Abortion is Never Really Over

As told by John Barros:

  So you come down to Orlando, from Washington, to visit your daughters at Reformation Bible College with your whole family.  What do you do?  Do you go to Disney or Universal? Not if you are Gary Woodroof: you come serve your God on the sidewalks at OWC.  Gary is a worship Pastor in Washington State.  He brought his daughter Emily to serve with Jessica.  What an unbelievable pleasure this was.  Such singing and harmonies; I wish they would never have stopped.  10352342_10204742299345722_7719528694412684695_n What a family these folks are; so much love.  Their other daughter, Sarah, had school today at RBC, but will be down on Friday and hopefully they will all return.

  Also got to serve with Bonnie today.  We had one choose life but is confused.  Please pray she stays strong.  We also had a turn away and then a lady showed up with so much anger.  She had an abortion here seventeen years ago; she said it was done by James Pendergraft.  According to her, he messed her up inside.  She was trying to get records but they say that they don’t have them anymore.  Then she began showing the anger and pain that she has been carrying all these years.  Bonnie and I got to speak with her and gave her a local CPC to contact to help her deal with the pain.  We had a time of prayer with her and she left.

   Abortion is never really over.  This lady has been carrying it all these years and then it bursts to the surface one day.  One of the biggest lies they tell the ladies down here is that it will be over today.  Please pray for her.  10612534_10204742299025714_1147372798713768700_n.