A Rough Week

As told by John Barros:

I wasn’t in much of a picture taking mood down here today. Quite a few crazy people here, and this has just been a rough week. The Lord sent people shifting throughout the day. So thankful for Luke, Bradley, Beth, Jennifer, Melyna, and Fredo.

There was one couple that pulled in and Beth met them. She spoke to them and they pulled out back. They must have sat back there for over an hour talking. The Lord answered our prayers and entered their vehicle. They pulled up and thanked us, asking how to get to the CPC.

I would really like to ask you folks to pray for Fredo and his wonderful wife Caroleena. Fredo comes down here pleading with ladies to let him and his wife adopt their babies because they are unable to have one of their own. He is a Life Flight registered nurse and she is an RN in the NICU unit at Florida Hospital. I have never met a sweeter couple and they long so much for a baby. Fredo’s pleas are met with mocking, cursing, spitting, etc., yet he continues to come.

I know there are some simple minded people out there today that think if you replaced the preaching of the Gospel down here with people calling out to adopt the babies this would all change. People that think that need to come here for a week. Anyway, I would ask that you would pray that they find a baby. They are fully cleared through “Life For Kids” and will have a substantial discount if they find someone to “designate” their baby to them.

Please pray for these dear people. There are none better.