A Refreshing Day

Today was a bit refreshing. It was a slower day. Eight came for abortions and two turned away. The first came out and said thank you. The guy had her locked in his arms and was trying to keep us away. They sat out back for the longest time, then they pulled out with him waving.

The other I will call “Alicia”. She came with her boyfriend. During the preaching, she came out and went to get something from the car. I asked her to come talk. She said she would. When she came back up she spoke to Becky. She went inside, but just before the abortionist got here she came out and told Becky she was going to give it the weekend to think about this. Please pray the Lord opens these ladies’ eyes and gives them hearts to love their babies.

Had an awesome crew down here today. Bo came back and brought his mother, Becky. I’ve been working on Bo a bit. I told him about this beautiful little sidewalk warrior, Rachel. Trying to arrange a marriage for about twenty years from now. Bill, Beth, Chuck, and Mary were also here. My friend Emelio also came down for his first time. 

Anna brought little Jeffrey down. Ever since she chose life she stood to thank God for opening her eyes. She always yells “we Love Jesus”. Probably drives the demons crazy.

I also received a special picture. Jayleesa sent a pic of Matthew at one month old. She is so overwhelmed by the love that God showed by pulling her out of this pit. Thank you all for praying. God is so good.