“Adopting” a Local Clinic

As told by John Barros:

It is such a blessing to serve with the members of my church down here. There is just such a bond when you are working with people who believe the same doctrine. Another huge advantage is that we now have a deacon from Saint Andrew’s here most days. When someone chooses life and needs help they can get plugged in with other ladies as well as the deacons.

Summer is in full force down here early this year. Today Tracey Sarnicki, Bill, Stephen, Philip Kinkopf, and Steven Montalvo came down. We had a couple and a lady leave today. It is always a battle. The couple came but couldn’t speak very good English. I was able to get Stella on the phone and the couple left to go to Choices. They were helped there but came back. I figured out he could understand more than he first let on. They left again, pulled up and took my card with “Thank you”s.

During the preaching a young lady kept looking out the window. Her boyfriend thought she was in there for good and was a bit of a smart aleck. In the pouring rain she left out of there. He was fuming angry. Again these folks left, but not exactly everyone is on the same page. Please pray that God would confirm these decisions. Only four ended up going through with it. This is the week that the 24-hour wait period begins. I’m sure a lot of changes will begin as far as clinic hours.

It’s awesome to see a church “adopt” their local abortion clinic. Thank God for Saint Andrew’s!.