A Wonderful Way to End the Year

As told by John Barros:

I can’t say it enough. God is so good. He answered a prayer today that is asked every day, but one that I must confess hasn’t been prayed with much faith lately. We always pray that no babies would die and today He answered that prayer.

OWC was closed today and referred everyone over to EPOC, so we went over there to join Pat. We had quite a team. Warren, Luke, Bradley, Beth, Cassidy, and Yolie came down to end the year. I believe seven came to have abortions.

John came with his wife to have an abortion and he was a mess. As Luke called out to him, he sat on the sidewalk to listen. He said his life was unravelling and he knew this was wrong. He came out multiple times to listen but just couldn’t get it together to stand up.

I began to preach and about halfway through Erika, a precious young lady, came out. She walked over to me and hugged me with such relief. Through the tears she whispered “thank you so much”. Everyone gathered around and prayed for her. God also worked on her boyfriend who was at home. He now backs her decision.

There was such rejoicing. Pat was just saying wow. I can’t tell you how wonderful the celebration was on the sidewalk. We found out later that right up until the time God turned her heart she was telling people inside not to listen.

After Erika left, there was about an hour where people were coming out and going to their cars. The team was able to speak one on one with folks to get their stories and offer help.
Then the Lord answered our prayer. We had asked that no babies would die. One of the workers came out and said “go home, the doctor has cancelled.” It was so awesome. We were celebrating again.

As the people were coming out, one couple told the team that they were taking this as a sign. John ended up coming up with his wife and speaking to the team as well, pretty much saying the same thing. All of them were told to see this as the grace of God upon them. It was amazing.

This has been such a wonderful way to end this year. I took that hug from Erika today, but she was hugging everyone that serves in this ministry, including all of you that pray from all around the world for this. Thank you for being a blessing in 2015 and let’s see what God will do in 2016. Thank you so much.. God bless you!