A Slow Day for Abortions

As reported by John Barros:

God is soooo good!! Today was amazing at OWC. Only four people came down here. One was a young lady who was doing a research project. She said when she googled OWC she saw some of the videos we have posted about the place.

Another young lady by the name of Angela came. She spoke no English. I was able to get Annette on the phone and the translation went on for thirty minutes until God opened her eyes. She chose life and followed Bryan over to First Life. Please pray for her as she has three children already and no man in her life.


Then a state inspector came down to do an impromptu inspection. She came out and said they were so nasty that she is coming back with help. Well it even gets better: the abortionist on Mondays comes from Tampa. At 1:30 the two who were left inside came out and said he wasn’t coming for two abortions. Pray this gives them more time to think.

Please continue to pray. The amount of people coming has shrunk dramatically. Pray that all the news reports, videos, etc. continue to keep folks away and that it shrivels up under this crazy heat!.