A Rare Young Lady

As told by John Barros:

Lucianna showed up today with her mother. They had driven three hours to get here. Through much conversation and praying with her, she chose life. She was a rare young lady, in that she told the truth. During the conversation she said “I have been living just the way I want for the last couple of years, and this is where it has led me.”

Another young lady came with her mother. She had been here a few days ago but had to come back for late term day. Her mother was very angry that we were there. When she would come out to have cigarettes, she smarted off, but seemed to be softening.

During the preaching she came out begging us to “please, please stop.” She took her daughter out back to sit in the car and talk. They sat there for 30-40 minutes, started up the car and left.

Another young lady was sent over from EPOC. She came with her boyfriend. Yolie began speaking with them. Her boyfriend stood up to her, wanting to keep their baby. They fought for a couple of hours. Finally she relented and they left. Please pray for all these ladies, that God would continue to work.

As school resumes, it was great to serve with Jessica. She has the voice of an angel. Her and Gerry sound awesome together. Two new couples from St. Andrew’s came down today and plan on returning. Vicky and Brittany from Choices stopped by and were quickly pressed into calling out to the ladies inside. They are going to kill me for posting these pics but oh well…