A Stark Contrast

As told by John Barros:

What greater contrast could there be between yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was at the Choices Walk for Life with Vicky Botsford Mathews, her staff, and volunteers. There were hundreds of people and forty-five different churches with pastors and elders that want to end abortion and be a tool for Jesus to use. It was absolutely wonderful.

Choices Walk for Life

Then there was today. I showed back up at the pit and people just couldn’t wait to get inside to kill their babies. Deanna Waller and I had a bit of trouble trying to keep up with folks as they all arrived at the same time. The guys were filled with vileness and they were spewing death threats as they tried to hurry the ladies inside.

Everyone showing up at once…such hatred.

Then a Satanist showed up with his daughter. He tried to hurry her inside and was in my face — close enough to know he needs a lot of mouth wash. It was so strange to look at this guy. Here he has tattoos all over his face and neck with a giant star on his cheek and he just wanted his daughter inside. Deanna and I tried to reason with her. She started crying as she reached for the handke. She was yelling saying she was going to do it. She came out a few times and continued crying. Her dad was getting more upset by the minute. It was weird how she would call this guy “daddy.” By no stretch of the imagination would I say she chose life but they left on the bus. Please pray for this young lady, and her dad.

So Thankful for Michael Stephen Phillips, Brian and Allura Lightfoot, and Anne Marchetti and her husband who came to minister till it closed.

Palm Sunday…What a contrast. Thankfully, I was able to worship at St. Andrew’s. God cleanses me there every week. Blessed to hear Pastor Burk preach on Romans 9. Salvation is the Lord’s.

Also, I was so blessed to attend Miriam Sarver’s cello recital. She did an amazing job. This precious lady is a Sacred Music Major at Reformation. Bible College. She has served down here at the pit. Sometimes even with her cello.

You know the battle is tough but if you sit back and look at the big picture as we fight the evil darkness, He has surrounded us with love, care, kindness, and He is pleased.

Blessed Beyond Measure.