A Young Lady Chooses Life

As told by John Barros:

Prayers would be greatly appreciated. A young lady I have been speaking with, Marah, is doing a wonderful thing and choosing life for her baby. She realizes she cannot give her baby what it needs and is going to give the ultimate gift: she is going to place her baby with another adoptive family. Please pray she stays strong and that the Lord guides her way. We are going to an agency tomorrow afternoon.

Update (5/28): I know many of you have been praying for Marah, but her name is really Taylor. I took her to Life For Kids this afternoon to begin the adoption process. I must say I am hugely impressed. What an awesome bunch. Mary, Mandy, and the staff are incredible. I got to go through the process with Taylor. She is going to find a family for her baby. Taylor really wants everyone’s prayers. She is such a brave young lady. We went through the gospel and gave her a new study Bible. She is going to begin coming to Saint Andrew’s in another week. Please continue to lift her up to our Father..