down. The other three ladies came out and left. I asked one of the workers what was going on and she said since there were only three, they were sending them to EPOCH because the abortionist on Mondays comes from Tampa and wouldn’t want to come all this way for three.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for Samantha, Philip, and Bradley. So willing to serve. Bradley had to go to Choices to pick them up along with Samantha. They told them that they had chosen life and she is 8 weeks. They were very thankful.
I am so thankful as well for Choices. This couple was treated with so much love and care.