Abortion by Pill

As told by John Barros:

Today was so different down here. Several weeks ago they started doing a new pill abortion. The idea is that they give you a pill to begin labor, and send you home to deliver the baby there. You are told to come back and they will do a sonogram to see if the baby is gone. If not, they will surgically remove him. The first girl I know of who did it came back with something wrong. They had her marching around out back trying to move things along. When Randall went in to remove the baby he punctured her uterus and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

Today many of the girls I had seen over the last week showed up again. At first I thought they were here for checkups, but after a while I realized what was going on. These abortions take a long time for them to complete. It was hours and hours before the first one came out. There were still eight inside when I left in the late afternoon. This is a new low for this place. I can’t even believe they do this. It is much more difficult to preach when you realize so many of the babies are most likely dead already. The people look at you like they are just shells of a person.

Today has sure lit a fire in me to truly try to reach each person individually through the week so you don’t see them all show up like this. There were a couple of turn-aways early and a couple came for information in the late afternoon. They took our info and sat in their car after speaking with us. Then after what seemed like eternity, they started up the car and left. Please pray they make it to Choices and don’t come back.


It was awesome as always to work with Beth Goble. I am so thankful Daria Monroe brought coffee and stayed to encourage and pray with us. Amanda and Jonah Sprague came back this afternoon, and Jonah jumped right back into bringing the light of the Word to a dark, dark place. We were blessed to have Shannon MacLean, who has just recently moved here from Las Vegas, to serve. It’s a very small world. She went to the.same elementary school I did! Thanks for all your prayers.