A Rare Wickedness

As told by John Barros: 

Today was horrible. There was a wickedness that only shows up once and a while. That young late term lady that was sitting on my wall yesterday returned for her second day of labor. She sat on the bricks because she could barely walk. She went inside with the help of a “friend”.

This friend of hers was unlike any I have ever seen. She was tall, covered head-to-toe in tattoos,  and had two large piercings in the middle of each cheek that were big enough to be small bolts. 

Of course she decided to get in my face as soon as she got there. All the usual vileness and mindless drivel before she calmed down and went inside. The Lord pretty much shut her up, but she did come out screaming and yelling in a rage to people on the phone. Then she came out screaming about the workers inside and yelling about how she had cursed them out.

The day was mostly late-termers that started on Wednesday, but there were a few others. There was one couple that came and the man took the info, saying he didn’t want to do this. They left but can’t say they chose life

Then late this afternoon the tall lady came out again, this time with the girl she accompanied. The girl was trying to make it to the wall again. She came and sat. Her abortion was complete but she seemed catatonic. She didn’t want to stay inside and would rather sit in the rain than inside.

I gave them an umbrella. It was like a scene out of a horror movie. The tall lady would cradle her head, rubbing her hair while speaking sweetly and then burst into vile rage, cursing and screaming while her friend was sitting with her eyes rolling up into her head with unconsciousness.

I finally had to go get one of the workers to look at her. The workers came out trying to help and the tall lady began cursing at her, telling her to get away and that they don’t need her. The worker was asking if they had used other drugs, but the tall lady would not allow the worker to help.

I didn’t know what to do other than sit there and pray until their ride came. It is so strange when these kind of things happen. It is like there is something crazy going on in the spiritual realm that you cannot see. Usually there are four ladies that come to help on Thursday. I am so thankful that the Lord kept them away today.

 Please pray for that young lady. She never did speak but her eyes looked so sad.