A Season of Darkness

As told by John Barros:

I hate so much posting the things that have been going on here lately. There is a season of darkness that I haven’t seen for some time. I can’t wait for the Lord to shine His light in a huge way here again.

He did shine in one young lady’s heart. She came out during the preaching and said thank you, taking the brochures with her and saying she will be going to Choices. He wasn’t too excited. Please pray the Lord would turn his heart and confirm hers.

Other than that, there was a crazy darkness here. Three new people came for abortions and all the late term girls from yesterday came. I believe we had nine total with pillows and blankets. Even a couple of the workers were amazed that so many would come all at once.

They returned with their mocking and vile words for those that came to help them. Whole families were here. Mom, Dad, aunts, children. Just insanity. So thankful that Beth, Donna, and Bill came. Also was blessed by Brad and Richard coming in the afternoon. My dear friend Eva also came down just to pray for me during a gap. In the midst of so much carnage, God is so faithful and good.

Please pray hard against this place. Pray the Lord would close it down and show himself mighty here. Pray for better stories.